Razer CEO Slams HP & Dell; Blames OEMs For PC Decline


In an interview with The Verge, Razer CEO Min-Liang Tang talked about the so called “post-PC era.”

 “It’s been a long time since anyone’s been passionate about a PC. HP’s doing a horrible job with it. Dell’s doing a horrible job with it. They just don’t want to do anything with the PC anymore. Look, HP tried to get rid of their PC division and Dell said ‘we’re not a PC company anymore, we’re now an enterprise company.'”;

He also talked about why Razer has been successful

“It makes absolutely no business sense. It’s a thin margin business. But for us, we’re building products that we want ourselves. And the fact that when we launch a product, for a company as small as ours, and we get so much attention as we did for the Blade two years ago — and we’re still getting attention — it’s not a matter of extending our brand. It’s just us building products people really, really want.” People nowadays still want phones and tablets, but they still want PCs too. What consumers don’t want, however, are the sorts of computers HP, Dell, and other major players are putting out are putting out. Our focus has always been to build great products. We don’t have a great profit margin, I’ll be candid about it. But is it fucking cool? Yeah, it is.”

I think Razer is really one of the few OEMs trying to push the envelope with PCs. And ultimately their CEO is 100% correct. HP and Dell really have nobody to blame but themselves for their declining fates. For years the bloated their PCs with crapware and focused on pumping out profit instead of premium products. Instead of innovating they just took Microsoft’s OS and slapped it on to the cheapest box they could. I really hope that Microsoft w/ their Surface, along with good OEMs Razer and Lenovo kill off Dell, HP, Asus and Acer.

Read the full story over at The Verge, full of the usual anti-Microsoft bias, but in between it there is an interesting read.

  • rockuz

    Razer’s laptops is a lot better than HP and Dell, it has quality.

  • donzebe

    This Guy has said it all. HP, Dell and co have to forget the cheap box and come out with cool pc design that integrate seamlessly with out living room and office furniture and also having great features.

  • disqustingtard

    Who cares what this fake Singaporean chinaman wannabe thinks. There are some pretty good stuff coming out of Taiwan (the Acer tablets, the Asus Transformer Book, several nice touch screen AIOs, etc.). The OEMs that suck are the same ones who outsource their production to the cheapest sweatshop in china. The start of the PC decline was the ramping up in china of cheap sweatshops, as with everything else in the world china is destroying this industry.

    • tropolite

      Well I happen to care what Min-Liang Tang, Razor’s CEO says because he is spot on. Build good products and people will bust your door down wanting your wares. One of the reasons why Microsoft decided to put out their own Surface device is because they were feeling the same way, there was no passion in building PCs any longer and they were same ol same ol whichever way you look. With Surface, Razor and Lenovo (and to a certain extent Sony), at least they are innovating in design to make better use of extra senses, of touch, voice and gesture, and the way we can interact with PCs now.

      • disqustingtard

        I showed respect for the great products coming out of Taiwan. Even Acer with its whingy whiny CEO put out some very good devices. But Ling Ling over there just hates on the soulless husks of companies without pointing to the cost cutting china outsourcing as the real reason why these shitty machines from Dell and HP and others are a complete embarrassment to the tech world. I have a Windows 8 tablet and it is awesome.

        • The1nChicago

          No, unfortunately you showed that you are an idiot by
          disrespecting a person you chose not to agree with. When you made the following comment. – Who cares what this fake Singaporean chinaman wannabe thinks.- A person who has an inkling of intelligence would recognize such and it obvious that you missed the boat on that.

    • jim

      i think Asus Vivobook Touchscreen is beautiful.

      But Razer’s laptop is AMAZING

      • koenshaku

        With win8 I don’t think I can buy anything without touch anymore gaming laptop or no..

    • jeeez@jeez.com

      Nice racism!

      • disqustingtard

        Which race?

  • duk3togo

    I agree, Razer and Origin are two small players with out of the box designs. Just like Alienware before they got bought by Dell. Get rid of the bloatware and unique designs and the people will come.

  • koenshaku

    While Acer has a history of being the Chinese counterpart of HP they are actually creating innovative products like the Acer Aspire R7 and I have noticed recent design refreshes that have even pulled my eye looking at some of their models at bestbuy. Were they late to the show like any other win8 OEM at launch with touch devices? Yes they were I wouldn’t exactly bundle them with HP and Dell now though even if they are boycotting winRT and creating intel based android tablets…

    • disqustingtard

      Fuck you. Acer are Taiwanese you ignorant fuck. Hence their innovative products along with Asus.

  • Wieland

    YES! YES YES YES SO MUCH YES! The PC market is unbelievably boring, 90% are pure shit and the rest is just “meh…”. There is no passion in the PC market. Its really sad. They completely forget to create a desire for their machines.

  • pmenadue

    Hooray!!!!!!!!!!! Finally reporting the fact that the traditional OEMs have done a horrible job at so many things – industrial design, packaging, innovation etc etc.