Report: Microsoft May Be Expanding Its Internet Of Things Team

Microsoft Research HomeOS Lab Of Things

Last year, Microsoft Research released a new SDK/Framework called Lab of Things that supports their existing HomeOS project. To simplify the management of technology and to simplify the development of applications in the home, we are developing an “operating system” for the home. HomeOS provides a centralized, holistic control of devices in the home. It provides to users intuitive controls to manage their devices. It seems Microsoft is planning to enter the Internet of Things market with HomeOS from MSR and Internet of Things (IoT) team that is part of its unified Windows division.

Mary Jo Foley yesterday reported that Microsoft is expanding its staff in its Internet of Things (IoT) team.

Up until now, Microsoft’s Windows Embedded team has focused primarily on enterprise/industrial customers, not consumers. Its charter has been to convince retail, healthcare, manufacturing and automotive shops to embed various flavors of Windows in their devices. But the IoT team may soon be spreading its wings — at least according to a couple of LinkedIn profiles of recent additions to the group.

Steve Teixeira became the Partner-level Director of Program Management for the IoT team as of December 2013, Jonathan Smith, also joined the IoT team recently (January 2014) according to their LinkedIn profiles.

Teixeira described the role of the IoT team as follows,

“the operating systems and cloud services that power non-PC/tablet/phone/console ‘things’ such as industry devices, wearables, automobiles, consumer electronics, etc. We enable intelligent systems to be built from these things across a broad range of industry verticals.”

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Source: ZDNET

  • Rikkirik

    This is a more coordinated and integrated approach to the internet of things than many other rivals (Goolge acquiring Nest) are persuing at the moment. With Windows Embedded as a platform I am very eager to know what products will be coming.

  • Nham Thien Duong

    This is actually a place where I hope to see Microsoft imitate Google, giving away a free version of Windows (light-weight of-course, though with app combatibility with Windows R.T. and Windows Phone) to O.E.M.’s to put in Radio’s, Refrigiators, bra’s, wigs, Etc. We already have SmartBrassiers, SmartWigs, SmartCigarretes (yep, they even have internet and phone-inegration, that’s not a joke), SmartToasters, SmartRefs (Filipino-English)/SmartFridges (other types of English), SmartPhones, SmartCars, Etc. Microsoft already works together with Ford for Windows in cars, so a free O.S. or at-least one based on contract in a similar style as Microsoft Office 2013 would make them more competitive, Google is fastly moving Android into LITERALLY EVERYTHING, Microsoft’s best reaction would be to copy and do the same, so far Apple won’t be able to play catch up as they are neither as diversified nor as O.E.M.-/Competition-friendly as Microsoft & Google are.