Refreshed Surface RT To Come With Qualcomm Processor & LTE

A new report by Bloomberg claims that a new version of the SurfaceRT will be own its way soon sporting Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 800 processors instead of the existing Nvidia Tegra 3 chipset.  Nvidia may still be a supplier for some SurfaceRT tablets, but it is unclear at this time.  The Snapdragon 800 processor does include integrated LTE connectivity, so this may potentially be the first Surface tablet from Microsoft with 3G/4G mobile broadband.  Microsoft does have a great relationship with Qualcomm considering they are the exclusive supplier of processors for Windows Phone and a move to SurfaceRT on the same chips sounds highly plausible.

Microsoft has recently been offering the SurfaceRT at discounted prices at their own TechEd conference for $99 with Touch Cover included.  It also recently announced a program where educational institutions can purchase the SurfaceRT for $199, significantly cheaper than buying iPads.

The refreshed SurfaceRT may be ready for holiday 2013 in line with Windows 8.1.  An 8-inch Surface tablet is expected to be announced at the BUILD conference later this month, although few details are known at this point.  It has also been rumored that NFC may be coming to the Surface tablets.

Source: Bloomberg


  • blackhawk556

    I’m glad they are doing this. My RT seriously feels underpowered. The people app is slow even after all updates it frustrates me to the point where I don’t even want to open it. I honestly can’t recommend the RT who continues to ask if I like it. I don’t think I’ll buy an RT version again. Haswell promises better battery life so I might just wait for Pro 2 and dump this one. How much can I honestly get for a RT 32gb with touch cover?

    • NGM123

      Start it off at $1 on eBay and you’ll soon find out.

  • counterblow

    that’s too bad they are doing this, Tegra4 is a better chipset. Hopefully Asus will do a Tegra4 VivoTab RT update.

    • Joe_HTH

      Um, no! Snapdragon 800 is superior to the Tegra 4 and benchmarks prove it.

  • DoctorSnyder

    RT is the future, and those are very welcome improvements. I like my RT better than my Pro.

  • Joe_HTH

    I’ve got a better idea. Skip ARM and make the Surface RT replacement a full on x86 tablet with quad-core BayTrail Atom, double the RAM to 4GB, Go with Intel HD4000 or HD4600(if BayTrail supports it) bigger battery, 2560×1440 resolution, NFC and 4G.
    Let the 8 inch Surface be the ARM tablet.

    • symbolset

      Nobody gives a damn about the Surface Pro or Surface RT. How to put wheels on this fish is irrelevant.

      • Hank3006

        You must have never used a surface. The surface makes all other tablets look like toys. What is it that you do not like about it? Your post seems to be the only irrelevant fish here.

  • Bugbog

    I would have thought that this would be a no-brainer!