Racing Simulator That Literally Moves You (Video)

The Extreme Windows Blog has a fun post about a racing simulator that is powered by Windows:

Back in 2007 Chris saw some of the existing racing simulator projects and thought: “I think I could build something like that, only better!”. That started Chris on an adventure that would entail cash outlay in excess of $30,000, and span over 5 years of building, refining, upgrading, and perfecting his racing simulator. Project E.B.T.R. is something that you really have to try in person to appreciate! If you want to check it out in person, you can see Chris at some of the major gaming events where the E.B.T.R. Simulator is rented for attendees to experience. Some of the events where Project E.B.T.R. has been showcased include PAX Prime, PAX Prime East, GeForce LAN 6 (which was on the USS Hornet!), PDXLAN, and Intel LAN-fest events. For more information about events and rentals see the Project E.B.T.R. website.

Read the full story at the Extreme Windows Blog with more technical details.

  • Yuan Taizong

    It’s amazing how much innovations are powered by Microsoft’s technologies, yet still the majority of the internet (heck, even world) would/will claim that Microsoft is anti-innovation.