Qualcomm Windows RT Reference Tablet Includes NFC, 4G Support, 12MP Camera, Quad Core CPU & More

Microsoft and Qualcomm have a very close relationship and the snapdragon chipset has been used in Windows Phones for quite some time now.  As Spock would say, it is only logical that the Snapdragon chipsets would start to appear in some Windows RT tablets.  At the BUILD conference a few weeks back Qualcomm showed off a reference Windows RT tablet running on their Snapdragon 800 chipset.  This may be a sign of what is to come later this year.

The 11.6″ tablet, running at around WXGA resolution includes:

  • mini-HDMI port,
  • NFC and SD card slot.
  • 12MP camera
  • Snapdragon 800 running at 2.2GHz

Qualcomm is working closely with Microsoft to:

  • optimize the new chipset for the Windows RT platform
  • Bring support for higher-resolution displays – up to 2560x2048px
  • Add an Adreno 330 GPU
  • Ability to natively encode and decode 4K video
  • Including integrated 3G/4G radios.

With over 100k apps in the windows store and a more powerful tablets to come soon, the future for WindowsRT is quite exciting. A dock is also shown off in the pictures, but this may or may not come with the final version of the tablet. Is this a sneak peak at the Surface RT 2?





Source: Neowin

  • redtidal

    Now, shrink that down to 6″, pair with a whole day battery…I will burn you, Galaxy Note!

    • CX1

      Throw in a Wacom digitizer please.

    • iamwarpath

      I agree with you, a smaller model is the way to go.

      • http://twitter.com/surilamin surilamin

        that’s not what she said j/k

    • Windows 8

      Right said, I agree but a simple omission from all companies is GPS in most devices.. that is much needed as Windows has support for all the GPS softwares and also navigation apps..

  • Mike366

    I love rt more than ever. win 8.1 includes driver support for my unpopular wireless printer so surface rt is perfect for my wife’s daily use now

    • ErikPienknagura

      its the best ARM tablet in the market right now, since updated to 8.1 its so much better!

      • Mike366

        yes. I also noticed IE loads websites faster than before

        • ErikPienknagura

          yea, the system works better!, the only issue that eventualy will get solved will be more apps that work in 50-50 screen.

  • ustudio

    me i think that is the nokia one in disguise

    • ustudio

      why you might ask that’s the same tablet they been doing the picture tricks demo on and it use camera array the same one that only, nokia and qualcomm are investing in, on the site they have a fake android skin on it but the same design. They also have a phone there that has a fake skin on it look closely and it has button below the buttons so i think it might also be from nokia and a win 8 phone, i could be wrong but ive been saying this for weeks and know this kind of proves mu point as its the same design for the laptop that i suspected was running win 8 with a android skin, looks like i was right

  • Tim

    The hardware is very nice BUT it runs using an ARM processor!!

    I would NEVER EVER buy a tablet running an ARM processor!! Because I want to keep having access (if I would ever need it) to any of the millions of software programs that are available ONLY by using an Intel processor (an Intel Core i5 or Core i7 processor or even an Intel Atom processor).

    For me, Windows RT is DOA, DEAD ON ARRIVAL!!

    • ustudio

      right now how much that you do on a daily basis that cant be done in an app, all your web browsing, music and video playing, etc can be done in an app, me I have a music daw that wont work , as well as video and graphics programs that need intel and amd, but the majority of my stuff can be done with a arm chip, i would totally get it but I would also have to get or keep an amd, or intel for work.

    • UMovies

      any intel 3 gen or lower is dead on arrival, as for one they would be to expensive, 2 they would either perform good but get hot and have terrible battery life or with atom stay cool and suck. the amd chip will do 1080p better than the intel stuff(1080p gaming, etc), now the next gen intel stuff, perhaps but it still depends on price. amd will probably be the savior of the tablet market as 1080p is a must, and only amd can do the at a price the will work, how ever in the high end market intel will dominate.