Report: Microsoft Office For iPad App Coming Soon

The Daily reported today that Microsoft is working on an Office app for Apple iPad. This should not surprise anyone but I highly doubt their timing of release. The Daily also added that the app will be released in coming weeks and the app suite will feature Microsoft Office apps like Word, Excel, PowerPoint with editing options as well. Windows On ARM devices will get released only in Q4 2012, Microsoft Office will be one of the key USP of those devices. So, I doubt Microsoft will release the same for rival platform before their own platform alternative is ready for public sale.

Anyway, let see how Microsoft plays this out.

Source: The Daily

  • the person

    If Microsoft releases this app before WOA they need to be sued by stockholders.

    • Anonymous

       The stock holders will enjoy the money made from the millions of copies sold.

      • the person

        they won’t enjoy the long term value of their stock as the WOA tablets languish in the market.

        If Microsoft does something stupid like this then they need to charge a pretty penny for it and offer it on WOA tablets for free.

    • Anonymous

      why? they are a software company and i think this is great. Even if ipads manage to get a chunk of office market they will not be viable in the enterprise. The money they will make from the ipad app would create a cash cow for that market which makes investors happy.  Their Windows version most likely would be a much better version than the ipad version. 

      • Jim Cherry

        what if ipad sales jump and the result of that jump is a premature death for woa
        of course thats a big what if but if that were the case
        alot of people will second guess the decision to release
        office for ipad 2qtrs ahead

  • Anonymous

    The real question is how much will it cost for the iPad? $49 seems to be reasonable, with a suitable counterpart on Windows 8 on ARM(WARM)/x86 as a starter edition. How will this affect other versions of Office? How will that affect sales of the Office Division and its year over year revenue will be an interesting story.

    • the person

      considering the drop from $100s they used to charge, they will never be able to make up for this in volume.

  • Anonymous

    Microsoft should make one for the iPhone, too. That will kill its WP7 for sure :(