Report: Microsoft Files Complaint Against Google For Unfair Ad Rates To FTC

According to reports from Businessweek, Microsoft has filed a complaint against Google to FTC regarding unfair advertising rates. Google is already under scanner by senate regarding unfair business practices and adding Microsoft’s complaint will further make the case stronger against Google. Microsoft’s complaint as follows,

Microsoft first complained in September 2007 that Google drastically raised the rate for an ad for Windows Live, a predecessor to Microsoft’s Bing search engine, one of the main rivals to Google’s Internet search, according to the person familiar with the matter.

The cost increased to $5 per mouse click from 10 cents a click for placing a Windows Live ad next to search results for the word “hotmail,” Microsoft’s e-mail product, according to the person.

Google told Microsoft at the time that the rate increased because users who clicked on the ad were directed to a low- quality website, according to the person. The site was the home page for Windows Live, whose services included Hotmail, Microsoft said.

Microsoft is not the only company that’s filing complaint against Google, there’s a huge list. If you have time, just visit for more details.

  • Anonymous

    wow, low quality.  The question is how does google determine what a low quality site is.  Also, were other competitors considered low quality?

    • Anonymous

      If Google hates you, your site is then low quality and they will try to rape you on fees. $5 per click, really? Do some companies actually pay that kind of money to Google? Geez, I would think $0.25/click would be a pretty good racket.

  • Monkey D Black

    WOW $5 up from 10cents? thats a 5000% increase

  • Avatar X

    “low quality” website and a 5000% sudden increase? Google was really at their top of Blind Arrogance before there the rise of Bing-Yahoo, Facebook and Twitter.

  • Anonymous

    Can anyone explain why Google hates Microsoft so much? I mean, where would Google be without Microsoft? Someone should ask Google,
    Where would Google be today if Microsoft hadn’t made personal computing accessible to the masses?
    Where would Google be is they didn’t have all those Windows desktops to use while they were growing as a company? They would have used an alternate OS you say? Then why didn’t they? Simply because Windows was the best option they had and that’s a pretty solid endorsement for the company they so ferociously hate. Would they have grown as quickly, as smoothly, using Linux or BSD desktops across their organization, everyone from receptionists to accountants to executives?
    Take Microsoft away and there may have never been an internet explosion. Or do people think that the masses would have all bought Linux machines at the same growth rate as Windows, or perhaps expensive Mac’s? Without the internet growth, Google would be what they are today but yet they hate so much the company that pretty much made it possible for them to exist.
    I wonder, why does Google hate Microsoft so?