Real-world Usage Numbers Reveal Chromebooks Sales Are Poorer Than Windows RT

Dell XPS 10 Windows RT Tablet

According to recent data by NetMarketShare which just started measuring Chromebook usage this month, Chromebook adoption seems very slow even when compared to Windows RT which was criticized for poor sales.

For the week of 4/8 – 4/14, ChromeBook has 0.023 percent weighted worldwide usage. Because it rounds to less than 0.1 percent it’s not showing up in our reports.

According to ZDNet, as of April 2013 all Chromebooks combined have managed to achieve 7/10 of 1 percent of the usage of Windows 8 PCs worldwide.

After nearly two years on the market, Chromebooks have achieved a smaller percentage of usage than Windows RT which was released only few months back on the market. While Windows RT has been widely considered a disappointment, what about Google Chromebooks now?

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Source: ZDNET

  • blackhawk556

    what’s RT’s percentage???

  • Bugbog


  • Gautam

    Not a surprise!

  • Bizzy419

    Rt isn’t bad at all. More apps needed and I’ve never had a use for an apple device

    • Joe_HTH

      No, it isn’t! It’s every bit as good as an iPad. The only criticisms are that Microsoft skimped on screen resolution and used a dated Tegra 3 processor and GPU. It also should have cellular connectivity.

      I think Microsoft should have waited on a Surface RT until the app store was more filled out. I think Microsoft should make a Surface 2 to replace the Surface RT, and use Intel’s new BayTrail quad core processor instead of ARM. Hold back ARM until the app situation grows.

      • Bizzy419

        Thanks for your comment

      • guest

        Yeah, they should have shipped SurfacePro with W8, then followed with SurfaceRT and WinRT.They clearly overestimated the power of Office to make up for the various deficiencies in RT. Of course if rumors that they’ve now dropped their prices substantially prove true, we could see a second wave of RT-based devices, including Surface, that are more competitive.

  • koyce

    Its only failed MS product is being reported and exaggerated by the media and not Google and Apple’s.

  • Ef Jay

    Arent these the same devices acer claimed were outselling their Windows 8 devices? So either they were lying or their profits must be in the toilet now (whichever it is, hopefully both of the die soon).

    • jimski27

      I am sure plenty have been sold. Whether or not they are being used is another story. Or maybe the basis for this story.

  • Zeehunter

    Mind blowing 0.023% .. Mind blowing
    Microsoft is dead .. Here comes the Chromebook aka Microsoft Killer .. OMFG .. LMAO on all those ANALysts

    • GG002

      I post on FB that Windows 8 has sold 60 million copies in a month; I get virtual shit thrown at me.

      I post that Chrome OS/Chromebook has 0.7% of total Win 8 market; nobody dares acknowledge the fact. Bunch of goons.

  • Oliver

    I’ve seen one Chromebook out in the wild, and no Windows RT devices aside from my own Surface RT. Not a single Windows 8 device that I haven’t encouraged people to get, apart from a few shops that were using them. Where are the real consumers using Windows 8?

    • percentage

      Windows 8 percentage was still only about 3% last month. Still more than Mac OS X and the number is growing. The percentage of Windows XP + Windows 7 is over 90%.

      • Guest

        And Chrome OS?

    • harchestr

      I have seen one other person with a Surface Pro.. I have the RT version and I have seen my fair share of windows 8 upgrades and new laptops.

      • Oliver

        Ain’t no Surface Pros over here in England unfortunately. I guess I don’t really see that many computers full stop apart from at uni, where literally 80% of them are Macbooks, don’t ask me why…

    • Jordan Drake

      I have seen a couple of Windows RT devices out in the wild, and a few Windows 8 machines. At work I showed my COO my Surface RT, he liked it so much we made the Surface RT our tablet of choice for our warehouse. Our warehouse manager now carries, and prefers, the Surface over his iPad.

  • Oliver

    Also Microsoft NEED to sell Windows 8 upgrade partly on the basis that it dramatically boosts load up and running speed. My sister got it and thought the speed was so much better her boyfriend also decided to upgrade after seeing the speed improvements!

    • wp77

      Very true, but that also may mean a hardware upgrade is not needed right away either.

      • Oliver

        They were desperately tryjng to sell upgrades a few months ago. They definitely should have pushed the improved speed, let the consumers discover the other neat stuff on their own. People don’t really like change unless it’s measurably better, if you advertise opinion based change it won’t be an easy sell.

  • Myclevername

    But this Chromebook from Samsung on Amazon has more reviews than any other laptop on the site. How could that be? I mean, it’s not like Samsung pays people to review their products. Right?

    • Bugbog

      It may not quite be in the realm of “far-fetchedness” to construe that Samsung actually paid some people to buy the devices from Amazon & post reviews online!

      (How come that’s been the only documented case worldwide of chart-topping?)

    • JamesSB

      Well its not Taiwan……

  • freeman

    The source of this story is the often and in this case currently wrong digitimes. Sales as of January 2013 are at least over 5 million.

    Acer just revealed that between 5-10% of its US computer sales are chromebooks in just 2 months. Then when we consider the Malaysian government has switch all 10 million users in its education system to Google Docs for Education with a 1 chrome book to 10 users means that deal alone will sell 1million chromebooks. An earlier but similar deal is also being rolled out in the Philippines.

    Google Apps for Education with chromebooks results in a 3 year saving of $1,135 per device. With the low cost of administration and installation chromebooks are starting to make traction against pcs in schools and universities. Multi user devices give them a major advantage over many tablets such as the ipad which needs to be 1:1. in not only the US but third world countries such as Malaysia and the Philippines. India could be next an education system to adopt, Schools using chromebooks in the US doubled to 2000 between Jan and Feb this year.

    • Coth

      bs… the story is from zdnet, where the author claims to cite from the netmarketshare subscriber report…
      if those numbers u claim there would be true u would find a significant number on any tracking platform (but u wont, success hunting :) )

      • JamesSB

        whoops, sorry read it wrong.

    • guest

      “Google Apps for Education with chromebooks results in a 3 year saving of $1,135 per device.”
      Based on what? You could likely achieve similar savings using cloud Office and locked down cheap laptops. And you’d be providing students with the productivity solution that 90% of the business world still runs on.
      Why are you even here anyway? I’ve only read your crap twice and it’s already obvious you’re just here to troll.

      • Klevis Ymeri

        Samsung just got fined for astroturfing. It is only logical that ‘freeman’ is from that lot.

    • JamesSB

      Sorry But Chromebooks are a disaster in sales. Chrome OS doesn’t even register on StatCounter’s top 7 OS market share. Meanwhile, Windows 8 has jumped from a market share of only 0.35% in Oct 2012 to 4.54% in April 2013. So in six months, Windows 8 has increased over 4 percentage points.

  • Harry Cohen

    I’m surprised how low the sales for Chromebooks are, while I’m far from a fan I can see how in schools and some businesses a cheap locked down machine like a Chromebook could be ideal. I thought more schools and government bodies would have bought them.

    Quite how Samsung can claim RT sales are weak and stop that line and continue to make Chromebooks is beyond me though, obviously there’s some dodgy back-room dealing going on between Google and these OEMs, maybe early Android access or something to make so many of them bother with these machines.

    • Mick Dinn

      Samsung gets 10% of google ads revenue on any samsung device.

  • AlanStrangis

    While I’m not surprised, and don’t see Chromebooks going anywhere significant, I hate gauging stats by using web browser statistics. They often don’t match up with one another.

  • wp77

    Yeah, but we (the media) love Google, and hate MS. So from that perspective, CB is not a failure, not in our eyes, sniff

    • Bizzy419

      And some of hate google. Jiat stop snorting and blow your nose

  • Christoffer DrPepper Lundberg


  • Joe_HTH

    Nobody is buying those things, and many who do probably end up returning them.

  • james braselton

    hi there sells can increase or decrease soo chrome books could take off any miniute

  • james braselton

    hi there at least it is better then 0.000000000000000000000000000000%

  • penguinx64

    I’m using a Samsung Chromebook right now. I love it! Beats the heck out of a big old heavy 14 or 15 inch Windows Laptop. It has 8 hours of battery life, weighs less than 3 pounds, it’s silent and fanless with NO Windows 8 Metro Tiles and NO WinTel Inside!