Report: Microsoft May Name Satya Nadella As Its Next CEO, Gates Will Be Out As Chairman

Satya Nadella

Bloomberg today reported that Microsoft board may be announcing Indian born Satya Nadella as its next CEO. It also added that board is looking to replace Bill Gates from his position as chairman of Microsoft’s board.

Microsoft Corp. (MSFT)’s board is preparing to make Satya Nadella, the company’s enterprise and cloud chief, chief executive officer and is discussing replacing Bill Gates as chairman, according to people with knowledge of the process.

One person the board is considering to take the place of co-founder Gates as chairman is Microsoft lead independent director John Thompson, said the people, who asked not to be identified because the process is private. Even if Gates steps down as chairman, he may be more involved in the company, said two people familiar with the matter, particularly in areas like product development.

As expected, Microsoft declined to comment on this story.

Source: Bloomberg

  • -7-

    Good. Hope he ll bring the surface to India

    • Bugbog


  • Nfnc1234

    Here is a review of this stuff,

    A – Proven Record in managing mega international company
    B – Understanding/experience of Microsoft’s Business both Software and hardware,
    and the entire industry as a whole, both enterprise and consumer space.
    C – Understanding of Microsoft as a Company
    D – Understanding of Nokia as a Company
    E – Extensive experience in mobile space
    F – Charisma inside and outside Microsoft
    G – PR skills

    Score scale: 0 – 10

    natyla: A-2, B-6, C-8, D-2, E-3, F-5, G-5, score:31 (not qualified, too far)
    Tony: A-5, B-7, C-7, D-2, E-3, F-7, G-7, score:38 (not sure)
    Elop: A-8, B-8, C-7, D-8, F-8, E-8, G-8, score:55 (if not this one, then no one)

    By the way, who the hell is this natyla? I don’t event want to look at this face!

    By the way, Elop reports to natyla? what kind of joke is that? Not going to happen in this century.

    • Danny

      Elop the trojan horse :v

    • Emi the Strange

      wow… all your comment its full of stupidity and ignorance.

      especially “who the hell is this natyla?”
      ehmm so you made your super score with someone you dont even know? lol… please dont be pathetic, research and try to learn a Little how not to be, stupid and ignorant.
      again, you dont even know Natyla, Im sure you dont even know what he was doing in Microsoft… so again, please just stop posting stupid comments and try to learn and research a little before talking.

  • Danny

    Anyone but elop and that ford guy

  • Beezer

    Gates is not coming back to work or develop anything at Microsoft, it just won’t happen. As for his chairman position, unless he has been unfit, or he himself wants to be removed it won’t happen. Doesn’t he own a control part of the board decisions?

  • first name

    His compatriots can’t even fix simple IT problems and this clown thinks he can run an international hardware/software company ?? Elop is still my choice for the position.

  • tomakali

    Send Elop to Yahoo
    and Marissa Mayer to Microsoft(needs a sexy CEO)
    Sinfosky/Belfiore to Nokia

    … Not gonna happen

  • gulfstores

    Microsoft dont be in hurry, take time, why not an American, where are they ?

    • Billy Henshaw

      Why does it matter if it’s American? It might even be bettrr if the CEO was foreign so Microsoft can focus internationally first, since America is a tough nut to crack in the mobile industry.