Report: Microsoft Planning To Encrypt Its Internet Traffic Of Both Consumer And Enterprise Services

Microsoft NSA Encryption

There were reports in the past that National Security Agency(NSA) may have broken into its global communications links of leading Internet companies including Microsoft. According to the latest report from Washington Post, Microsoft is well aware of this issue and has planned for a high profile meeting within the company to discuss about their plans to prevent possible NSA snooping. Microsoft general counsel Brad Smith recently said that they are focused on engineering improvements that will further strengthen security, including strengthening security against snooping by governments.

Washington Post also reported that Microsoft is engaged in a series of high-level meetings to pursue encryption initiatives “across the full range of consumer and business services.” key decisions will be made at a meeting of top executives this week in Redmond.

NSA released the following statement in response to questions about Microsoft,

“NSA’s focus is on targeting the communications of valid foreign intelligence targets, not on collecting and exploiting a class of communications or services that would sweep up communications that are not of bona fide foreign intelligence interest to the U.S. government.”

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Source: Washington Post

  • mckayhb09

    It’s a start, but they’re going to have to be a lot more transparent to win back my trust. In the mean time I’m moving to truly encrypted services like Mega.

  • tomakali

    Google planned to steal private information via ads and lots of ways possible
    recently the “Google Fiber” project planned to steal private data who ever uses internet no matter whether they use google ads or products or whatever…

    now, this is how to protect the consumers data bits…
    if Google is proved to snoop on data traffic decrypting them… they will be scroogled for sure…

    • @freeman

      Wow, another uninformed fanboi, Maybe you can tell me how ads steal data. When you do that then maybe you can tell me what Google are doing differently with ads than Microsoft then tell me why your not calling that stealing.

      Clearly you do not understand how Google ads work. The fact that this site has Google Analytics’s and is loaded with Google ads giving not only Microsoft new all your private data but Google also. Its kinda ironic from a bunch of googlephobes.

      • tomakali

        i see that, Google doesnt steal your without my knowledge…
        google infects and zombifies the user and turns them into “Wow! Look at that, a new google ads… here… there… OMG its all over meeee….”
        how awesome is that??? its on my TV, Mobile, Email, Bank accounts, Car GPS, Street, Toilet, glasses heck everywhere…

  • reKitab

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  • freeman

    This is just tripe. Ultimately encryption isn’t the problem the courts and the NSA are forcing these companies to hand over the encryption keys.

    The Guardian reports that the NSA has pre encryption access to outlook anyway. Not only that but Microsoft worked with these agencies to provide access to SkyDrive, Skype and Outlook all without separate authorization.

    Pradeep clearly doesn’t understand what’s happened when he claims the NSA have broken into global communications. Microsoft, Google, Apple and all the others either voluntarily gave pre encryption access or where forced to do so by court order. To some how think Microsoft can change this by adding encryption after the NSA have access is laughable. This is just another poorly executed marketing campaign by Microsoft who have been worked for months with Prism to give access to Outlook, Skydrive and Skype.

    • Nham Thien Duong

      True, let’s not forget that Tor is also supported by the U.S. Government.

    • WinRT

      Companies cannot refuse to comply with court orders, but it is a separate problem. What Internet-wide encryption will prevent is unauthorized access by the intel agencies.