Report: Microsoft Is In Talks With Real Madrid Football Club For Stadium Branding Deal

Real Madrid Microsoft Deal

Forbes recently reported that Microsoft is in talks with Real Madrid football club for a marketing deal. Microsoft is negotiating to attach its name of to Santiago Bernabeu, Real Madrid’s home stadium. The deal amount is reported to be around $10 million per year. Companies paying football clubs for stadium naming is not a new thing, but this may become the first major technology company in Europe to do so.

Forbes also noted that Microsoft and Real Madrid already have a good relationship, so there is a high chance that this stadium naming deal may happen soon.

Moreover, Real Madrid and Gates already have a relationship. Earlier this year, the Real Madrid Foundation and Microsoft signed a collaboration agreement to promote education in Latin America and the Caribbean through sports and technology.

Source: Forbes

  • FootballPlayer6

    The next leg of El Clasico will be held at the Microsoft Santiago Bernabeu Stadium. LOL, yeah that name is not getting changed.

    • Emily the Strange

      and how do you know it? its money… a lot of money. and a lot of teams do it…

      do you forget Emirates Stadium? arsenal the actual leader in premier league used a “sponsorship” and fans don’t seem to care.

      again its money… Newcastle also did it, but the sponsorship ended on 2010 or something. and there are a lot of teams around the world that do it.
      do you understand what money is at least? it seems you don’t. or what, if someone offers you a lot of money you will not accept it because “I think it shouldn’t be changed” lol please… money is money, that’s all.

    • hysonmb

      It seems that soccer teams have the most advertising outside of motorsports. This isn’t a stretch by any means.

  • Guest

    Perfect I can see it now:
    Sponsored by Microsoft Surface – Yes it’s not a real tablet but then again Soccer is not real football.

    • Emily the Strange

      ehmm soccer in fact is the real “football” since it was made in England way before than American Football. please research a little before posting.

      • Guest

        No Soccer is the sport little boys and girls play until they grow up and the boys play the real sport of football whike the girls shake pom-poms to cheer them on (but only the good looking girls are given the privledge to shake it)

    • hysonmb

      They already have Xbox advertising larger than the team logo on some soccer jerseys.

    • reKitab

      Hand-football, where the only time you kick the bold is during a rare goal-kick. Otherwise, it’s the hands that do the football kicking in American “football”. Weird, that it’s even called football. Even Rugby has more ball kicking with their feet. BTW, a football is perfectly round, than oblong, alá the rugby ball, imho:):):)

    • dre1V

      you sir are very stupid its called football in the real world and you play the ball with your feet on the ground
      not running around in leggings(tights) with a oval and jumping on other men buts now think about what you just posted