Report: Microsoft Expected To Announce Second-Generation Surface In June

Microsoft Surface

According to sources from the upstream supply chain of Digitimes, Microsoft is expected to announce second-generation Surface device at BUILD Developer Conference scheduled from June 26-28. They also reported about the component manufacturers for the upcoming Surface units.

Microsoft retained most of its component suppliers from the first-generation models for the second-generation ones with Pegatron Technology staying as the devices’ manufacturer. Chassis are supplied by Ju Teng, switching from China-based Chungnam Precision Casing; displays are supplied by Samsung Electronics and LG Display, glass Corning, batteries LG Chem, processors Intel and Nvidia, keyboards Chicony Electronics and Ko Ja (Cayman) and touch panels TPK and Youngfast, the sources noted. However, these component makers have all declined to comment about Surface shipments.

Source: Digitimes

  • agha

    I hope so much for a surface pro with Extended Batterie life (about 8 hours)…..

  • sri_tech

    They should not release any 10 inch RT devices.

    They should release:
    1. Surface RT2: 8 inch FULL HD, snapdragon 800 for $349.
    2. Surface: Bay trail + FULL HD for $499. Keyboard dock with extra ports and battery for $149.
    3. Surface Pro 2: Haswell + FULL HD for $899. Keyboard dock with extra ports and battery for $149.

    Only 10 inch tablet thats selling well is iPAD. Even its sales are reduced drastically after iPAD mini came.

    They should release 10 inch surface with Bay trail and full windows 8 to compete with iPAD and I believe it along with other windows 8 atom tablets can outsell bigger iPAD.

    • Brian Chau

      To differentiate the market, I hope that RT2 be 8 inch, Surface (Bay Trail) be 10 inch, and the Surface Pro (Haswell) be 12.5 inch. and please provide HDMI port instead.

      • MMNME

        I personally would prefer Temash or its successor over Bay Trail, but otherwise I like the three tier idea and think the suggested prices above are pretty reasonable. What kills the current gen Pro for me is the battery life, so something with Temash would give good enough performance (especially graphics) and due to its great efficiency (more power efficient and less cooling needed) be much better on battery life.

        • Joe_HTH

          BayTrail will offer over twice the performance per core over Clover Trail, so I’m not sure Temash is better than quad-core BayTrail.

          • MMNME

            Bay Trail will be a great upgrade from Clover Trail, but I would prefer the better graphics that Temash is likely to have over the better CPU performance that Bay Trail has. In the x86 space, we are hitting good enough for CPU Performance for most things, especially considering the Surface version that we are referring to is not the high end Pro. The Pro rightfully should have Haswell, but the Mid Model suggested above, I personally believe it would benefit more from a better gpu with a good enough processor than a better cpu with a lower performance gpu.

            Also even though Bay Trail will offer much better performance over Clover Trail, how much of it will you notice? I think we will notice an improvement, since the Clover Trail tablets have some lag issues, but once it is a powerful enough CPU to get rid of lag you won’t notice much additional performance past that the CPU could provide in most instances if you use this mid-end model Surface with normal workloads. If you need the best performance possible and have a heavy workload, then the Surface Pro is what you need.

      • khingjay

        I would love for the Pro to have a 13/14 inch screen. That way they can distribute the weight and give it a bigger battery.

    • kullkid92

      guy are you nuts?? I know you didn’t just say to sell an 8 inch device + full hd + snapdragon 800 soc.. for 350!? you must be cray… just those 3 components right there you are already at 300$

  • MaelN

    I’m waiting for it, but Microsoft need to bring full HD and 3G/4G connection.

  • Zicoz

    Surface Pro With Haswell is the one I’ll be getting. Really sucks if they’re sticking with Nvidia and not the Snapdragon 800 for the RT though.

  • Bugbog

    Another Digitimes crap-leak!

    Highly unlikely that Microsoft will another the Surface 2 this soon, given that they are still rolling out the Surface RT & Pro world-wide!

    Most likely it’ll be the Surface 7 (mini).

  • ok3

    My work will buy 400 Surface Pro 2’s if it has three improvements:
    *dock with dual monitor out
    *8hr battery life

  • Joe_HTH

    Why announce these things in June? It’s idiotic the way Microsoft announces their products. They announce these things in June, and everyone gets hyped, and then they don’t release the damn tablets until October, long after the hype has died down.

    Stop being idiotic Microsoft. The point of announcing a new product is to build hype and excitement, and then release it a week or two later. Announcing it, and then waiting for the hype to die down is stupid. Besides, you seem completely unable to make enough of the things to put a dent in the tablet market anyway. Shipping 900,000 when you said you would ship 3-5 million is quite pathetic.

    • symbolset

      Announcing that you’re shipping in calendar Q1 is equally stupid. Santa has a rather fixed schedule. Q1 is for firesales of stuff that didn’t move over the holidays, and “me too” sales of stuff that moved well that influence peer sales. Not for new product launch.

      Q3 is for new product launch, so you can build some momentum going into the holiday, or Q2 for the early “buy and hold” gift shoppers. Many people buy gifts and put them away all year.

  • RichFrantz

    Maybe I am just feeling contrary today, but I don’t want to hear any announcment out of MS until right before they are ready to sell it. I am tired of Spring announcements of devices to be sold for the “holiday” season.

    • bbqrooster

      This is not an announcement from Microsoft. This is a rumor from Digitimes.

  • Lewis McCrary

    They need to also take a cue from the Apple playbook and say “…and it’s available for order today!” 😛

  • José Villaró

    8.X inch tablet with an 4:3 aspect radio please. Low weight, confturable to hold, WinRT and a low price is all I need. I mainly use my tablet to read books, manga, comics, etc.

  • 3DPiper

    I just want them to fix the current Surface Pro and Photoshop problem.. :(

  • Kool Shah

    i hope they make the 13 14 15 inch tabs with more battery life and expandable