Regarding Recent Post On Stephen Elop

Regarding the post titled “Will Stephen Elop’s Divorce & Son’s Girlfriend Harm His Chances of Becoming Microsoft’s Next CEO?.” Due to a mutually beneficial legal agreement, the article will not be visible to the public.


  • Kazi

    Agree, please leave easy journalism to other sites.

  • Emily the Strange

    haha, its funny people complained so much about it… really? are you Elop’s family to care so much about what was written in the article?

    I thought it was boring, long and I didnt read it all.

    and people thinking a divorce wont change Elop’s decisions well, it might do it… if you think changes like that doesn’t affect someone, well you really haven’t dealt with divorces much.

    while I think Elop is a cool guy and all, I still don’t think he should be CEO, not because the divorce or the bing xbox thing. but because its better someone new and fresh in CEO seat and has been in Microsoft longer time. like Satya Nadella (I like to call him Nutella ;3).
    I never understood why Bing and Xbox would be the ones disappearing… if profit is the reasons, shouldn’t they think about getting rid of Skype and windows phone? I mean Skype is free and it costed 8billions, not many pay for premium thing, and giving away 1 year free calls and now 6 months more with xbox one… it sounds like it will be less and less money what Microsoft can get through Skype.
    but its just my opinion! I want Nutella as new CEO, and Elop staying with Windows Phone devices and other devices sound good to me.

    • Guest

      Your right, not only xbox and Bing but the other profitless distractions like Skype and WP should get the boot. There is already Apple we don’t need another even if it was possible for MSFT to be one. As and IT guy I want MSFT to focus on being a GREAT I.T. company not a second rate Apple or Google.

    • techieg

      Yeah, until Skype becomes like Google Voice where you get actual phone numbers and can call actual phone numbers as well, for free, I don’t see it going beyond what it is. I don’t see how Google’s making a dime with Google Voice since its free, and that by itself is taking away from Skype and will make it hard for Skype to sell anything in the area of premium calls.

    • Guest

      You may be the first person ever to call Elop a cool guy…you give false hope to old chubby balding white guys across the Americas

  • Bryan

    I thought it was a great piece. Fuck what a few commenters said. There was no where else where you could get the info in that post.

    • Lou_Sasshole

      It wasn’t a “few’, it was a majority of the commenters. If it was “a few” they wouldn’t have felt the need to remove it.

      • Bryan

        not all people reading to article commented.

        • Lou_Sasshole

          Uhm no shit Sherlock?

          My point still stands, they responded to feedback from the people that participated in the comments and removed it because a majority of those comments didn’t find it relevant (for good reason). If you wanted to see pics of his ex-girlfriend you could have just looked that up online elsewhere. It was completely irrelevant to the intended purpose of the article.

    • Paloma_Pastiche

      You thought it was a great piece?
      Posting a photo of the ex-girlfriend, then a photo of the new one, then asking the reader:
      “Which one do you like better?”
      If that isn’t tabloid trash and wholly unprofessional, I don’t know what is.

      • Bryan

        fuck you. why do you have to act like a politically correct beta male. I was thinking about which one was hotter as soon as I saw both pictures. Even if it wasn’t said, most people would be thinking it anyways.

        • Lou_Sasshole

          You completely missed the point and please don’t use terms that you don’t understand lol.

  • Jonathan Roberts

    Are there any brown or black candidates? Any women? Seems like a missed opportunity to provide a fresh face for a major tech company.

    • FateStayNight

      HP and Yahoo have women leaders. Yelp, and others have non-white leaders too. The techworld is more concerned with results than color, gender or nationality. So, just the regular traditional backstabbing, office politics, and manipulation. 😉

  • Junior

    Good job sir.

  • alukard

    I was worried I was reading a tabloid newspaper for a second there. Good job.

  • Ben A


    • Guest

      Yes but in CEO role your private life affects the company as a whole, that is the real world buddy.

  • Elyl

    Hold on a minute. Are you implying that you didn’t write it? Then why did you put your name to it? And why are you apologising for it in the third person? Why not just admit this is a one-man amateur blog with no editorial standards whatsoever?

  • Guest

    Pradeep better not mention Mulally is an old fart, that is quite personal and we hate for the childern to get their panties twisty. It make playing their little xbox games uncomfortable.