Report: Microsoft Is Changing Charms Bar Functionality For Desktop Users In Windows Threshold

Windows Charms Bar

Yesterday, we reported about the virtual desktops feature coming in Windows 9 codenamed Threshold. Today, Neowin reported some more information regarding change to how Charms bar works in the upcoming Windows release. Here is the summary of the report from Neowin,

  • Charms bar will work differently for Desktop and Modern environment users.
  • Charms bar won’t exist in the current form for desktop users where they are required to move the mouse to right edge of the screen for the menu to appear.
  • Charms bar might become app centric where it might appear within the windowed Modern apps for desktop users.
  • Modern apps will be opened in windowed mode from desktop and this will allow Microsoft to remove the charms bar on the right.

Read more about it from the link below.

Source: Neowin

  • Willem Evenhuis

    ah, the return of app centered attention to modern UI apps. I hope this means in app search through the charms bar comes back. I used this functionality daily back in windows 8.0. In 8.1 its almost gone, and wrongly so. I heard from a windows 8 developer, that developers are forced to make in app search functionalities. Understandable for the desktop, but in my experience a development I can not understand and want back in a future windows 8 update.

    • leoniDAM

      Sadly that is because the users don’t undestand the search feature of the charm bar so they (the users) complained about the lack of the search in the apps.
      For this reason, Microsoft has deprecated the search contract that I found very comfortable.

      • dave

        Whats really sad is how fanz wanna blame users for shitty UX!

  • SpicyMikey

    Sounds smart, but oh man, the Modern UI purists on here are going to blow a gasket over this. They’re already fuming over the idea of bringing back the start menu for desktop users

    • Asgard

      Well I’m quite much “modern UI purist” but to me bringing modern apps to desktop is the holy grail. It basically means that most desktop apps can leverage mobile code and the UI can be written with the latest technologies. Great! Now they just need to add file access and database access APIs…

      • SpicyMikey

        I agree. Looking forward to MUI apps running in a window on the desktop as well as the start menu returning. This is what WIn8 should have been from the beginning, and, if they did that, it would have probably been a huge success. Instead, they forced users to “pick a side”.

        Neither is perfect for all things, and users find themselves bouncing between both worlds. Plus, removing the start menu just disrupted the existing desktop user base and scared so many people off and into the arms of Win7 that Win7 is actually selling more than Win8x right now.

        Rule number 1 when developing new software: Make it backward compatible and do not take away things people are used to. Doesn’t matter if you think you have a better idea. You’re existing customer base will not be happy. MSFT I’m sure knows that so it is a head scratcher as to why they did that.

        • sloppyslim

          force everybody into the store where MS gets a slice of the pie , the devs have to program winRT to play , and customers have to upgrade to win8 to get new programs

      • dave

        “bringing modern apps to desktop is the holy grail” , give me a break
        there is such a tiny number of useful Metro apps, and such a tiny tiny number of people who like, it would be a total waste of time!

  • RichFrantz

    Sounds messy to me

  • dave

    good, stupid name, bad implementation, terrible UX, gadgets where better than this mess, hopefully the whole metro/modern mess will be optional and turned off by default and only enabled through registry editing, lol

    • SpicyMikey

      Well if you have a tablet, phablet, or phone in your hand, the MUI works well and makes sense. if you have a mouse in your hand it actually is a productivity drag (IMHO) and it was a mistake to force such users to interact with it.

      But two of the biggest issues with the MUI for desktop users seem to be getting addressed in Win9 (start menu, and the “immersive” style of display. Neither ideas work well when someone is sitting at a 32″ monitor with a mouse and keyboard.

      Glad to see MSFT finally figured that out. WIn9 can’t come soon enough to save this train wreck release.

    • Rico Alexander

      Gadgets!? Give me a break!

      • dave

        at least some people found gadgets useful, the whole Metro UI is a UX disaster,I’m just glad it’s nearly over!

        • leoniDAM

          No, it is not nearly over…

          • dave

            funny, all I keep hearing is MS abandoning all the mistakes they made with Windows 8, Start Menu, forced Metro,charms, and by nearly I mean by the end of this year, they can’t afford to let things get any further out of hand, and since they are planning to stop selling Windows 7 , they need something people actually want.

          • SpicyMikey

            It’s hard to argue that MSFT needs to get a post Win7 product that people in the business community are willing to buy. In that regard Win8 has been a failure. That’s not an opinion, that’s just a fact based on sales numbers.

            But lets make a distinction between the desktop world and the rest. For tablets and phones and for personal consumers, the new interface with live tiles et. al. has a lot to offer. MSFT just needs to realize one size does not fit all, and let people decide for themselves.

            When Win95 came out to replace the DOS primary interface, MSFT didn’t get rid of DOS. In fact, they didn’t change it at all. They relegated it to windows app, but it was still available in all it’s glory. They need to have that same respect for the Win32 world and it’s user base. Dear Lord that seems so obvious. How did they not realize that.

          • dave

            right on the money except
            “the new interface with live tiles et. al. has a lot to offer”,
            the Tiles UI is Bad UX based on frameless IE, there are far better ways to do touch than tiles, it was a huge mistake and they are fixing it now.

          • SpicyMikey

            The jury is out on that in my mind. Sure, there are a lot of different ways to do touch. “Better” is opinion. I like the UI on my Lumia 920. Not so much on my 32″ monitor on my work desk.

            In the end sales and profits determine if its a success. So far it clearly is not “better” for many desktop users. Phone and tablet sales are not impressive either so you may be right. But bad sales in that segment could also be due to other factors

          • dave

            that’s right, the tiles are ok on phone size screen because they are close to the size of finger tips and more like icons, I would prob still be using WP if not for the lack of apps but for anything larger it’s just shit, there are ways of scaling UI elements to make them touch friendly, but the RT API is just a total POS, the tiny number of good metro apps is because of this, Devs just hate it. when I see all the cool Ipad apps esp Mucical apps it pisses me off, cause Im not buying anything made by slaves, no matter how cool

          • leoniDAM

            Well for you the problem with the Modern UI is the size of the tile?
            Sorry but this is a silly criticism, a user can adjust the size of the tile like he wants. So if you think that the size of the tile is too big you can simply resize it (and each developer can decide the size of every item of own interface).

          • leoniDAM

            What you call Tiles UI has nothing to do with IE!

          • dave

            the Tile UI and Metro is a Frameless version of IE with some crappy Com extensions called RT API, that’s why it’s such shit, can’t do much more than HTML5 cause it’s basically IE with a plug-in, get ready to a change hater, LOL

          • leoniDAM

            The Windows Store Apps and the Windows Runtime are the base of the future of Microsoft’s products.
            The next start menu wouldn’t the classic start menu (that the people asking for it not because it is a good menu, but because they know it) but Microsoft will put the Modern UI also in the start menu.

            And i hope that the charm bar will stay because it is very comfortable

          • dave

            the Windows Store Apps is a train wreck!, there are < 100 descent Metro apps, check out Metrostorescanner , filter by tick tack toe, or majic 8 balls, the stupid IE based Metro is not even a candidate for the future of UI, even Microsoft admits it was geared toward causal users, the only successful store apps are start menu replacements!

  • royalextremist

    Microsoft is cleaning its own mess ! Long live desktop