Quicknote brings Skeuomorphism to Windows 8 note taking

With Apple is set to move away from skeuomorphism, it is interesting to see a Windows 8 app embracing the old Apple model enthusiastically.

Diigo has released Quick Note to the Windows 8 market, which allows one to quickly take notes and if necessary pin them to the start screen individually. The app also supports snapped view mode and web clipping from IE.  The  review above was posted by Technologyiinfo.com

The free app does not do much more, and does not offer any cloud synching capabilities. The app does however have a Mac Store version, which will be offering synching to the Diigo bookmarking and note storage service at a later point, so this is likely to arrive eventually on the Windows app also.

If however your needs are limited, and you prefer speed over options, and are not turned off by some wood panelling, the app appears to be enjoying good reviews.

The free app can be found in the Windows 8 Store here.


  • hysonmb

    Why not just use OneNote? It’s more powerful and very useable.

  • rjmlive

    Leave apple off my Windows 8.

  • http://twitter.com/dime09 Dime09

    Skeuomorphism has no place on Windows Phone. Get it off!

  • N1NJ4K1LL3R

    No thanks…

  • Rick Villafuerte Gonzales

    I dont like this app is not for W8

  • shenzhen2112

    What happened? Did Sir Ives already start booting devs off of Apple platforms? If so I hope they take their outdated (lack of) design principles elsewhere. I certainly don’t want skeumorphism on any of my devices. It’s condecending and annoying.
    Jonathan must be pulling a big “I told you so at Apple” after the Surface was released. Check.

  • shenzhen2112

    Yeah, OneNote + Skydrive is already bliss.

  • Tumultus

    This app doesn’t even have a “Save” option! The only way to save a note, is, to pin it to the start screen and then unpin it again! How can you miss such an important detail?

  • Wyn6

    I actually like Quicknote for the Share contract integration. It’s quick and quite useful for a variety of tasks. It’s better than OneNote in that regard, because OneNote doesn’t allow you to choose the page you want to put the note in. It defaults to the last page you were on when the app was open.
    Now, OneNote is vastly superior overall, but for quick sharing of web pages, highlighted text, and such Quicknote works extremely well.

  • PoohGQ

    I’m not a fan of skeuomorphism but I actually think this could work as a simple note taking app. I only support SkyDrive for cloud storage, so I hope the developer can work on integrating it into the app for people that use Surface or other Windows RT tablets.

    But still, OneNote has been good to me since 2003 (when I initially beta tested it).

  • disqustingtard

    Looks gay.