Report: Microsoft Is Shifting Its Marketing Strategy From Product-Specific Ads To Broader Consumer-Oriented Campaigns

Despite its strong product lineup and services, marketing is still one of the areas where Microsoft lags behind its rivals. In the past, each of Microsoft’s division was responsible for their own marketing. Windows team will spend their marketing budget on creating commercials that focuses on Windows OS alone whereas Office team will target Office specific features. As part of “One Microsoft” strategy, Microsoft recently unified the marketing team across the company.

Today, Adweek reported that Microsoft is planning to overhaul its approach to marketing by shifting from product-specific ads to broader consumer and business-oriented campaigns. Adweek obtained this information from Microsoft’s RFP shared to ad agencies.

Microsoft is searching for an agency team that “optimizes talent, creates process and execution efficiencies, and gives Microsoft the best leverage in the marketplace,” the RFP stresses.

Particularly revealing, the document states that Microsoft “believes a holding company model consolidating most of its work (about 80 percent) with one or two holding companies” is the formula for success.

Speaking to Adweek, Microsoft’s new Chief Marketing Officer Chris Capossela told the following about Microsoft’s marketing approach and the search for right partners,

“The ability to tell more cohesive stories to consumers that are not simply related to a single individual product leads us to obviously look at what are the right partners to be able to think in a new and different way to reflect the way we want consumers to both experience and engage with our products, And then, obviously, how to communicate to them so they see a different kind of Microsoft than they have in the past.”

Read more about it from the link below.

Source: Adweek

  • Bugbog

    Interesting idea. Can’t wait to see how well this can be executed.

  • Jamers

    This is great! I really enjoy the ‘Windows everywhere’ ads, so this will be great showing the power of the Microsoft ecosystem 😀

  • jaylyric

    Please get this right. As our ecosystem has a huge difference and strength. This is a good part of what MS marketing needs to be,in addition to single product marketing. I hope that they don’t move away from single product marketing campaigns completely. Both of them simultaneously would be great. It’ll truly be ” Windows Everywhere” get it? 😀

  • Mark Gibbs

    You have the Partner with NOKIA !!

    • LexicoRed

      Well not really a partner, pretty much a MSFT devision. Nokia Phones division was going about to go under so Ballmer had to twist MSFT Board’s arm to buy it and keeping it going so there was at least someone making Windows Phone.

  • whatup12

    indeed, Microsoft needs to find a way to overcome the traditional distaste thrown its way. I see colleagues starting to talk about returning to the MSFT ecosystem…and that tells me that things are changing. So the key is to build on that momentum and ensure that the products deliver.

  • LexicoRed

    Yep it has been about 6 months, time for another change in the marketing strategy…

    “When you try to be all things to all people you end up being nothing to everyone”

    “It is hard to describe yourself when you do not know who you are”

    • SategB

      Yes to say the company has been all over the place would be an acturate statement. Just as pointing out broadness in their strategy confused their message.

      Let’s hope the new CEO has the courage Ballmer lacked and fine tune the company’s focus, walk away from some of the money lossing pet projects, and make the company relevant again.

      • Guest

        So you don’t think the nebulous “Windows Everywhere” is focused enough? 😀

  • Sam

    It’s about time for Microsoft to start hiring real marketeers, not IT people that has product knowledge to do the marketing. Each one is a different knowledge and specialization. If they didn’t have very strong product portfolio and innovation, they wouldn’t be able to achieve what they did so far.