Report: Microsoft No Longer Charges Developers For Xbox 360 Game Patches

Xbox 360 gaming platform is completely different from the popular mobile platforms like Windows Phone or Apple App Store. Developers has to pay a hefty sum of $40,000 to Microsoft to submit a patch for their game.

According to a report from Eurogamer, Microsoft no longer charges developers for Xbox 360 title updates.

Microsoft has always charged a fee when developers first submit their games to Microsoft’s certification process so they can be approved for release, and the company normally grants developers one title update free of charge. This remains the case, but sources have told Eurogamer that subsequent re-certification as a result of a title update is now free. This applies to Xbox Live Arcade games and full retail games.

There are caveats, we understand. If a developer is deemed to be making an excessive number of re-submissions due to an update failing certification, for example, Microsoft reserves the right to issue a charge. But the changes should make critics of Microsoft’s closed platform happier – and align the Xbox ecosystem more closely with the likes of Steam.

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Source: Eurogamer

  • Azjerei

    Now all we need is allowance for anyone to submit indy games for Xbox One (hopefully baked into the $99 for WP development 😀

  • Kreft

    Wow I had no idea they had to pay for each title update. So minecraft Xbox edition paid a shitload?

    • Martin Spierings

      Not only per title update, but also for each update submission (which can then be turned down and needs to be resubmitted).
      If i’m reading this correctly, you still need to pay per update but only once for each update that gets accepted.