Report: Microsoft Planning To Release White Xbox One, Xbox One With 1TB Storage Later This Year

Microsoft Xbox One White
Its time for some Xbox information leak. A forum user over at NeoGAF is posting lots of Xbox One information that Microsoft is planning for later this year. He posted lots of information on Xbox One hardware, games, etc, and I’m focusing on Xbox One console hardware alone in this post.

  • Microsoft is planning to release Xbox One for $399 without an optical drive.
  • Microsoft is planning to release Xbox One white edition later this year.
  • Microsoft is planning to release Xbox One with 1TB harddrive later this year.
  • Microsoft is planning to release Xbox One Titanfall edition. He even posted an image of the same. Find it below.

Xbox One Titanfall edition

I find all the above four leaked information largely possible. What do you think?

Source: NeoGAF

  • yo

    Imagine if it was $399 for white edition, with 1TB storage, and no optical drive. I’d definetly get that.

  • NGM123

    White, wtf are they thinking, white = rrod

  • Duk3togo

    I claim the info is false. Why would they release one without a Kinect now after the initial launch. If they do that would stop developers from taking advantage of the Kinect due to not everyone having one. It just makes no sense to do that now. I would literally sit back and watch MS fail if they do that.

    • neva

      How said something about XBox One without Kinect? Optical drive is the Blu-Ray drive -.-‘

      • Duk3togo

        My bad i read it differently… Then hell yes!!

  • neva

    Honestly I’m looking forward to the “no optical drive” edition…
    Downloadable digital games are always cheaper anyways. At least in my country, where the One is yet to be released.