Report: Microsoft Has Started Sharing Windows 9 Builds With Its Partners

Last month, Neowin reported that Microsoft is planning to release Windows 9 Technical Preview for Enterprise late this month. This report was in line with last week’s report from The Verge that Microsoft is planning to preview Windows 9 in a press event on September 30th. This Windows 9 tech preview will receive subsequent monthly updates and it will be installed on the users automatically. Windows 9 is expected to include no.of major changes for keyboard/mouse users and it is also likely to include new consumer facing features such as Cortana integration apart from revamped Modern UI experience.

Today, Neowin reported that Microsoft has started sharing Windows 8 builds to its close partners already.

It was tipped to Neowin a few weeks back that partners were starting to get more recent builds of Threshold and we have been able to confirm that this is true. But, if you are thinking that this will mean a leak soon, don’t get too excited as there are many security features in place to discourage these groups from letting anyone see the contents. On top of this, not all features are enabled in these builds.

Source: Neowin

  • whatup12

    I do think that it is important that there is more buy in from the OEM partners this time around for a number of reasons. 1) If the OEMs hate it, it is predictive of at least a portion of the customer base hating it 2) if OEMS hate it, they may not support or market it 3) they see MSFT as a competitor now in hardware with SP3, etc so at worst, it could be perceived as bad form if they don’t let them see it until much later.

    • mans550

      Form a UK perspective; I feel that one of the major problems with the Windows 8 launch was the lack of new hardware in stores (at least here in the UK). There was also a lack of Buzz but I don’t think it was just the fault of the OEMs buy-in; Microsoft needs to do more to promote and educate people on the new OS. Most people didn’t know there was a new version of windows. Also a few of the OEMs had some great hardware but they were not available for a very long time and some never even made it to the shelves such as some of the ASUS devices that I waited and waited for. It also took a very long time for any of the touch screen device to be available and usually they would be an exclusive in a particular store like John Lewis. in comparison to Apple products for example, their execution is flawless; everyone knows when there new products will be available.

  • gcreedle

    Microsoft’s new Windows 9 logo is ugly as sin. Not a good sign for the new OS.

    • Voodoo Lady

      Microsoft has released no official info about the next version of windows and, subsequently, absolutely no graphics, logos or pr material. This logo is a mockup made just so that the author will have a picture with the article.