Report: Microsoft And Salesforce Are In A Discussion For Partnership

Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff

Bloomberg today reported that Microsoft and Salesforce are in a discussion to announce a cloud partnership. This partnership will allow Microsoft Azure customers to run Salesforce in Microsoft Cloud and also will allow users to integrate data from Salesforce products into Microsoft’s Office programs. Microsoft and Salesforce are considered to be longtime rivals and it will be interesting to see how this partnership will work out.

Microsoft announced similar partnership with SAP last week. The partnership was in three critical areas:

  • Enterprise cloud computing with business-critical SAP applications certification for Microsoft Azure;
  • Improved interoperability between data from SAP applications and Microsoft Office, including general availability of connectivity between SAP® BusinessObjects™ business intelligence (BI) solutions and Microsoft’s Power BI offering;
  • Mobile productivity with expanded development and support for Windows and Windows Phone 8.1.

Source: Bloomberg

  • PoohGQ

    HEY..I sure do make a lot of noise!!! I’ve been complaining to Salesforce that I’ll only work with them if they integrate with my Microsoft-centric organization for almost 18 months now..! Looks like this is going to happen finally..!

  • jaylyric

    Just out of curiosity.. What’s/Who is SAP? As for the partnership.. I hope it works out.. It would appear that Microsoft is on the move,and in the right direction I might add. Docusign,whoever SAP is,now Salesforce. It seems that Satya his moving full speed ahead with his vision. Kudos.

  • RoadOfMajor

    To call them rivals is an understatement. Salesforce is even banned from Microsoft Surface events

  • LexicoRed

    This is great news. The future of Microsoft is cross platform services and software.

    Nadella get it, something old Microsoft never would. Now it is time to wasting resources on making unprofitable toys; let Dell and Levono do it.