Reference to Office Mobile for iPhone and iPad spotted on Microsoft’s website

office_mobile_microsoft_supportWhile Microsoft has been extremely cagey about their Office products coming to Apple mobile devices, the software has been widely leaked about, and now for the first time references have shown up directly on Microsoft’s website.

Spotted by Mac4Ever on a Microsoft Office support page the page makes clear references to Office Mobile for the iPhone, Excel for iPad, Lync for iPhone and PowerPoint for iPad.

It has previously been leaked that the software will be available as free viewers, and will have edit functions available once users subscribe to Office 365, making sure once again Microsoft Office will be available on whichever device a user owns.

The software is expected in Q1 2013.


  • Gavin Tom

    I wonder how much they are going to charge for the service. At the same time I wish I could just see Office on MS products and affiliates, the potential to make billions from mac users is just too big.

    • Bugbog

      They should be charging the same as for web access itself (maybe a bit more?)

      I did initially wonder though as to how they were going to avoid giving ‘coin’ to Apple.

      This answers it.

  • auziez

    Im not going to go into detail, but to me offering up your services on other platforms makes it not as compelling to be on MS software. For example, wp8 I love the office integration… But with iphone getting it, IT WONT MATTER. so off goes that on the checklist of advantages.
    I wont complain too much, I see both standpoints. On one hand the office team will make more money, but at the expense of what? users on your OS? oh right… wp is only 3% I see how it is now.

    • Alex F.

      There are many decent* alternatives to Office on iOS – people won’t switch to Windows Phone because of that. Microsoft knows it and thus does not want to loose the revenue from non-switchers.

      * – in fact mobile Pages / Numbers / Keynote from Apple are way better than Office for Windows Phone

  • Mark from CO

    Tough choice for Microsoft as a device and services company. Spread Office (as a service) to everyone and you harm your device business, which is already lagging far behind the two major players. If history tells us anything in IT, being in third place is to be dying a slow death. If Microsoft pushese Office anywhere, I agree with others – why buy into Windows 8 and WP8 ecosystems, which are so far behind iOS and Android. We’ll see, but looks like Microsoft really wants to be a services company.

    • drayledun

      you truly are an absolute moron. why buy into windows 8? you mean an OS that already has millions and millions of applications and thousands upon thousands of hardware choices? windows 8 lagging behind dumb app platforms like ios and android?

      you trolls are too bored of your shitty devices you have to come on Microsoft news sites and say something to make yourselves feel better.

      enjoy your outdated,obsolete and soon irrelevant platforms while people shift to the future platform.