Report: Microsoft Planning To Sell Xbox One With Sky TV Subscriptions

Xbox One

Microsoft is already selling Xbox hardware console at discounted prices by bundling up with yearly Xbox LIVE gold subscriptions in US. According to the recent reports from MCV UK, Microsoft is planning to sell Xbox One at discounted prices by bundling them with Sky TV subscriptions in UK.

Sources familiar with the situation tell us that Microsoft is in talks with the broadcaster to sell Xbox One with Sky subscriptions. The device could work as a set-top-box or companion device – but most importantly the console could be sold at a hugely reduced cost.

The move may already have been signed off. We could even get official confirmation as soon as Monday night, when Xbox opens E3 with its yearly press conference.

Microsoft and Sky are a great partners in Xbox space as they have constantly delivered apps/services in the last few years. So, I would not be surprised by if the above report becomes true. Sky is the leading non-terrestrial UK TV broadcaster, reaching over 10m subscribers via satellite broadcast and this deal could give Xbox One a great boost in UK among consumers.

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Source: MCV

  • Oliver

    Constantly delivered apps and services? Then where’s Sky Go?!

    This is kinda good news but I would have to cancel my Sky subscription to get the deal, no? And would multiroom work as before? So many questions.

    • Bugbog

      As with a lot of other offers, it may only [initially] benefit those purchasing a new subscription!

  • Drewidian

    If MS has similar deals around the world, then they are going to win the next generation of consoles by default. Even if Sony got all ~200M gamers to buy the PS4, there is close to 1.5 Billion Cable/Satellite subscribers across the world, and it will be game over.

    • Bugbog

      You should state it more like it’s done in a game:

      “GAME.OVER!!!” 😀

  • alukard

    I use sky literally everyday on my Xbox 360, so this is a big deal for me. the problem is that the sky app on the current Xbox is 2 generations behind, it has never been updated for a few years and it doesn’t use any of the modern UI elements and controls (including Kinect). the content is there but the experience is CRAP.
    Now I do hope this deal will prompt sky to update the app to 2013 Xbox standards, but frankly sky are more interested in iOS than anyone else and that is a real shame.
    what I would like Xbox to do is to build in a Freeview tuner in the Xbox one, that will solve the local TV issue, the sky will be an extra for those that want satellite TV.

  • kruz

    I would be disappointed also if you are trying to use sky broadband to stream you may have difficulties (where I live anyway). Also if they are such a great partner where is the windows phone app? and why hasn’t the xbox app been updated?

  • Bas

    This looks very…very interesting. I already pay gold, and sky. IfI can get the XOne heavily discounted then I would jump at the opportunity!