Report: HTC Planning For Q3 Release Of 7-inch And 12-inch Windows RT Tablets

HTC Windows RT device
We have already seen some reports in the past that HTC is working on Windows RT devices. Today, Phonearena reports that HTC is working on two Windows RT devices codenamed R7 and R12. The R7 will come with 7″ Full HD screen, powered by a 2.3 GHz quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor and 2GB RAM. It will come with 16GB of internal storage with a microSD slot, for expansion, 13 MP autofocus camera, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0 and A-GPS. It will also comes in a version with LTE/HSPA+ connectivity.

Another Windows RT device HTC R12 will have same specs as the R7, but comes with 12″ 2048×1536 pixels display and more connectivity options. The device is expected to be on sale for holiday season and will be revealed on Oct 13th.
Read more about it from the link below.

Source: Phonearena

  • Tom

    How awesome would it be if AMD released a BlueStacks Win8 app.

  • Wupideedoo

    16GB formatted is about 14.9GB. Windows RT takes up a little less than 10GB thanks to Office and everything, and that isn’t including the restore partition. Windows doesn’t let you map libraries or install apps to removable storage (unless you tweak some things, but that cannot be a reasonable solution for most people).
    If it’s 16GB on board, HTC is being cheap at too high of a cost.

    • GrzegorzWidla

      Specs are quite amazing so I would take them with grain of salt.
      As for storage, 8.1 RT might as well have desktop and all legacy removed for all we know and be trimmed by another 2-4 GB so that would leave at least 8-10 GB of storage, which is more reasonable.

    • koenshaku

      I was thinking the exact same thing lol. That makes no sense they have been putting out droid devices for too long.

    • Bugbog

      Install to SD may be a ‘Blue’ feature?

      That aside, this may unfortunately be another case of HTC having high ambitions, but lower follow-through! (And probably over-priced to boot!)

  • Zicoz

    Your headline says Q3 but your body says october 12th and holiday which are both Q4, which is it?

  • Ef Jay

    Not sure RT is the way to go, not going to win any business users which could be key.

    • Zicoz

      If Microsoft is smart though RT = super cheap so it can compete with Android on price.

  • Jdrm03

    Good to see full hd screens and higher for the second gen win8 tablets. Def will upgrade from my surface rt.

  • Imeobong Isang

    Uhh… Did they just leak 4:3 aspect ratio? 2048×1536 is same as iPad

  • kalval

    This is awesome news. Windows RT is exactly what you want in a 7″ tablet. As good as the next gen intel atom looks, nobody should be under the illusion you are going to get all day battery life from a 7″ device with a 1080p screen powered by the new atom.

    Also what are you going to do on the desktop on a 7″ touchscreen? You could plug in a mouse, and a screen. But why not just use a desktop/laptop for that, because if you want to do anything serious on the desktop you probably need more power anyway.

    RT allows for cheaper, lighter, longer lasting devices to really compete with those android tablets. Price it similar to the (very much non retina) ipad mini and you’re onto a winner. Plus, the snapdragon 800 will blow the rest out of the water.

  • Kojo Amoasi

    This would be amazing, and very expensive, in excess of $500-$600, so I don’t see it helping