Report: Lenovo To Pay Ashton Kutcher $10 Million In Endorsement Deal

The New York Post is reporting that Ashton Kutcher is close to signing a $10 million endorsement deal with Lenovo.  Kutcher has been the face of Nikon for a number of years now and is expected to shoot a number of new commercials with Lenovo.  Nikon and Kutcher split after he asked for over double of his multi-million dollar salary. He is also the star of the upcoming film about Apple CEO Steve Job’s life.  Kutcher also runs a technology venture capital fund, A-Grade investments, with Guy Osery and Ron Burkle reportedly worth over a $100 million.  Kutcher may lose a lot of that money due to his ongoing divorce proceeding with Demi Moore.  Kutcher is currently the star of Two and a Half Men, raking in over $24 million over the last year.

Personally, I’m not really a fan of Kutcher, I think of him of that guy from “That 70s Show” who gets to sleep with Mila Kunis.  Nonetheless he has been successful in his acting career, managing his money, and dating hot women.  Lenovo is trying is not trying to reach us technology enthusiasts but rather those people who are fans of Kutcher to become fans of Lenovo.  Lenovo is really one of the few OEMs continuing to innovate and produce quality products and is now taking the next steps to build up its brand even further in the US.

Source: New York Post

  • Truthhz

    What a f***ing waste of money. Kutcher is an Apple s*ck up.

  • Craig S.

    Save your money Lenovo… Just save your money…

    • sonofabit

      or they could spend that money improving the build quality and reliability of their products. or is that less of a selling point these days than hiring some jagoff celebrity to shill your junk?

      • nohone

        For 2012, Lenovo last year ranked #1 in reliability reports, followed by Toshiba, Samsung, then Apple. Two of those companies spend multi-millions per year trying to convince people to buy their products, why do they not divert their cash to fixing their problems?

  • ZappyKins

    Why in the world would anyone hire this guy? He has made Nikon reputation as something trashy – which as been just great for Cannon, lol.

  • eDameXxX

    Kelso 😀

  • counterblow

    well, since he is like a cheap knock off of SJ this is rather appropriate.

  • Tips_y

    No, thanks!

  • Captain Panaka

    Lenovo is obviously targeting the demographic with the most spending power and disposable income…older, rich, divorced milfs and gilfs. Up next, Caspar Smart will be announced as the new chairman of Dell, Inc.

  • Yuan Taizong

    Well, Apple practically dominates Hollywood, Macs everywhere, it’s refreshing to see a P.C. now and then.