Reality Distortion Field: How Apple Assaulted Microsoft At Its Media Event


Apple had a media event yesterday in the US where it announced a new wave of updated products across its portfolio. During its presentation, Apple executives compared Microsoft’s strategy with theirs to make their point. I disagree with all three cases they made against Microsoft. Here are they,

1) Apple 1

Apple CEO Tim Cook made the following statement to make the point that they are clearly focused on developing MacOS and MacBooks.

“Our competition is different: They’re confused. They chased after netbooks. Now they’re trying to make PCs into tablets and tablets into PCs. Who knows what they’ll do next? I can’t answer that question, but I can tell you that we’re focused.”

My take on it:

Windows OEMs were focused on selling netbooks because it really sold well. In fact, totally 40 million netbooks were sold in 2008. Netbooks defined the category of companion device which will go along with a laptop and a mobile device in pocket. After Apple released their iPad, the netbook category got replaced by tablets as the companion device people started using.

And OEMs including Microsoft are now trying their hands to put a best possible tablet and PC experience into one device. I think it is the step in right direction as people will start to carry one device that can both act as their PC and a tablet (companion device). Carrying a 10-inch iPad and a Macbook Air together is so old school. Take a device like Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro, it has a 13-inch touch display(3200X1800) powered by Intel Core i7 processor and 9 hours battery life with a great form factor for everyday use. What would you choose?


Apple 2

Apple yesterday announced that OS X Mavericks will be a free update to all OS X Snow Leopard, Lion or Mountain Lion users.

“The days of spending hundreds of dollars to get the most from your computer are gone.”

My take on it:

As you can see from the above quote, Apple is taking on Microsoft that they are selling an OS for $200. First of all, Windows 8 selling for $199 is not an upgrade version of the OS. It is a full version of the latest OS which does not require any previous versions of OS to be installed. OS X Mavericks requires Snow Leopard, Lion or Mountain Lion OS X on their Macs. And also, OS X Mavericks cannot be bought and installed on the device you build. It requires a Apple hardware which are ridiculously priced when compared to the competition to milk margins. Whereas, buy a Windows 8 OS and install it on virtually any PC available on the market.

I would have been happy if Apple compared OS X Mavericks to the Windows 8.1 update. Windows 8.1 update is a free for any Windows 8 user and it brings lots of new features and updates than OS X Mavericks brings to OS X Mountain Lion.

There is an another take on this argument, you can give away the OS for free if you are selling the hardware too. Virtually, every OEM is giving Windows OS as a free with their devices to customers. Actually, they include the licensing cost with the device selling price itself. The whole smartphone update scenario works like this.


Apple 3

Apple announced that iWork productivity suite will be a free download for all Mac OS X and iOS users.

“Others would have you spend a small fortune every year just to get their apps,”
“Now you can create a document on an iPad, edit it on a Mac, and even share it with a friend who’s stuck on a PC.”

My take on it:

First, Don’t even dare to compare iWork with Microsoft Office. Office is far ahead in terms of productivity suite, there is absolutely no doubt or argument about it. Comparing an entry level solution to a professional suite and making arguments that we are going to give it away for free doesn’t make any sense. Also Office 365’s $99 per year subscription includes license to install Office on up to 5 PCs and Macs and 5 mobile devices. More importantly, iWork is available only with new Apple devices for free. If you want to buy an Apple device, a low-end Macbook will cost you $999! ! Office 365 is complimented with Office Web Apps and SkyDrive which allows you to take your documents where ever you go and share it with others. Apple demoed this feature yesterday as if they invented it!

Leaving these arguments aside, Apple may be  right or wrong, I have a feeling that Apple has started to feeling the pressure from Microsoft and Google after 3-4 years of free run in the industry. What do you think?

  • francis

    Tim cook is so right about Microsoft, their tablet Surface 2 is good as a simple PC use for a normal PC user who need web, email and other office apps. And the PC equivalent Surface Pro is very fast and powerful PC which is also a great tablet…. Tim well said..
    Tell what happen to your biometric reader on 5S as it was broken when you sold the phones to people, oh ya that’s what apple apple does provides half cooked crape to the dumb followers..
    Tim try the surface 2 and you will want to switch to it as well..

    • bhss

      I’ll agree with that once my Surface Pro stops crashing with Windows 8.1, more buggy than Vista. Microsoft may not be confused, but consumers are, smoe people think the Surface runs Windows Phone and don’t understand the Desktop on RT. Not completely true argument, this is Apple, but still moderately.

      • jaylyric

        You buggy like the IOS7 update? Dude there’s always going to be bugs with updates and they won’t effect everyone and are always at least addressed.

        • bhss

          I’m talking buggy as in completely unreliable or unusable, IE11 crashed actually before I wrote this comment this is the second time I’m writing it, as for iOS 7, which no one was talking about, I their really isn’t much bugs in iOS 7 other than reports of lag

          • vidwa

            You should take your surface to get looked at, I’m running 8.1 on my surface pro using IE metro and I’ve had no random crashing. I doubt you even own a surface, to say that IE is crashing on a simple site like this is ridiculous.

          • bhss

            I don’t understand that, its not just IE it’s most Modern UI apps tbh, Desktops all fine, altho its rare anythings run on that. Just because someone doesn’t have bugs doesn’t mean others don’t either. As for doubting I’ve got one that’s rather pointless for me to answer as I couldn’t prove I had or hadn’t

          • Sugadevan

            you are so desperate like Tim cook, its funny to see you guys :)

          • vidwa

            I suggest you clean install win8 and if you’re still having problems then you should go to and send your surface in for repairs, I believe it should still be under warranty

          • Bugbog

            I’ll give you the allowance that more optimization can be done for I.E. Metro (probably on RT only), however don’t try and rope in the rest of 8.1!

          • jurgen

            Cry baby – Surface Pro supports Chrome , if that’s your only complaint…

            99% of browser crashes are due to adobe flash.

          • bhss

            Try Pinch and Zoom in Chrome

          • TryllZ

            how about opening more than 3 tabs of youtube…..voila….

          • jaylyric

            Never said that you or anyone was talking about IOS7 , I only bring it up because the article talks about both companies and to make my point that none are perfect. There were and probably still is security issues with IOS7, and from my personal experience
            It keeps trying to get me to sign into my icloud. That’s on my mini. As for the 9.7 inch Safari kicks me off and sends me back to my homescreen.

          • nohone

            And Safari crashes repeatedly on my iPad with iOS7. I stopped trying to use this very site as well as others on my IPad because how Disqus was completely non-functional. I cant listen to music for more than 1/2 an hour on my iPod touch with iOS7 without it crashing. There are sites listing bug after bug in the UI for iOS7.

          • Guest

            Never knew you was such a big iSheep.

          • CyberAngel

            Well I have TWO Macs at my home…

          • Guest

            “I their really isn’t much bugs in iOS 7 other than reports of lag”
            You’re kidding, right? Google it.

  • Mhammed Abu-Serrieh

    You’ve left me nothing to say pradeep. Great job …

  • a7medo778

    1 thing for sure,
    microsoft finally have an ecosystem that if put together correctly it can destroy both google (services) and apple (devices)
    its just a matter of time, take too long and you lose your users, keep a rapid pase and you’ll win

    • Bugbog

      I think Microsoft will be the last man standing in the 10″+ productivity tablet space, Apple will be reduced to a niche (in the wider scheme of 1B+ consumers), and Google will evaporate.

      The 8″ (or lesser) space is currently a free-for-all! Which will either continue like this for a while, (as all newcomers stretch their metaphorical legs, so to speak), or Will continue to rise, then slowly peter out.

      In this space (barring any legal challenge to the current structure of Android) Android will continue to have a massive standing here, and it remains to be seen whether Microsoft and/or Apple will adequately challenge this lead.

      • CyberAngel

        Linux will come and rule the earth!

        • it guy

          It is quite funny, but Linux (not Android!) is the only viable platform that provides a robust foundation on ARM hardware on which non-compromised professional solutions ca be built on. Too bad the GUI/UX capabilities are lack-luster.

          • Linus

            Silly. Android is Linux.

  • ner9y

    Now that Surface 2, Surface 2 Pro, Nokia Lumia 2520 coming to market and in a better position to gain market share, Apple should be under pressure.
    They are using cheap tricks to sell ridiculously expensive products.

    • T Rauncher

      Surface: flop Surface 2… Flop…. Its-a laptop, Its-a tablet — It can’t make up it’s mind.. but at least it’s expensive and doesn’t do what I want it to do… and it even ships with a break-off kickstand.. WOW. now THATS innovation… and DAT Battery Life… Yeaaa. and the chicklet keyboard WOW… sexy…..

      Nokia: barf…Nokia was literally about 60 days from dumping WM and going with android… which would have destroyed MS’s WM division and what little credibility they have left. The Nokia purchase was one of desperation.. This came STRAIGHT from an MS principal BTW… First Hand…

      My 2007 Macbook pro still runs better than any 2007 windows laptop. in TCO, apple DESTROYS the cheap plastic disposable windows computer. My new retina MBP will be running circles around windows craptops 10 years from now… and still be the sexist thing around. (Why have a supermodel GF… Ugly Fat Chicks bob knobs too… REALLY? You honestly think that way? DUDE…..)

      Can you build a good windows machine? SURE YOU CAN!, but it costs MORE than buying a mac… but at least they look like Frankenstein… If you’re into that sort of thing

      and then there is just plain good taste. vs the IKEA way of thinking. “I buy crap particle board furniture… because anything else is just over priced…” do you really think like that? wow.. reached the peak of your abyss have you?

      • TryllZ

        My Windows Laptop has Run Vista, Windows 7, 8 and now 8.1, better have experience before opening your trash iCan…

        Only a donkey doesn’t know how to use Windows, claiming it to be unreliable, smart people make smart choice and that choice doesn’t start with an i….

        • T Rauncher

          Do you have a scrabble game? If so, go eat a handful of the number tiles… Crap them out, and then writ down what they say.. because THAT will be more intelligent that what you just said.


          • TryllZ

            At least I get to know without opening the tiles, what info is coming in and from whom, can you try that on your Crapple….
            U are no more iLoser, u r iLucy…henceforth…

        • Jim

          LOL, nice story there… I used to work in IT and it took 3 times as many systems admins to maintain the same amount of PCs in the business as it did the same about of Macs, which only took 1 guy and he had little to do. Choosing a platform built on a proprietary kernel mess over one built on top of rock solid UNIX is “what smart people choose”. That’s why more and more enterprise is switching to Apple, especially now with the Windows 8 fiasco.

          • nohone

            “…used to work in IT…”
            Maybe the problem was not Windows, but the IT people trying to admin it. Is that why you used to work in IT instead of currently working in IT?

          • Eli_Vance

            Your company must employ some shitty sys admins

          • Wtechrover

            LOL, of course when there are 100.000 PC’s compared to 2 Macs.
            Macs are still are rare breed in businesses in Europe. Also Windows 8 is allready crushing mac and linux sales as a whole.
            If iPhone sales slump, Apple has again to come to Microsoft to save their ass.

          • TryllZ

            Alrighty then, figures if you may be able to provide, true you have none…do I rest my case now..even the link you provided shows consumers interest in Windows 9 rather Mac OSX, Y, Z….

      • Eli_Vance

        The troll is strong in this one.

        Nice to see the Apple Kool-Aid still works on some people.

      • Asgard

        “Surface: flop Surface 2… Flop…. Its-a laptop, Its-a tablet — It can’t make up it’s mind.. but at least it’s expensive and doesn’t do what I want it to do… and it even ships with a break-off kickstand..”
        So you are saying Surface would be better if they removed those features iPad doesn’t have? LoL
        It is actually funny seeing Apple trying to make their stuff look cheap, even if we all know it is expensive. They are loosing market share all the time and to keep their revenues up they have to make even cheaper devices all the time. Fact is they cannot continue this forever.

      • grenz242

        The Nokia 2520 looks so much more interesting than ipad air. At $499 it costs the same as the entry level 16GB Wifi-only ipad air, yet it has basically the hardware of the $230 more expensive 32GB LTE version of the new ipad. Sure, the pixel density of the screen is slightly lower, but Nokia’s screens are way better than apple’s in direct sunlight. And yes, it is slightly taller and a little bit heavier, but still lighter than the previous generation ipad. Plus with the Nokia you get the full Office suite, not some silly toy office copy. AND there is a microSD slot so you can actually expand the storage space later. AND the cover that adds 5 hours of battery life plus a keyboard.
        And seriously, how can apple discontinue the two latest iterations of the ipad, both of which still have decent specs, and instead keep selling that old dog of a device ipad 2 for $399, just $100 lower than the new generation. Pitiful.

      • Cornelius Hardy

        Let’s get something straight here. Most people buy Apple products just because of it’s name. If Apple gave out a cracker with a logo on it they would still sell. The only thing great that Apple has done is market and gain followers really well. With that being said, I’ve used PC’s both laptops and desktops all the way back to early windows. I’ve also used Macs both desktops, laptops, and and also all in ones for PC and mac. I prefer PC over a mac any day. They work with everything and are easy to use. I can do way more on a PC than I can with the mac. I’ve built computer since I was a teen back when huge floppy disks existed. My computers have always been fast. It’s really up to the user. You saying that your 2007 max is faster than any 2007 PC is pretty much garbage. When you purchase a mac there are two options. Over priced, and really overpriced. When you purchase a PC there is way too cheap and then you start selecting the thing you need and the price goes up from there. I always get top specs from the beginning. I’m running a Dell Inspiron 420 that is older than my brothers MacBook, but it’s way faster. I never realized apples went so slow until I used that thing. Are all Macs like that, maybe not but he switched from windows because it was supposed to be easier and faster oh and no viruses. I’m 30 and never had a virus before.

    • T Rauncher

      A piece of crap 30 year old rusted out Hugo has 4 wheels… Therefore it MUST be just as good as a new Ferrari…

      The ignorance in your argument is defining…

      • DFranch

        If you’re going to insult somebody by calling them ignorant, and compare Windows to a historically POS car, it would be more effective if you spelled the name of the car correctly. You are referring to the Yugo, dipstick!

      • grenz242

        Is that your precious apple auto correct making you look like an idiot (as it is so famous for), or is it all you (which also wouldn’t surprise me based on the quality of what you’ve posted)?

    • Jim

      “ridiculously expensive products”…. LOL. This is such a tired old and dis-proven argument. When a true hardware comparison is done, especially on the total lifetime cost of ownership of a computer, Apple computers do not cost much more, if at all more, than equal PCs. In fact, a highly regarded computer builder tech site just a few years ago did a very comprehensive and super detailed spec to spec comparison between a Mac Pro and a Windows machine you’d build yourself to meet the exact same performance and specs as the Mac Pro. Turned out the Mac Pro and the Windows machine cost about the same! And not to mention the fact that when you buy a MacBook or iMac, in 5 years it’ll hold up to 50% of it’s value at resale, while any Windows machine is worthless after 5 years, if it’s even running. There’s a lifetime ownership calculation that Apple haters don’t understand and never take into account. Businesses are starting to understand it though, as they are finding it costs far less to outfit the office with Macs because of dramatically lower IT management costs. You need one IT guy to handle 50 Macs, and 4 to handle 50 Windows desktops… mainly because they spend so much time troubleshooting virus problems. I’ve worked in IT for 7 years, I know what I’m talking about.

      • brabandt

        So what you are saying is, with the same hardware between the two OSes, it’s a name that differentiates their value. Sounds like “an idiot and his money are soon parted”. apple fanboys = unfortunate

        • Guestovo

          You are ignorant. It is the OS that allows for the longevity of the Mac hardware.

          • brabandt

            I’ve been running Windows on my 6 year old PC. I built it custom for $1000 which is still way cheaper than a mac.

        • QRiver

          I’ll just give you 2 examples:
          Mac Pro has 12 Cores
          Windows can’t recognise anything more than 8 Cores

          Mac Pro can take up to 64 GB Ram
          Windows cannot detect more than 12 GB Ram

          Now that is the difference.

          And yes i do need all that spec for my work. I make Ad-Films and it makes a HUGE difference.

          • grenz242

            This is justnot true.
            The consumer version of WIndows 8 supports up to 128GB RAM
            Pro and enterprise versions support up to 512 GB RAM
            And 12 cores? Windows 8 kernel is optimized to scale very well. It even handles multiple processors with hundreds of cores.
            You are either not very well informed, or you are just a big liar.

          • TryllZ

            Can you please tell QRiver not to swim too deep or he’ll be floating on the SURFACE like a garbage….

          • CyberAngel

            He is just Apple [fill in]

          • Sugadevan

            typical apple fanboy, windows can detect upto 512GB RAM and way tooo many cores, fucker reply me now, if you don’t reply me, it means that ipad is an inferior product! are you living in a cave? reply me we can talk about specs!

          • brabandt

            Dude, i’m running dual Xeon 12 core on 32GB of ram right now on Win7. Nice try.

          • Johan Spånberg

            Uh… The NT kernel can handle up to 64 cores running on 64 CPU’s right now… And the kernel also handles 512 GB of RAM…

          • nohone

            32 bit Windows 7 supports 32 processors, and 64 bit Windows 7 supports 256 processors. But you have support for 12 with OSX on Mac Pro? Wow, you have 244 more processors to go before you can match Windows.


          • TryllZ

            Mac Pro can take up to 64GB Ram, that sounds too much pride in it, did you even research on how much Windows 64Bit can take, registration in schools are open, hurry up now…..

          • brabandt

            You are mistaken.
            I am running dual XEON with 12 cores and 32 GB of ram on a Windows 7 PC. Try again.

        • Linus

          Linux supports 1000+ cores and 256 terabytes of RAM (it even hot swapping CPU and RAM while the computer is running). It is also the #1 mobile OS because Android is built on Linux.

        • Mike Brown

          LOLwhut? How did you get “Apple products provide a cheaper total cost of ownership” with “Hur hur Apple has a cooler, logo so there!”

          • brabandt

            I am not talking about “total cost of ownership”. I’m saying resale value for Apple is higher than Windows, even when the same quality of components are used. What then makes Apple products worth more? NOTHING. It’s resale value is determined by whether some pays the higher cost of a used Apple product. Hence the “an idiot and his money are soon parted”.

          • Mike Brown

            …except for the fact that there is indeed a factor that makes Apple products “worth” more……and it is laughable that you are trying to pretend otherwise…infact you and I know full well probably the most prominent reason people gravitate towards Apple products is because they are getting a level of reliability that they ARE NOT going to get on an M$ platform.

            I don’t have a dog in this M$ vs. Apple thing, I am a Linux user…and I will be the first to tell you that the I will never invest in Apple products as I consider using a defanged *nix on under-powered hardware is not worth the money…but you claiming that people are fools for paying a premium for avoiding the perpetual Beta that is Microsoft Windows then I really don’t know what to tell you.

          • brabandt

            This thing about people going to Apple because of the Beta has been going way long before windows 8. The OEMs are the ones who gave MS the bad taste in their mouths. I personally build my own PCs and have great experiences with them at a much lower cost. That’s all I’m saying. I value my money over brand.

          • Mike Brown

            Fair enough.

      • Sunovavic

        “You need one IT guy to handle 50 Macs, and 4 to handle 50 Windows
        desktops… mainly because they spend so much time troubleshooting virus
        problems. I’ve worked in IT for 7 years, I know what I’m talking

        Probably because the business can’t afford to hire more IT because they’ve spent too much on Apple crap… That’s it? just 7 years? There are more viruses written for PC’s than Macs because there are far more PC’s than Macs… If you are too busy fixing viruses then you really suck at your job for allowing viruses to enter your network.

        • SpitefulGOD

          He doesn’t sound like a very good IT guy, hopefully he did get fired, gives everyone else a bad name

      • Guest

        Your try to tell me my one year old 32g Surface RT is worth less then a some iSheeps 3 year old 32g iPad 2 in similar condition?!?!?!?

        I think I am going to cry.

        • JLake

          Yes it is. Don’t cry baby..
          to make matters worse, the iPad 2 is more valuable that your NEW SURFACE Table.
          Now don’t you cry….. i hear Microsoft is coming up with something really great.. wait for that…

          • Johan Spånberg

            It’s not worth more… But they cost more thanks to the media.

      • scotthumble

        “You need one IT guy to handle 50 Macs, and 4 to handle 50 Windows desktops… mainly because they spend so much time troubleshooting virus problems. I’ve worked in IT for 7 years, I know what I’m talking about.”


        I don’t know that I have ever read anything more contrary to the truth. Apple doesn’t care about the enterprise and business markets. There are few, if any, legitimate enterprise-class management tools available outside of using Exchange ActiveSync to gain something that resembles policy enforcement for iOS but with third party MDM agents for OSX. That assumes that some idiot tech didn’t decide it would be cool to clone a Mac and duplicate the UID, MAC address and everything else before handing it out to everyone as an, “image”. I don’t just “work” in IT, I’m the guy that IT calls when they need someone to build it for them. I’ve built environments where the tech to Windows PC ratio is 1:1000. Mac in the enterprise has an abysmal ROI. Seven years… What a load of crap.

        • CyberAngel

          Me: three decades…
          Win vs Mac: yep!

      • tegz

        if you buy computers just to think about how much you can sell it for in the future, then you’ve got problems. but then again, you’re an apple sackrider… you want to talk about tired and old and dis-proven arguments, i haven’t seen a blue screen in ages.

      • JohnF

        Wow!!! Seven whole years? You surely do know what you’re talking about.

      • Linus

        Linux supports 1000+ cores. Screw all your toy OSes.

  • Wtechrover

    Using the ‘free’ argument shows Apple is getting more afraid.
    Frankly a good sign.
    Send from my Surface 2

    • T Rauncher

      You are on crack.

      • TryllZ

        He’s on a good crack and is speaking with his senses enabled, while yours is a gone case rated iCrap…

      • Sunovavic

        Get off Tim Cook’s butt crack!

        • T Rauncher

          You should get that coprophagia treated.

          • Sunovavic

            My hats off to you… I had to look up what that meant… Then again… makes me wonder why do you know so much about “coprophagia”… Only one explanation…. you really do eat sh!t!



      1. why would apple be afraid of microsoft?
      2. either microsoft has bad grammar, or you do.

      • nohone


        1. why would apple be afraid of microsoft?
        2. either microsoft has bad grammar, or you do.”

        There are 7 language mistakes in what you wrote. And you have the nerve to critique the grammar of someone else who may not be a native speaker of the English language.

        • EKIMMMMM

          the point was to point out that he did not actually send that from his surface, because no one owns them.

          but please point out my 7 grammar mistakes.

          • nohone

            haha – first word of a sentence, not capitalized
            haha – used as a sentence without final punctuation
            why – first word of a sentence, not capitalized
            apple – proper noun, not capitalized
            microsoft – proper noun, not capitalized
            either – first word of a sentence, not capitalized
            microsoft – proper noun, not capitalized

          • damnkameena

            u nailed ekimmm!!

          • Sunovavic

            Actually I nailed his momma too!

          • nohone

            You know my mom? I was adopted and have been searching for her for years, but if you know where she is, perhaps you can tell me where she is so I could finally meet her.

          • Sunovavic

            Nope dunno your mom but was talking about ekimmm’s mom… everyone knows her inside and out!

          • EKIMMMMM

            whatup12 — someone else is being mean here.

          • Sunovavic

            Only full of love here :)

          • whatup12

            yeah, but at least it was funny.

          • EKIMMMMM

            so ‘yo momma’ jokes were/are funny to you? speaks volumes.

          • whatup12

            yeah, was mostly joking in response to what i assumed was a joke by you.
            that said…suicide joke vs momma joke???

            was mostly having fun with this whole thing…would have assumed the same for you. sure we would agree on a lot, except that i think apple is bit of a joke these days. Attacking the underdogs does reek of feeling the heat.

          • EKIMMMMM

            microsoft is by no means an underdog. they have plenty of money and resources to be competitive. they missed their opportunity and didn’t but in to the mobile age. then tried to make up for it with half-baked products that do not exceed what they are competing against. if you think microsoft is currently a more capable company than apple, google, samsung, etc, then stick by them and be their only sale. they’ll probably appreciate it.

          • whatup12

            by your own admission, msft is currently an underdog in mobile. and this industry is not going to get settled in a few years–the dust will settle in decades. We could very well be where no one could imagine anything but a palm pilot or sony clie. or a yellow Walkman. this is a fascinating time with huge turnover and rapid evolution of products. We don’t know who will “win”. anybody who claims that this is settled is being myopic. I used to love google and when a friend doing an internship there got me a gmail code, i was over the moon and semi-retired Hotmail. I used buzz, wave, etc–but eventually lost patience with privacy issues. i have minimal expectation of privacy in this day and age–but google pushed it to far in terms of monetizing my info. I know most don’t agree here and use android without issue…but i had my limit. my wife is Korean and thus wanted to root for Samsung…i know it is weak excuse, but totally advocate for Korean cars, etc…but find Samsung product gimmicky though did use Samsung phone for years. and then apple–loved my IIC. feel that their margin is too much for what i am willing to pay. i also feel that they are not that well positioned for the future–but that is a long post and this ended up already being an essay. and likely pretty darn boring at that.

          • Blaze Blue

            Microsoft is actually a underdog, with name branding. Too many people nitpicking about their products. It’s like they can’t win over the media and developers, it’s just ridicules how people say faulty things about them.

          • Mike Brown

            They “can’t win” because they have a 30+ year history of making awful products for ridiculous fees and licencing agreements. Once they lost their lock “The API” via the advent of the web in combination with the slow realization that there are platforms out there that not only work better but are practically free; they ever so slowly started losing relevance…which they will continue to do.

          • Blaze Blue

            The same way you can make that comment is the same words can be said about apple and google. I don’t even know why you bother to reply to me. To your opinion it’s yours. Microsoft has made planty of great products that other companies are using.

          • Mike Brown

            Why did I bother responding to you ? LOL whut? I responded to your post because I felt like it, that’s why. Since we are asking goofy questions, are you seriously questioning why someone responded to a comment you made on an online discussion?

            …and no, M$ has not made “plenty” of good products. Windows is used only where it is embedded and by people who don’t know any better. Try pushing that crap in environments where reliability, and efficiency matter… will get laughed out of the project planning meeting. Visio, and basically all of System Center Suite where products they bought from someone else and actually managed to make worse. IIS was and remains a disaster.

            Arguably, the only products they built themselves that have been worth a damn are word and visual stuido….neither of which are truely stand out products.

          • Blaze Blue

            Look for you to make a long post you have wasted your time and still no point made .

          • Mike Brown

            1. You responded, with nothing to counter except a really really weak attempt at trying to sound erudite and above discussing a topic you are more than one comment in now.
            2. So says the douche who responded to my post that made no point and was a total waste of time.

            We can keep going….

          • Sunovavic

            What are you trying to say? his mom is a dog in heat?

          • SategB

            Wow remember the good old days when I was your biggest pain, this place has become down right nasty!!!!

          • EKIMMMMM


          • Sunovavic

            I wish I could say I was but many people “came” before me… too many to track who the original was.

          • EKIMMMMM

            great pun. and thanks for highlighting it with the quotes; otherwise i wouldn’t have gotten it.

          • EKIMMMMM

            i feel like jesus on the cross.

          • xirsteon

            God I hope you’re still on the cross. I’d like to add more nails to your hands and feet to ensure you never get off that cross to get any further opportunity to type a sentence on the Internet. Internet didn’t exist when you were initially crucified :-)

          • EKIMMMMM

            glad i could help make you feel superior on the internets by taking time out of your day to make a list of the errors i made. i hope this can hault your inevitable suicide.

            but you made all the same grammar errors in your post.

          • whatup12

            dude–i feel for you. insinuating that someone has suicidal ideation because you just got burned on the internet…a little harsh. anyhoo, it is just a sign of your inner struggles. i wish you the best of luck!

          • EKIMMMMM

            haha. everyone taking things too seriously. i could not care any less that i was ‘burned’ on the internet because i’m not 5 years old. but thanks for taking time out of your day to feel uppity on a comment section.

          • whatup12

            don’t repress those feelings…embrace them. just because you are not chronologically 5 years old, doesn’t meant your earlier comments don’t represent a 5 year old in terms of development. Don’t worry–eventually you will hit your milestones!

          • EKIMMMMM

            here he goes again. thanks for your concern whatup12. any further evaluation you would like to share with us?

          • whatup12

            ok–i know you want last word! Promise not to respond to your next comment…anything to boost that morale! keep strong my friend! it gets better!

          • tegz

            if you couldn’t care less then why do you continue to post here? you say microsoft isn’t a threat. if they weren’t then why would apple even bring them up? keep drinking the apple kool aid. this article was 100% true. apple loves using that reality distortion field on people like you.

          • nohone

            So you attack somebody’s use of language (when you do not know if English is their native language), improperly try to pin it on Microsoft, and when somebody turns it around back on you and gives you back exactly what you give, then you are the martyr, the innocent person who is being treated so unfairly by all us mean people. Grow a pair. If you want to attack people then expect the same in return.

          • Norman

            Totally mistake! Mine was also delivered today. But actually it is occupied by my wife, so sending it from my PC.

          • nohone

            People do own them. I went to a Microsoft store yesterday to get a Surface 2 64GB, and they were sold out. I called another one and they were sold out also. But you keep telling yourself that nobody owns one.

          • Guest

            Because they only mad 12 of them

          • WixosTrix

            They came out yesterday.

        • JLake

          If at all there are any – it is called “Grammatical Mistakes” and NOT “Language Mistakes”
          If you are not a native english speaker then please stop pointing out the mistakes of others.
          And yes I would love to see those “7” mistakes that you claim to have found out.

        • Nicholas Coulter

          If you are going to critique somebody due to grammar mistakes, don’t make any mistakes yourself.

          “There are 7 language mistakes in what you wrote.” -A number under ten used in a sentence MUST be written as the word not the numeral representation.

          • nohone

            First off, that is exactly what I was doing, EKIMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM was critiquing someone’s grammar, and in the meantime make a number of mistakes himself. I was showing how ridiculous it was for him to attack someone when he himself made mistakes. I hate grammar Nazis, and was giving back to him what he was doing to others.

            Second, how numbers are written style, not a rule. For example, some manuals of style say that numbers under 10 should be written out, seven vs. 7. Some style guides say that if it is a single word number, then it should be written as a word and not as a number. Thus, eleven vs. 11, but it should be 22 and not twenty two. And some style guides say to stay consistent but use whichever you prefer. It is not a rule for the language, but a stylistic form. You even violated your own rule, “A number under ten used…” should be “A number under 10 used…” since 10 is not under ten. Or is that since ten is not under 10?

          • CyberAngel

            Does this mean that I have to go off-topic like every person in this thread and now search the net for all the grammar mistakes by Nicholas?
            NO WAY!
            Please: try to go at least partly ON topic, will ya?!

    • tejedor1967

      Dude, Apple being afraid of Microsoft? Come on… (wrote from my now old Surface RT).

  • SategB

    You make some good points Pradeep. I don’t realize they was giving away their upgrades and productivity suite.

    I think that more about Google then MSFT. Though it will put additional pricing pressure on our products.

  • Tim

    As for the Office 365 vs iWorks thing don’t forget about a FREE account that will work from any device that will give you 7gb skydive and a set of office web apps as well as a full exchange style email account with contacts, and calendar.

  • nohone

    For years, Apple ran a series of commercials attacking Microsoft. The Apple fanboys loved them for sticking it to “the man”
    Microsoft starts fighting back, comparing Apple’s products to Microsoft’s own, and showing how much better Microsoft’s products are. The Apple fanboys moan and complain about how Microsoft is supposedly fighting dirty because supposedly showing how an iPad does not have a USB port while Surface does is bad, while years of lies in Get A Mac commercials were fair.
    Now Apple fanboys are cheering this move by Tim Cook, for fighting against Microsoft.
    Apple fanboys are like the kid who doesn’t get his way, and so takes the ball and goes home.

    • Guest

      Pot meet Kettle

      • nohone

        I don’t recall asking your opinion.

      • tegz

        pass the kool aid

      • CyberAngel

        Asking Guest:
        Do you have an opinion?
        [getting popcorn]

    • TryllZ

      This is by far the amazing news I have read in a long the “self proclaimed king of innovation (if it can be called that after the elongation and adding a useless fingerprint on home button)” is starting to talk about Microsoft……fear factor ?

    • donzebe

      Hope Apple knows that if Microsoft should decide to see it software for only half the price … Apple we see more problems than they see it coming now.
      Sorry Apple it is over, take a look at the Nokia Lumia 2520, that’s the real killer.

    • Guestova

      Why would I want a USB port on an iPad?

      • nohone

        I guess you are right, that may make the iPad useful for something other than email. While they are at it, they should remove the headphone jack and Bluetooth because nobody would want to use those.

      • tegz

        to plug in that memory card reader. oh, wait, apple makes a memory card adapter that plugs into their proprietary port which was just replaced last year. now you have to buy a new adapter.

        • CyberAngel

          We can afford it…

      • tech guy

        Actually the lack of USB port makes the iPad completely useless in a wide variety of professional solutions. For instance, how would you connect a barcode reader to the iPad?

        • Guest

          Dude don’t be so dumb there is Bluetooth solutions for barcode and the camera can be use to scan, so no need for USB

    • Guest

      Pot meet kettle…

  • vinay

    I agree .. Apple never used to give any thing for free and now they are fearing for Microsoft and giving the Mavericks upgrade free, but that doesn’t help much.

  • uncle_joe

    Apple going on the defensive suggests that Tim Cook can’t sleep at night.

  • Bugbog

    The funny thing is Apple can’t compete with Android (neither can Microsoft for that matter) as, with the way it is structured, there’s just no point! (Too many fingers in the pond trying to pick up pennies).

    However Microsoft has come out pretty strong, (though not particularly sales-wise) in terms of strategy and pricing tiers (i.e. going for mid – to – upper tier premium pricing).

    This is where Apple lives! They cannot give up this space without a fight! (especially after Microsoft’s ‘attack’ ads), as they know Microsoft is relentless when it knows it has to ‘fight or die’ in a particular product space; Microsoft’s pivot into a Devices And Services company, leveraging premium products (both hardware & software) together with premium services: Skype, SkyDrive, Office 365, Outlook, Xbox, etc. to make a compelling product argument.

    So, it’s definitely on. (Like Donkey-Kong!)

  • cgomezsv

    apple doesn’t want the evolution of the pc market. if everybody have a good pc that’s also a tablet, people wouldn’t buy another tablet, they need to keep the tablet and pc markets separated. I really hope that Microsoft wins this war.

    • Allan Cantillo

      Exactly, that’s why they are focusing in saying you will need two devices, but at the end people will realize you will only need one device.

  • Guest

    I found it nauseating myself. I can’t wait for someone to take these guys down a peg. However it was extremely effective from a PR perspective and even had an impact on MS’s stock during the session. Going into it they knew they didn’t have anything radically new, weren’t announcing a major price drop, and the long rumored iWatch and iTV were again going to be a no show. The subsequent media coverage would have focused on that and ongoing share losses to Android. Instead, they threw the largely Apple-supportive media a bone and most ran with the “Apple disrupting OSes” meme.

  • CX1

    slan·der (slndr)
    1. Law Oral communication of false statements injurious to a person’s reputation.
    2. A false and malicious statement or report about someone.

  • PoliTecs

    WOW… and now more confirmation of the raw political HATE form the Apple community and company.
    Thank you Apple for confirming what I have been writing about for a while at, you are leftists and progressives and that IS the side of hate!
    We can all call Bill Gates a Liberal but he is a classical Lib, not a hatter!

  • T Rauncher

    I didn’t do several things this year…

    I did not shoot myself in the face,
    I did not castrate myself
    I did not gargle battery acid,
    I did not install Windows 8.

    • nohone

      Perhaps you should have

    • TryllZ

      you missed that you did not die after installing windows 8.1, cause you wont…or perhaps you should without installing it, cause it does not deserve you in the first place…

      • T Rauncher

        Installed it, Deleted it, Apologized to my Father for destroying his computer… bought him a Mac. he is thrilled.

        • Sunovavic

          Of course you did not castrate yourself… how can you if you don’t have balls? I know you probably did not gargle battery acid coz you rather gargled Tim Cooks jizz… After shooting you in the face with his pee shooter!

        • reKitab

          At least you “tried”. That’s a good sign:)

    • Eli_Vance

      The world would have been better off if you did one of the first three

      • T Rauncher

        What a coincidence! the four people who like Windows 8 are all on this forum. amazing.

        • Sugadevan

          There are more windows 8 users than all OSX version users combined!

  • Johan Spånberg

    I wish Microsoft would add Three notes of their own:

    1. We’re available everywhere on Everything you need and don’t lock you down to what we Think you should use.
    2. Our service-packs hasn’t cost you anything since 1995 as to where our competition wanted $29 per update until very recently.
    3. We don’t require you to pay $999 for the Office-suite dongle you need to create, view and edit documents. Use whatever you already own.

  • 790

    Yep you cant stop convergence. Its a very observable phenomenon, from software, to manufacturing to species interaction and even the formation of planets, stars etc. The toaster fridge comment he made a few years back shows his ignorance as they don’t even share the same friken primary function!

  • JT

    Okay, you can come up with any arguments to make yourself and MS fanboys happy. However, the reality is MS OS sales once generated 47 percent of its revenue but they contributed 25 percent to its revenue last year. So for MS shareholders it looks very scary as they need to make up that 25 percent somewhere else. Ask Steve Ballmer how he feels today :-) . Also, take time to read the article about this today. Switch to Mac guys as I did after 18 years of Windows :-(

    • nohone

      This is the most dumb-assed argument I ever heard. Let me give you an example of what you wrote:
      Let’s suppose I have a fruit stand. I sell grapefruit and lemons. I make $1/day in sales, 50% from grapefruit and 50% from lemons. I decide to diversify, so I start selling grapes and oranges. I now make $4/day, 25% of that each from grapefruit, lemons, grapes, and oranges. So I am making more, $1/day from grapefruit vs. $0.50/day, but rather than it making up 50% of my total sales, grapefruit now accounts for 25% of my total sales. Does that mean that grapefruit is now not as good for profits as it once was? No, it is actually more valuable for profits.
      Please, before you start thinking you are smart, try attending a 2nd grade math class.

      • Bugbog

        **Shush** Don’t try and use logic with a true believer!

      • JT

        @noh_one:disqus, @Bugbog:disqus , Okay smarty pants and math geniuses, MS board room needs you guys. The example given above only makes sense only if the ONLY fruit stand in the world is yours. That 25% grapefruit thingy – Google and Apple is trying to take a cut out of it. That is what I was trying to say. Unless you come up with a new fruit your profit is going to decrease.Now, coming up with new fruits, we all know that how inventive is MS. Its a company that installed a jumping monkey at Redmond for past what 11-12 years. Can’t believe Bill Gates watched this train wreck for a decade? It shows they got money and no balls to make tough decisions.
        Anyway, I am happy that after spending 18 years on dark side(Using Windows), I am seeing light(Apple ecosystem)!. Do you have any more great math examples to teach me?

        • JasonJoyner

          Windows revenue is down, profits are increasing, and Microsoft recently added a couple more billion dollar a year businesses. I don’t see the problem you do.

        • Guest

          Your reference to Ballmer is insulting…to monkeys everywhere!

      • Zdenko

        And what happen when your customer stop buying your product at the 50% margin and buy your product at the lower margin? Or worst starts buying fruit at another stand because they are offering fruit that better suits the customers need, say Apples?

    • Sugadevan

      you have no idea, yes? read again you own comment and laugh again 😛

  • donzebe

    When you produce the hardware and software, it is no brainer that you should just add the $30 cost of the software into the price of the hardware and lie to your costumers that you are given them the software for free.

  • spydaweb

    You should clarify that Office WebApps have been FREE for a while and offer much of what entry-level folks need. Namely review, creation, and editing from any platform with a browser.

  • Nicholas Coulter

    It is unfortunate to watch one of the richest companies in the world resort to such petty comparisons.

    Point 1: Microsoft is going to be one of the first companies ever to have ALL of the devices they offer run on the same base software. That’s something I see as an advancement. It creates an amazing possibility for consumers: They can run the EXACT SAME application on their phone, their tablet, their computer, and in the near future, with some caveats, their TV via an xbox one. I think this is an amazing concept.

    Point 2: So first, THAT’S THE WHOLE DAMN OPERATING SYSTEM!!!!! Just as what Pradeep said. They looked at the whole OS comparing it to a system update. Sorry, Apple, microsoft’s been doing this for a while… Sure going between big number versions has always cost money, but that’s the thing: Microsoft isn’t still calling their OS by the same numeral for the last 12 years. OSX could have been called OSXI a while ago but Apple’s too cool for that.

    Point 3: Sure Office 365 costs US$99.00/year, but for that money you are getting a full-fledged business-required office suite on 15 total devices. That’s also includes five macs that you can install office on.

    So sorry to ruin your dillusion, Apple, but do your damned research!

    • Alex5551228

      Apple’s OS 10.9 Mavericks is NOT a system update or a “service pack” as you Windows folks are accustomed to. Mavericks is indeed a full OS and can be installed cleanly as a fresh install. People assume that just because Apple can get its s*** together and actually achieve operational goals (such as developing new versions of OS X on an annual release cycle), that it must be the equivalent of a service pack. “Surely, Apple could not develop a brand new OS in such a short time” (rolls eyes). OS X is a system architecture. It is like how DOS was a foundation for Windows. Should I say that Windows 7 is just a system update from Windows 95? That wouldn’t be fair or true. In Apple’s past, Mac OS 7 or Mac OS 8 represented new operating systems and the 7.? release represented a maintenance release. Now, 10.9, 10.8, 10.7, etc. represents the new operating system and 10.8.1, 10.8.2, 10.8.3, etc. represent the “system updates” or maintenance updates. You and the article’s author are incorrect.

      Now, I’m sorry, but running the “same” application on a PC, tablet, or Phone is not an “advancement” for consumers. Different form factors require different software, even if it performs the same functions or is marketed by the same name. The fundamental difference between clicking on icons and using direct multi-touch finger manipulation is huge. It requires software to be written to take advantage of the method of input. That’s why styluses suck in so many use scenarios and why remotely controlling your personal computer from your mobile phone or tablet is such a pain. They fundamentally are different. Microsoft really wants these two things to converge, because if tablets and personal computers converge, their dominance of personal computers will morph into a dominance of tablets (so they think). Unfortunately, there is no good case for a Microsoft Surface that anyone can make. As a tablet, it sucks. It’s not easy to hold, it’s not lightweight, it sucks to use in portrait mode, it sucks to be used without the super expensive extra case/keyboard. And most of all, it is really only halfway usable on a flat surface. Hmm, let me think about what type of device works well on a desktop surface….how about…a freaking notebook computer or traditional desktop computer! They have failed miserably in the tablet space because their tablets suck. They want to quickly jump to dominance of the market by supporting legacy Windows software with the Surface Pro. They think, “hey if this machine runs traditional Windows software, the argument that Apple’s app store has more tablet software will be moot.” Unfortunately for MS, Apple’s iPad is developed around actually performing certain tasks very well. While it is certainly not as good as a personal computer at certain productivity tasks, it excels at consumption tasks, it can easily be used for online purchases, and it keeps getting better at creative tasks like photo and video editing. Eventually, it just might be as productivity-centered as the Mac. In the meantime, they will keep selling extremely well until they become even more productivity-focused than a traditional personal computer. Face it, Microsoft can’t get their head out of their a** and keeps believing that Apple’s iPad is somehow just some sort of fad that will wear off. Well, 3.5 years later and 170 million devices sold later I think tells you that this “fad” is here to stay for the near term.

      • Nicholas Coulter

        Microsoft’s surface is just as easy to use as an iPad. The Surface Pro is just a bonus tablet for those consumers who need to use x86/x64 aplications. The case for the microsoft surface is this: A tablet device that syncs perfectly with your desktop. I concede your point on different use cases for tablets and computers, but I do not agree that they cannot be accomplished via the same UI. The surface is great example of this. As is any of the hybrid laptops to come to the fore recently. It makes complete sense and I’m seeing the surface’s use a lot around my campus. The thing is the perfect tablet for students. It’s thin, light, and portable and gives you Office 2013 Home and Student for free.

        The Statement that microsoft has been ignorant about apple and its “fad” is completely false. Microsoft is seeing the trends and realising that they need to change with the times. That’s the whole reason that Windows 8 exists. It’s Microsoft transition OS. They’re getting their consumers to realize, hey this is my tablet but it’s also my computer. That they can and should be the same thing. Microsoft is making the computer OS more touched base is that that is the trend of technology at current. It just made sense to Microsoft from a business standpoint to say, “hey let’s combine windows 7 and windows phone 7, that way we can enter the tablet market in a serious way.”

        I should say that I’ve seen microsoft make some pretty dumb moves in the past (IEM6 on the Zune HD, IE in general, Vista, 95, ME, etc), and then I’ve seen them make brilliant moves (XP, 7, XBox, Halo(Yes IK that’s technically bungie)) and I think that Windows 8 while it’s been receiving a lot of negative press is actually a fairly smart decision on their part. As was the Surface. They needed to show the world what a good windows tablet looked like, so they did.

        • Alex5551228

          If it was such a good tablet, Microsoft wouldn’t have taken a $900 million inventory write down (to state surface inventory at the lower of cost or market). I’ve used the Surface, and it sucks. You have to have a surface to use it (pun intended), which is like making someone with a notebook computer strictly use it at a desk like a desktop computer. It just makes no sense. The tablet and PC are simply not ready to converge. And the dismal sales just demonstrate this loud and clear. If someone wants a pure productivity machine, they buy a traditional personal computer (Mac or PC). They don’t buy a tablet for true productivity work, whether it be an iPad, Android, or Windows tablet. Microsoft wants them to converge because it would give Microsoft an advantage. That’s the only reason they want them to converge. It’s not because the user interface is better on a hybrid tablet or because there are true benefits to that approach. It’s simply because Microsoft dominates the PC market and they want to emulate that success in the tablet market. But the markets are fundamentally different. The Surface sucks as a tablet (very few tablet optimized apps, it sucks at being used in portrait mode since the aspect ratio is too widescreen, it’s fairly bulky, it can only really be used on a flat surface, and it is underpowered compared to a traditional notebook). The product simply is not very good. You can find reasons to like it, that’s fine. But majority of consumers and businesses recognize that it is a seriously flawed product because it is not the best at anything. It is not the “best at being a tablet” or “best at being a notebook.” It is full of compromises. If someone wants productivity in a portable package, buy a Macbook Air (or ultrabook PC). If someone wants a tablet primarily for consumption and a little productivity as well, buy an iPad (since there are actually apps for it). If someone needs access to PC programs, buy a PC notebook. If someone wants the cheapest tablet they can buy, buy an Android. There is no scenario where the Surface actually makes more sense than a competing product. Plus, competing with your own partners is surely a losing strategy…sorry but the numbers don’t lie…

          • Nicholas Coulter

            It *can* be used as a traditional tablet should. It’s perfectly light enough to be used as such and does not require any surface to be used. I’ve also used and watch people use the surface.

            It’s fully capable of being used as a tablet and as a productivity machine. And is perfect for that use. It’s thin, light, and comes with a full version of the business standard Office productivity suite. It has a full sized USB 2.0 (Original Surface Rt) or USB 3.0(Surface 2, Surface Pro, Surface 2 Pro), Bluetooth and Wi-Fi a/b/g/n for connecting to almost any accessory. It also has the thinnest keyboards as one of it’s accessories so it’s perfect fortyping up that term paper.

            As far as your opinion goes…it’s just that: your opinion. So while you may think that the Surface just isn’t a good tablet, it doesn’t mean that those of us who do think that it is a great tablet are wrong it just means your opinion and ours differ.

          • Alex5551228

            Okay, we can agree to disagree I guess. But the sales figures really are the tell-all. And consumers seem to agree that the product is not very good. I’m not talking about whether somebody CAN use the Surface in “tablet mode” or not. I’m just saying that the experience is not very good. It is a night and day difference between an iPad and a Surface in “tablet mode.” Again, if you need MS Office for productivity, get a notebook with a real keyboard, not some nonsense that needs a flat surface to type on. Microsoft overestimated their product, which is why they took a $900 million charge against earnings for the lower of cost or market inventory valuation method. You appear to be doing the same thing, which is overstating the product. It is just not that good, and consumers and reviewers seem to agree. But go ahead and use it if you like it!

          • Wtechrover

            Thinking sales figures prove a point makes me laugh.
            So macs fail in Europe because the sales are still pathetic?
            OK :)
            Send from my Surface 2

          • Alex5551228

            Okay, here we go. So, Microsoft clearly believed that their tablet would perform quite considerably better than it actually did. In fact, they were so ridiculously wrong, that they took a $900 million charge against earnings for inventory writedown. Apple, by contrast, manages its supply chain very effectively and builds its products when they are being demanded, and reduces orders, when they are not. In Europe, their products are not as successful as in other markets. But Europe is a different market with different dynamics. Apple sells what it produces, it doesn’t overproduce, and any supply shortage quickly becomes fixed to meet demand. Again, you are another person regurgitating anal-yst comments about the iPhone 5C. Reducing orders is so much different than an inventory writedown. It is not a bad problem to have. You failed to mention that iPhone 5S orders were actually dramatically increased. The iPhone 5C is positioned where it is at for a variety of reasons. 1, it gives access to the iOS ecosystem at a slightly reduced price. 2, it lowers the manufacturing cost of the product so that the savings can be used to use more modern components instead of just fancy enclosures (note: the iPhone 4 was still being sold with fairly outdated internal components, even though the industrial design was still very high quality. Consumers would prefer to have a more modern phone with a still very nice design instead.) 3, it positions the iPhone 5S as the more luxurious of the two devices, therefore effectively marketing the device as higher end. Apple much prefers for consumers to compare its devices among its own products, than to compare its devices to competitors. 4, it allows for market share to be stolen from Android devices, particularly for the price conscious consumers where an incremental $100 is out of the question (this works in the subsidized phone markets, not nearly as well for the “pay less for service, more for the phone” device market). When a company (like Microsoft) grossly overestimates demand for its product, it becomes clear to observers (consumers, investors, the public, etc.) that they really have no clue what they are doing. Sales figures, in context, are what matter. This is observable in that Apple sells the overwhelming majority of computers priced above $1,000. Of course, you’ll probably try and spin that into a negative. But from a business standpoint, owning the market for high end personal computers is drool-worthy. I wouldn’t expect the Mac to perform as well from a sales unit perspective when compared against a bucket full of much cheaper, lower-end personal computers. However, the Surface is price competitive with other tablet offerings, it just sucks, which is why its sales are so bad. If Microsoft’s Surface cost $2,000, and was a much better product that justified its cost, I wouldn’t be deriding it so much. It would be expected that the higher-priced product would not perform as well as a lower-priced one. But its cost is roughly similar to the iPad and other tablets, yet it just doesn’t justify its price very well due to its significant shortcomings and inability to be the best at anything.

          • Nicholas Coulter

            In all honestly, this is what I wanted you to realize: Different strokes for different bloaks. This is why I love competition. It gives consumers a ton of different options from which to choose the best device which works for them.

          • Alex5551228

            That’s a perfectly acceptable point (different strokes for different blokes). But your initial posts did not seem to be headed in that direction. Yes, competition is great. And surely some folks will choose the Surface, such as you. And Microsoft may even make a great tablet one day. But in my opinion, and in the opinion of majority of consumers, that day is not today.

  • wtf_guy

    what is wrong with you guys? I’d take a free upgrades any day!

    • nohone

      When Microsoft gives out free updates, it is predatory and monopolistic.
      Apple gives out free updates, people need to stop complaining about it and be happy to get updates.
      And where are all the people claiming that Apple cannot give out free updates because of SOX compliance?

  • robertwade

    I think you missed an opportunity to drive home the fact that the most frequently portions of MS Office are already available for free when you sign up with They aren’t just complements to Office 365, they work independently of it, too. I frequently remind friends that if they need Word, Excel, Powerpoint or OneNote to just sign up with

  • Arkoz84

    I think that Apple should buy a Office 365 account to use Power Point for their presentation. The black background is kind of old.

  • Katich

    Is that the smell of fear from Apple???

    • Bugbog

      It must be. It would seem, judging by the veritable plague of professed Mac only users posting comments here, that this article has been linked to an Apple fan site!?

  • Học Nguyễn

    So great (y)

  • Dulce

    Microsoft is too nice and should be more aggressive to counter such wrong statements…

  • F alme

    What a dismay of an article!!!!

  • Om

    Dear Pradeep. Honestly tell us whether you or any of your friends bought genuine Windows OS and Office suite?
    Which laptop/ desktop do you use and how much did it cost including the software? How long did you use it without any problem? Do post your opinion when you own a mac and maintained it for 3 years at least.

    • Sunovavic

      No one cares lol.

  • oscar

    I love this conversation because both sides have fanboys. My side is Apple though. Yes maybe Apple is afraid, so what? I personally prefer OS X and over Windows 8 and 8.1. Why? Just because I do. I like that apple computers feels more solid and expensive than MANY windows computers. (Why do people buy a BMW when you can buy a Dacia????) No windows computer can compete with the touch pad on a mac.
    I also like Apple support.
    All Apple devices(computers, phones and tablets) feels much more solid in my opinion. I prefer aluminium over plastic (iphone 5s vs SG4). The iphone 5c is cool but it’s plastic therefor I don’t like it as much as the other devices, but Apple haters tend to write that ohh iphone 5c is just an iphone 5… same hardware… Yes it is! But what do you think about more lower end android and Nokia devices. They also have old hardware.

    And generally please look at the profit to see which company is on top. Yes Google, Samsung is closing in in markets (not USA) but please it took you pretty many years.

    Note that I hate Apples way when they negotiate and those things.

    Please don’t mark my language. If you do please write in Sweden and then be pleased that I can speak a bit english…

    • nohone

      What kind of car do you drive?

      • oscar

        I’m currently driving an Audi. The AWD is better than in the BWM and you kind of need it in Sweden

        • nohone

          Well why not drive a Ferrari, Porsche, Lambo, or some other higher end car? I mean if you want the best, why settle for an Audi? That is the point you were getting at, isn’t it? That if there are better options, then you will use those better options. Even though VW group owns Audi, Porsche, and Lambo, a Porsche Cayenne Turbo is going to be better in the snow, more powerful, and just all around better than an Audi. But here you are criticizing us for not using the best, but neither are you.
          And for the record, I drive a Cayenne and a BMW Z4.

          • oscar

            why? because a none of the brands you mention except Cayenne have what I need in a car. Try to put your family in a Lambo with your luggage when you are going to northern Sweden to ski. Why I didn’t pick a Cayenne is because I think it’s ugly but that’s my opinion and because a Cayenne turbo is heavier and slower than my Audi.

            My Audi is also more discrete which I like.

          • nohone

            But you want to get the best, it does not matter if it meets your needs, you just need to get whatever is supposedly the best. I bought a Surface Pro, I use a custom built Windows desktop computer. According to you those are not the best, a Mac is, and I should start using Macs only because it is the “best” even though it does not suit my needs. I need a touch screen computer with the power of Surface Pro (you say that the touch pad is best on a Mac, a touch screen is even better). I need a desktop that I can upgrade and add components to at will. I cannot do that with a Mac. Just like a Cayenne is not a car that suits you even though it is the best of its category, a Mac will not work for me even though your claim is it is the best.

            I didn’t think it would be that easy to get you to fall for this.

          • oscar

            Slow down… I never wrote that I wanted the best. I wrote that I prefer OS X and iOS.

            Yes Cayenne may be the best car in the SUV segment. Why is it better than an Audi RS6? Facts?( audi rs6 is faster 0-100, higher top speed, better fuel consumption, cheaper, better style(my opinion), better in snow) iPhone 5s is quicker than Samsung Galaxy S4 according to all the videos and reviews I’ve seen. If you seen something else please let me know and then I can see the difference.

            The best phone is a phone that suits you best or? iPhones, iPads and Macs suits me best.

            Yes maybe a Surface Pro suits you better. I prefer a mac and iPad because of the OS and because both of them have touch screens which are slightly better than competitors.

            Those things suits me.

            My personal experience is that a mac has longer life circle than the windows computer I have owned therefor I have never been in a need of upgrading my computer with components. It is just my experience, other people will probably have a different experience.

            Again I actually never wrote that a mac is better only that I prefer it.

            I don’t really understand why you think I fell this easy since you also write that Surface Pro suits you better.

          • nohone

            You are telling us we should drive an expensive great car, compare that to the Mac, and then deride the lower priced car, which you compare to PCs.

            “I never wrote that I wanted the best.”

            So does that mean that the Mac, the computer that you are telling us that we should use because you use one, is not the best?

            That is the point, because an RS6 is the best car for you, does not mean that it is the best for everyone. A PC is best for me and a vast majority of the people in the world. Well over a billion people use a PC, last year ago Apple themselves told us that there were 30 million active Mac users worldwide. Not everyone wants a Mac, a Porsche, an Audi, etc. To many, a PC is the perfect computer, and many of those users equate the PC to the perfect car.

            MacRumors tells us something, and we are supposed to believe it? I like to think that everything on this web site, is to be believed. You write “I prefer a mac and iPad because of the OS and because both of them have touch screens.” Umm, you do know that Mac do not have touch screens, don’t you? Apple has not told you to use one yet, so you are stuck in the early days of computing using a mouse on you Mac until Apple gives you the all clear to use a touch screen. And why is a touch screen a good thing on an iPad, but not other portable devices? I have a desktop monitor with touch, and I use it all the time.

            My Mac lasted 3 years. I bought a brand new Mini from, and then 3 years later they told me I could not upgrade it to the latest OS. I bought it to do development for iOS, and since you need the latest OS to use XCode, it became a paperweight. I installed Win8 on it. Meanwhile I have computers that are over 10 years old running Win8.

            The point is that you keep saying that you prefer Mac, then go on about why would you drive a Dacia when you could drive a BMW, comparing BMW to Mac and Dacia to those lowly PC users. And then get upset when I call you out on it. You are mocking a very large set of the population, PC users, and then getting upset when I point out that some people find a Dacia/PC perfect.

        • Eli_Vance

          lol everyone on the internet drives a Merc, BMW, Audi, Porsche etc.

          Don’t forget to mention the model girlfriend and 10 inch dong

          • oscar

            sorry I will mention it next time

          • Sugadevan

            where is you reply to nohone? why slipping away? oh yes because u lack facts, typical apple thing 😛

          • oscar

            I like to sleep during the night. Maybe you are awake 24/7…

            Please read my reply in which I wrote that the best phone is the phone that suits you best. Did you miss that??

            Yes nohone all my macs have touch screens… Couldn’t you find anything else??

            I’m not telling you to buy the most expensive car. But you told me that a Cayenne is the best car and you asked me why I didn’t buy it. I gave you some facts that I like.

            I can start argument like you:
            I also have a PC which is a mac… Please use correct words if you are going to argument.

            Let me ask you a question. When you write reports, argumenting texts. Do you use your surface pro for everything?
            Maybe you do but almost everyone would write on a computer. Why are you stuck with a desktop when a laptop can handle the power you need? Arguments doesn’t work like that.

            For the final part please go back to my first comment. Did I write that mac, iPad, iPhone are market leading? Nope I prefer them over their competitors.

            I think the car thing got about out of the topic. Let me explain what I meant. Some maybe like cars with a bit higher quality in the car. Then they maybe choose a BMW. Other people maybe want to spend the money on a vacation instead of buying a BMW.

            Before you start attacking a man criticising thoughts (not claims) think one more time about it before you write it

  • WinLover

    Boyz, what are you discussing? Microsoft is out of game in the future. It’s just a race between Google and Apple. Microsoft is just dust in former days.

    • Sunovavic

      So is your mom! Soon to be out of the game :)

    • Wtechrover

      You know on laptops and desktops at least in Europe Google and Apple are sucking MS dust running behind them? If iPhone fails, Microsoft has to save Apple’s ass again..

  • free

    Why are Microsoft fanbois so upset with this. This is free advertising for Microsoft across the entire Apple consumer base. This type of negative marketing only draws consumers to your competitors products. It part of the reason why Microsoft’s marketing campaigns have failed.

  • yorapper

    Pradeep, your picture is hilarious and is is so your argument.

    • nohone

      Actually, that is a PR picture from the Apple Media Circus from yesterday.
      I heard the first picture is the new Apple Maps logo.

  • EDGY

    1) I’d being carry an iPad or a Macbook. Not both. Irks me having to carrying anything that’s got Windows OS. <<Opinion

    2) OSX upgrades as MS users will call it has always been cheaper than any OS. What I've paid in these "updates" in the last 3 years is still less than what I would have paid to for one version of Windows OS. What's more? iLife software (iMovie, Garageband, iPhoto, iWeb, FaceTime, ibooks, Messages, Photo Booth, etc) are bundled in with OSX.
    My opinion, they work much better than anything that Windows has to offer.

    3) Agreed that iWorks is not as established as Office. I don't know if it's better. Personally, I use MacOffice more than I do iWorks but that's only because I know it so much better through years of using Office. What Office offers, I can definitely get on iWorks. At least the things that I use.
    Price wise, iWorks does beat Office by a country mile. 60 bucks for Pages, Numbers and Keynotes for life. Is it for up to 5 other devices? For me, why do I need it on 5 different devices? I do my work on one. BTW, I did not buy a new apple device but I do have an older version of iWorks and as I type, I'm getting updated to the latest version. Oh yeah, for FREE!

    • nohone

      Um, what you be talkin bout Willis?

  • MaRkThE40KiLLeR

    A great breakdown of truth and facts!

  • Jim Neerland

    Lol at “share it with a friend who’s stuck on a PC”

  • PLenjoy

    Is it possible to make the iOS icons in iWork?

  • Wtechrover

    After using my Surface 2 for more then a day, I realize what a kickass feature the 2 stand kickstand is. Thank you Microsoft.

  • Wtechrover

    Lol at ‘Nice to see the Apple Kool-Aid still works on some people.’

  • Aman Bhullar

    I think MS should start an ads campaign showing differences in office and iWorks, just likes they are doing for iPad and surface.

    • PiKugre

      You should understand that most people hate Office. They don’t know how to use the program and they blame it. This is coming from MSFT Certified IT Professional of 20 years

  • Malay Mody

    This is an awfully biased article… One immediate error that i see is that the author won’t even mention that the upgrade to Windows 8 costed much more than any of the past couple OS X releases. Also fails to note that the touchscreen on a laptop is a gimmick and that no one actually turns their laptops into a tablet

    • Axiom 42

      Funny, I scrolled down to your comment by sweeping my finger on the touch screen on my laptop, opened up this comment box by touching the “Reply” link on the screen, and am about to send it by touching the arrow key down there.
      I’ll go the other way — anyone who owns a convertible uses it as a tablet more than they use it as a laptop, and anyone who has a touch screen wonders why anyone would buy a device without one.
      But that’s just my opinion, and it’s worth just as much as yours — nothing at all.

  • RAS

    “Waaaaaaaaaa!!1! Apple was mean to us at their press event!! Somebody call a Waaaaaa-mbulance!!!” Pussies.

  • Mardon

    Not the age old Microsoft vs. Apple debate again (or the PC vs. Mac debate)! Neither of you are superior nor better than the other. Microsoft, I hate you so much for requiring PC manufacturers to include “Secure Boot” in order to restrict the OS to Windows 8, only. I hope the ETC fines the hell out of you for abusing users’ rights so much! Just let me remove Secure Boot completely! Apple, you have so much money and you still crave for more. Stop trying to fight over the market place like an evil empire. Today, its not about technological innovation; its all about the money. And the sad thing is, both companies are for copyright enforcement rather than technological innovation. Go ahead and disagree with me; I don’t and will never care; but, I know I’m right. Only 1% of all of you will ever agree with me 100 years from now on. I’m not surprised though the companies are for the money. What a big mess we live in today.

  • NegLewis

    Apple is right.
    People do not understand MS’s strategy, feel that MS products cost too much and that they are on a descending trend.

    But why?
    Because Android “apps” are “free”.
    Because Apple products are “better”
    Because MS Windows 8 OS has “hidden” magic buttons.
    And so on…
    But especially because of Windows: It’s to expensive. MS says it’s $199 but in fact it’t not…. it’s 199 Euro.
    Reseller increase the price with more that %100.

    MS needs to go below $100 for Full Pro. Windows.

    In 1-2 years there will be 5++ more “desktop” touch-enabled OS’s that will compete with W8: Ubuntu, Android, iOS, FF, MAC … because all those “tablets” will come with 4-8 CPU’s, better graphics, Storage, keyboard…

  • Aaron Sinclair

    My god… the comment section of this post is a new low for the internet. I have never seen so much bitching and needless sniping outside of youtube or reddit. Come on people, lets not incubate that filth.

    Seriously, have a read over your own comments from time to time. You know what? Screen shot them and then look at them in a year from now. You’ll be embarrassed.

    Re the post: it almost sounds like you’re unaware of the marketing campaign run by Microsoft over the last few months where Siri talks to a Windows 8 tablet. This kind of marketing BS is done by every company, not just Apple. Two wrongs don’t make a right, sure… but that’s the marketing team.

    As an engineer, I’m excited by new technologies by both corporations, and I couldn’t care less for the drama that is born from the need to defend against MARKETING MATERIAL for fuck’s sake, or to make one feel justified in their choice of hardware – to defend against this kind of crap shows just how insecure about your purchase you are.

    What a waste of bandwidth.

    • del_x

      Absolutely agree on the comments below, what a waste.
      The only difference I see is that Apple chose a launch to get back at Microsoft while Microsoft did that through adverts which Apple has retorted to in the past as well. So I agree with Pradeep.

  • Charilaos Mulder

    Most people don’t need the “professional” features of MS Office, same as with Photoshop. Except for collaboration, Apple demoed iCloud and the web apps of iWork before. The free iWork apps can be installed on an unlimited amount of devices.

    I think MS is the one in trouble. They NEED to make money on the software, because they sell <1% of all the windows hardware sold, while Apple needs no revenue from their software and Google does their own shady business giving everything away for free. Many bloggers and tech news already question the relevance of MS in the modern market.

  • John Howell

    Agree with this article. Spot on. I’m getting the impression Apple are very worried. With Google’s android dominance and Microsoft’s innovation they should be.

  • Martin

    It was very funny morning, to read hate comments on Apple. I’m just curious, what is a real driver of that hate?
    Sometimes it really scares me that someone can spend so much energy just to say that Apple products are s$^& just because you hate it. I haven’t read all comments, but I couldn’t find any offensive comment from “Apple fan boy”, maybe it’s time to start think about it :)
    Just try to spend your energy on something else, it’s just my advise to you guys…

  • Addikti

    “Now they’re trying to make PCs into tablets and tablets into PCs.”
    Apple made a phone into a tablet. I don’t like that idea. The same goes for Droid tablets. I think a tablet should give you more. Windows 8 tablets are currently the only devices that are able to do that.

  • John Scott

    Apple is afraid only of its own iPad taking away Mac sales. Maverick being distributed for free tries to get more current Mac’s and older ones on the same page. So as not to end up like Microsoft supporting XP for a decade plus. This is really Microsoft’s problem, wanting to be a Apple or a Google. A Windows user is a Windows user, and does not concern themselves with Apple. If Microsoft had done Windows 8 correctly, it would have made it a tablet OS and let the PC makers design the hardware. It would have refreshed Windows 7 to add some sort of application option and not shock PC users into a duel UI.
    No doubt Windows needed a tablet user interface and needed some decent tablets. But Microsoft went about it in a rush and the end results speak for themselves.