Report: Microsoft Planning To Rename ‘Windows Azure’ To ‘Microsoft Azure’

windows azure
ZDNet today reported that Microsoft is planning to rebrand its “Windows Azure” services to “Microsoft Azure”. It was also reported that Microsoft will make this rebranding announcement this week, specifically tomorrow (March 25). The rebranding will go live on April 3, on the 2nd day of Microsoft’s BUILD developer conference in San Francisco. I guess this rebranding effort is to symbolize Azure as a cross-platform/heterogeneous cloud solution rather than just a Windows based Cloud service.

The rebranding makes sense, given Windows Azure isn’t all about Windows. Azure customers can run Linux in virtual machines on the operating system. Azure users also can run Oracle databases and middleware, and use non-Windows-specific development tools, including Java, Ruby, PHP and Python.

Are you happy with Microsoft Azure name?

Source: ZDNet

  • dolco

    I agree, make sense.

  • rjmlive

    I think the Windows brand may be minimized in general over the next few years. It makes sense to remove Windows from the Azure platform. It’s one thing among their current portfolio that is truly on a significant, relevant and successful warpath.

  • jonny_utah

    Should be OneZure

  • RoadOfMajor

    they are always renaming their stuff

  • SategB

    I just wish the never put the Windows moniker on the new phone OS, one factor, along with being half baked and late to market, for the lethargic sales.

    • LexicoRed

      Very good news! It is a direct rejection of Ballmer’s “Windows Everywhere” obsession/strategy.

      Nadella giving the big FU to Ballmer, his mis-management, and bad strategy. Next step is to spin off/sell Hardware and refocus on software and service.

  • Joe_HTH

    Good, because it makes no sense to put the Windows brand on everything.

  • Guest

    Azure is a great product and the future of Microsoft. Let’s hope this is the company looking towards the future with a renewed understand of its strengths as a Software and Services provider.