Report: Microsoft In Talks To Buy Osterhout Design Group Which Makes Google Glass Like Wearables For Military

Microsoft Google Glass

We all know that Microsoft is already working on Google Glass like wearable in its Xbox division. An internal document on Microsoft Xbox which got leaked last year revealed that Microsoft is planning to release some fortaleza glasses in 2014. There was also a related patent that might be related to that Fortaleza glasses. These Fortaleza glasses will also have 4G/LTE connectivity as well.

Today, TechCrunch reported that Microsoft is in talks to buy Osterhout Design Group for $200 million. While ODG’s current product lineup might not be a great fit within Microsoft’s overall company strategy, their technology will help Microsoft to build new products like Fortaleza glasses. Osterhout Design Group also owns 140 patents related to wearable computing, so Microsoft can also benefit from it.

Osterhout Design Group specializes in integrating new and emerging technologies to create disruptive product lines in Consumer, Industrial, Defense and Toy Markets.

We offer complete product development and management services through Design, Engineering and Manufacturer Sourcing. At Osterhout Group, we focus on generating innovative ideas that contain significant protectable intellectual property in order to give our client companies the features and manufacturing edge needed to succeed in tough, highly competitive markets.

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Source: TechCrunch

  • Drewidian

    Hopefully they will make the design a bit more fashionable otherwise it won’t leave the living room.

    • Avatar Roku

      The plan seems to be to first make it a living room wifi device then refine the tech to the point it is fashionable enough to wear outside of gaming/in-home use.

  • Yuan Taizong

    This would be great for Microsoft, Google is pretty much the only big player with their own Glasses as wearable tech, Microsoft has already made a lot of wearable innovations with the M.S.N. Smartwatch, which didn’t get off, but making this to go with the Xbox could make some cool video-games, but Microsoft must not look at Google, but Nintendo, during the 1980’s Nintendo Kabushiki-Gaisha had a similar virtual-reality device which caused a lot of headaches, the same way 3D-Motion pictures are actually older than colour T.V. but fail to get mainstream for a long time, they get mainstream every 2 decades and then are forgotten by the next generation to be repeated all over again, both Microsoft and Google need to learn from Ninento’s past in order to make it into the virtual reality gaming worlds, and Microsoft has the most intention and motivation of doing this, so it would be interesting to see it (being) develop(ed), but it will all rest on the execution, as we tend to tolerate more tech in our lives.

  • NegLewis

    I only hope they will not waste time thinking at a generic and super integrated solution.
    Just Buy the company. Make it a XBox/WP/Tablet/Laptop/Desktop companion Device via USB/Bluetooth/Wifi/3G…

  • Tech_Reader

    I so want MS to gt this company and get its act together in this nascent tech !
    With the support it has this is going to be a killer !!