Report: Alan Mulally And Satya Nadella Likely To Be Next Microsoft CEO

Satya Nadella

Bloomberg today reported that Microsoft’s board has decided on Ford Motor CEO Alan Mulally and internal executive Satya Nadella as the likely candidates who might become the next Microsoft CEO. Even though the previously reported internal candidate Tony Bates and former Nokia CEO Stephen Elop remain in the possible candidates list, Bloomberg reports that they are currently considered less likely to be offered the top job.

Preferences remain fluid and other people are being considered and could emerge as front-runners, said one of the people, without identifying any.

According to Microsoft board, an ideal CEO for Microsoft was described as below,

A document prepared by the board for the CEO search describes the ideal candidate as one who has an “extensive track record in managing complex, global organizations within a fast-paced and highly competitive market sector; track record of delivering top and bottom line results. Proven ability to lead a multi-billion dollar organization and large employee base,” people with knowledge of the document have said.

Source: Bloomberg


  • MC

    Board Idiots… it needs to be a tecnology guy, someone with Know-how and passion for tecnology… not just profits.

    • nickcraze

      Well hopefully they will pick Satya

      • fentonr

        Yeah, I think he would be great…maybe not exciting though.

  • nickcraze

    MS would be stupid to select Mulally over Satay. They need someone who is a visionary and is technical.
    Satay FTW

    • steveo99

      Hmm…Satay. Seriously though, not a fan of Mulally who will probably sell of xbox.

      • Paloma_Pastiche

        It might be a combination of the two?

    • WebUser

      By saying that, you are essentially telling me you are msft employee. Serious, how many people even know about this Satay. I watch Microsoft news since many years ago, every day, 24 hours, I barely know him. You probably hear him at some recent internal meeting, since he didn’t not have a chance to talk company wide until couple years ago. What I know is he has a little better English than Qi Lu, not much more.

      He may have some credential but I doubt other VPs are willing to listen to what he say. Remember the other guy quit immediately before he was named vp. This is a serious issue. Do you think Julie L Green, or Elop will want to listen to him. I highly doubt. Also he doesn’t have established public image to start with. Simply nobody know him. Big deal. If he is chosen I can assure Elop will quite in heart beat. Chris Web will too probably. So, you think its easy to manage tons of people from Nokia?

      I still think Elop is the only one who is qualified. I still think Elop is part of the deal with Nokia. Until you prove I am wrong.

      • blakjedi

        if you “watch MS for many years” and dont know who Nadella is… you are the dummy. Obviously the board doesnt agree with you which is a good thing. The things Nadella is good at (cloud, datacenters, Azure) are the future of MS…

    • cybersaurusrex

      Agree. If some outsider comes in and sells Xbox & Bing… it’s going to be bad for Microsoft. It’s like breaking up a family.

      I hope Mulally stays at Ford.

  • donzebe

    No commends

  • jaylyric

    Microsoft bet not f*ck this up.. That’s all I know. Mulally has done great things at Ford no doubt,however from what has been said.. I wouldn’t want him as CEO,because he’ll be more about selling stuff off,killing things in the interest of shareholders.. Same thing has been said about Elop. We need a tech guy with vision,passion and intelligence to say the least.. I don’t anything about Nadella.. At least he’s internal and should know something.

    • cybersaurusrex

      Agree. Microsoft’s vision is finally starting to pay off… and I will be really ticked if some outsider comes in and starts tearing things apart. It would really tick off a lot of Microsoft’s fanboys… and that would be bad for Microsoft.

      Stay home, Mulally. Stay at Ford.

      • SategB

        Yes fanboys will whine some but the childern is not contributing to the profits of the company, so your right it is time to sale off these money loosing assets like xBox and Bing.

        • arrow2010

          Why do you care?

          • SategB

            Because I love the company and have own it. Was one of my first trade made.

        • krayziehustler

          Sony loses money with PlayStation, should they sell that off too????

  • Paloma_Pastiche

    Satya is too ‘internal’ on many fronts and his scope of experience and expertise is far too narrow.
    He might be technically proficient in his field of expertise, but that isn’t CEO material. Especially for a wide reaching company such as MS.

    • fentonr

      That may be, but he is a better choice than Mulally. I like Mulally but he is about the worst choice for Microsoft.

  • NegLewis

    SO: …

    Pick one and dye.

  • Joe_HTH

    Microsoft will end up making a poor choice because they won’t be bold. Mulally is the worst choice for CEO. The man is a transportation engineer for Christ’s sake. He has no knowledge or experience of computer or enterprise software and hardware. The man didn’t turn around Ford by being innovative and building amazing cars everyone wanted. He did it by gutting Ford, selling off much of it’s assets, and bargaining with the unions to take a substantial pay cuts. That crap won’t work at Microsoft.

    The only reason he is even on the list is because many in the tech blogosphere have been championing him. Ridiculous. That will be the next CEO of Microsoft and you can kiss them goodbye.

    • SategB

      Your wrong, he on the list because he is friends with Ballmer, he was paramount putting together the Ballmer’s departing strategy.

      He turn Ford around be focusing on the core brand, putting resources into product development and quality while removing non-contributing assets of the company. He refocus the company on doing a few things well rather then trying to be all things to all people; all things Microsoft is in need of institutin offer the failure of the Ballmer years.

  • Mythos88

    I don’t believe they would pick Mulally. Microsoft biggest problem is their image and picking someone that old and non-techy would likely be a big mistake.

  • Emi the Strange

    lol every week “reports” and “rumors” change future CEO… why no wait? last week it was another posible CEO, and again we go back to mulally and Nadella.
    these articles are zZZzzZZz…. Im sure next week we will go back to Elop.
    its funny though, how mulally in public said he wasnt interested in Microsoft, yet he is one of the candidates and he hasnt said anything about it again

  • cybersaurusrex

    The thought that Microsoft would even consider selling off the one product (Xbox) that people actually line up for seems ridiculous to me. Please, Bill Gates, do not hire Mulally or anyone who would destroy Microsoft. The “One” vision is finally starting to pay off. Don’t pull the plug on it now.

  • koolkatuk

    I think they should have choosen Brian (Kevin) Turner

  • Maxy

    I think Elop is the suitable person.
    His age , energy , technical background and charisma makes him natural choice
    Microsoft needs face to make its picture more interesting to people.
    Kevin Turner also looks promising :
    I don’t think Mulally can do well in in software and technology company.

  • JLewis

    The Xbox One did work out of the box; however, it would not eject the Forza 5 disc after use. I have spent the past 4.5 hours trying to get help from Microsoft and I only spoke to someone for about 60 seconds. As of now, I have been on hold for over 3 hours and that is after Microsoft called ME! Beware of Microsoft support. I would not wish it on anyone. I have tried support chat, forums and phone and nothing has even come close to helping me. I do know that I need to return the Xbox, but I cannot get any help whatsoever to make it happen. #FAIL

  • Nham Thien Duong

    C’mon, let it be Satay.