Recent Patent Reveals Microsoft’s Plans For Shopping Experience On Xbox Through Kinect’s NUI

Xbox One Kinect NUI Shopping

A recent patent application from Microsoft has revealed that Microsoft’s approach towards shopping via gaming consoles like Xbox 360 and Xbox One. User will be able to browse through catalog, filter them to their needs and more. The whole shopping UI will be optimized for large display with controller and Kinect in mind. Even though Microsoft will not jump into online retail business, they might partner with Amazon, eBay, etc, to enable shopping experience for users when they are in their couch.


An input device to a game console allows a user to access a shopping service. A user interface display allows the user to browse and shop through a natural user interface on the input device.

Xbox One Kinect NUI Shopping 1

Source: USPTO – Patent No. 20140067624

  • kevin

    Look forward to using this,sounds interesting.

  • soder

    “The all national american pastime activity: buying things! Buying things! Buying things!”

    (quote from George Carlin… RIP)

    • John Collins

      And when we get too much stuff we buy a bigger house. The man is missed.

  • Nham Thien Duong

    Well, they (Microsoft) should’ve kept Bing Shopping then, they should’ve have abolished it, it could’ve been a great basis for this technology, I know that Microsoft still has the data, but still ”powered by Bing” could’ve made it simply more powerful. (>_<)