Report: Microsoft Planning To Release Windows 9 (‘Threshold’) In April 2015


We all know that Microsoft is planning for a major Windows update in 2015 codenamed ‘Threshold’. Before Windows Threshold update, Microsoft has planned a minor update for Windows 8.1 called Windows 8.1 update 1. Some screenshots of the build got leaked recently, you can take a loot at them here. Today, Winsupersite reported few more new information regarding Windows ‘Threshold’.

Read the summary below.

  • Windows ‘Threshold’ might be called Windows 9 when it gets released. Microsoft thinks moving away from Windows 8 brand might help them market it better.
  • Windows 9 will include some major fixes to the Metro design language.
  • Windows 9 is expected to release in April 2015.
  • Windows 9 will have three other milestone releases like beta, RC before hitting RTM.
  • Microsoft is planning to provide some sort of vision statement regarding the future of Windows and may provide a glimpse of Windows Threshold at BUILD conference in April
  •  Microsoft is not releasing any Windows 9 builds at BUILD conference in April.

I’m also eager to hear about how Microsoft is merging Windows Phone and Windows in Windows 9. Will it there be two different versions or a single Windows scaling across the screens?

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Source: Winsupersite

  • Orc

    isnt windows 9 planned to be released October 2015. Doesn’t seem likely that they rename a windows 8 update to Windows 9 a couple of months before that.

  • Captain Panaka

    Microsoft has been talking about platform unification and merging Windows OS and Windows Phone since 2009 (which sounds like an excellent, killer idea). They hinted it was coming in Windows Phone 7, then Windows Phone 8, and then they teased about it for Windows 8 OS and the RT/ARM release, and now there’s now rumblings yet again for Windows OS 9. If it doesn’t happen by then by Windows OS 9 in a big way, (and when I say big way I mean including things like joining RT phones/tablets to domains/DirectAccess support/RemoteFX etc.), I’m gonna be pretty ticked off at Microsoft. I have always believed in the ideas and solutions the company sets forth, yet they have time and time again failed to fully deliver on any of those promises. No piecemeal b.s. Perhaps best they shut up and release.

    • KCMatt

      I am completely with you. I have had Windows Phone and Windows Mobile going back my last 8 phones, been using Hotmail since 2001, and last Spring got a Surface Pro for me and RT for my wife. Microsoft has been extremely innovative in design, but my patience is really wearing thin waiting for them to close the gap on usability and features the customer wants and needs.
      Five months ago I started a new job and my work cell phone is an iPhone 5. I hated it at first, and still prefer the large screen of my WP, but some things it has are so simple I can’t believe they are not in WP after 3+ years of WP7/8. Surface is the same way. Awesome device, but still needs some loose ends tied together.

    • Saurabh Sharma

      You took words out of my mouth
      Even i bought win phone 7, then win phone 8 & windows 8 then updated to windows 8.1, then bought windows rt 8.1 ONLY to wait for Microsoft to release it’s 9th generation OS

  • reKitab

    Bring it on!!!

  • Guest

    Windows 8 is tanking harder than Microsoft is comfortable discussing in public, and the latest release, Windows 8.1, which is a substantial and free upgrade with major improvements over the original release, is in use on less than 25 million PCs at the moment. That’s a disaster, and Threshold needs to strike a better balance between meeting the needs of over a billion traditional PC users while enticing users to adopt this new Windows on new types of personal computing devices. In short, it needs to be everything that Windows 8 is not.

    • Rann Xeroxx

      Windows 8 is not “tanking”, in fact its adoption rate keeps going up, has passed Vista and now Macs and is way ahead of Linux workstation distros and ChromeOS.

      MS of course needs to get people off of XP and W8 just did not do it. Its a great OS on touch tablets but even laptops, its a bit of a pain. I post this link all over but its because its EXACTLY what MS needs to do to “fix” part of W8 in the short term…

      PC sales were in decline before W8 came out, that has more to do with disruptive technology like iPads than anything MS did or did not do. It also bemoans the fact that PCs have become so reliable that you hardly ever need to replace them.

  • Nham Thien Duong

    They promised that Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 would be the Unified systems, if they won’t unify these, I’ll stay on it, I won’t purchase a new P.C. for another operating system, this P.C. should’ve upgraded to the unified Windows Store and experience across devices, this is what Microsoft promised, if they’d sell it as an upgrade in the Windows Store, I’d buy it, but if I’ll have to purchase it as a C.D. or another psysical medium, then I’d stick with this O.S.

  • DeTrang

    I wish it would be called Windows 8.2, I love the vision of Windows 8

  • james braselton

    hi there one rummer on the internet saying there will be 3 versions of windows 9