Report: Apple Buys PrimeSense, The Company Behind Key Technology In Microsoft Kinect


Israeli news site Calcalist today reported that Apple has bought PrimeSense, the technology that powered the original Kinect released by Microsoft. During the release of original Kinect, Microsoft said the following on PrimeSense,

“PrimeSense has delivered an important component to the technology, helping us deliver revolutionary controller-free entertainment experiences in the living room.”

However, the current Xbox One Kinect is fully engineered by Microsoft. PrimeSense is the leader in 3D sensors and it already powers over dozen of natural interaction products in the market. They claim that their technology is already powering more than 24 million devices around the world. According the report, Apple bought PrimeSense for over $345 million which I think is a great deal. If Apple is planning for a media console, PrimeSense could become the technology powering it. Also PrimeSense is already developing 3D sensor chips which can be embedded in smartphones, laptops, tablets, etc, which can be used for gesture interaction.

Source: Calcalist via: Slashgear

  • BRUU™

    Wow, that is cheap

  • techieg

    Not good news at all. Why didn’t MS buy it?

    • Mike366

      kinect 2.0 is 100% done by MS

    • PoohGQ

      I thought the same thing too but if MS did it 100% internally then it’s ok; but who holds the patent??

      • Forg0t2

        They probably bought the components from Primesense?

        • PoohGQ

          That still doesn’t answer the question of who owns the patents and why would Microsoft take a chance of leaving a company that holds a vital part of the Xbox One & 360 to be sold to another company when they could lose out on the next version of that tech or it could be even shared with the competition..!

          • Forg0t2

            When i buy components like that component all i want is its datasheet. The text never said anything about the 2 companies working together, it only states that Microsoft bought the components from that company. How many different brands of chips do ur mobile phone hold? Who holds the patent of that phone? I can tell you it aint the manufacturers of the chips, cause if that is the cause none of Microsofts equipment belongs to them…