Report: Microsoft Sold About A Million Surface RT Units And 400,000 Surface Pro Units

Microsoft started to sell their first Windows hardware Surface RT back in October last year. Initially the device was available only in Microsoft retail locations in US and then later expanded its availability to other retail stores and countries. Three months after that, Microsoft announced the availability of Surface Pro which is based on Intel Core i5 processor which is available in US alone for now.

Bloomberg today reported that Microsoft has sold about a little more than million Surface RT units and 400,000 Surface Pro units since launch. Will the broader availability and adoption of Windows 8 further drive Surface family of device sales? Only time will tell.

Source: Bloomberg

  • Mythos88

    That’s quite a lof Pro sales for the limited availability and how short a period they have been on sale. The Pro could be a huge seller for MS. I picked up a Surface Pro 128 a couple of weeks ago and I love it. There is no perfect tablet yet and neither is this but it is probably the least bad yet, and definitely the coolest.

    • newyorkcitymale

      Agree. Even the Surface RT numbers aren’t that bad when you consider that it was only available in a few countries (US, Canada & UK, I think), sells for a premium price, and is a new product.
      I do think Microsoft would be better served with changing the name of Windows RT to “Windows Mobile.” This would stress that this is the Windows OS that only works on mobile devices (and therefore doesn’t run legacy apps).

      • Robert Fletcher

        You can’t call it Windows Mobile because that would imply that WindowsRT and Windows Phone 8 are the same thing and they are not. The apps for WindowsRT and Windows Phone 8 are not the same. The modern (metro) apps on WindowsRT and Windows 8 Pro are the same. The main difference between RT and Pro is that RT can’t run all of the old Windows programs.

        I don’t know what they should call it. I think when they sold the RT devices they did a good job of explaining to consumers that the RT devices arent going to run Photoshop and programs like that.

        Mobile is definitely the wrong term because that implies smartphones.

        Microsoft took a different approach from how Apple and Google made there tablet OS. Apple made an OS optimized for smartphones first, then expanded to tablets. They have been able to extend that OS to the desktop yet and don’t have touchscreen on there laptops.

        Microsoft created a new operating system called Windows RT and was able to make this software run on the desktop and tablets. They were also able to make there desktop operating system run on a tablet. Microsoft now has laptops, tablets, and even big touch screen options. You can not get that anywhere else. They also created a phone operating system. And, the best part is that all of the operating systems share the same core. What this means is that hopefully soon (maybe with the next update) they will be able to merge all of these operating systems together so the apps on Windows Phone 8 can run on WindowsRT and on Windows Pro. This would mean developers could just write one app and then publish it to multiple screen sizes.

    • GG002

      Also, people talk about the Surface range as being failed if it doesn’t sell in double digit millions, but Microsoft explicitly made it clear that this was more kind of a reference design with ideas that they’d like their OEMs to get inspired by.. Microsoft CANNOT fail with the Surface RT and Pro, simply because they were always meant to be limited.

  • Bugbog

    I think this is great. First product release, limited availability, set price; not too bad.

    Once they improve their retail chain, and as the information percolates (i.e. the public get trained), then it’ll only improve.

  • jack frost

    That’s very good numbers, I had to drive 35 miles to buy mine, and that was at a pop-up store which is no longer there.

  • WebUser

    pro sales look great.

  • Alexander Nevrmind

    I stated the following on NEOWIN……Can someone please get me some figures. Units sold to this point is relative, especially when compared to Android…..

    Can anyone of the geniuses who said the Surface is doing badly, please reference the amount of Samsung Galaxy Tabs or Motorola Tablets that were sold in their first initial quarter? Was it over 2 million units each? Also, when you extract the Amazon Kindle from the total Android units sold, how many Android tablets got sold? Do not get me wrong MS; mainly Ballmer screwed the Surface RT with the pricing. I just hate the fact that most of the people who speak such doom and gloom never make true comparisons.

  • kalval

    That’s pretty good for the pro. RT numbers are a little disappointing given it is now one of the most flexible and polished tablets out there. But Microsoft didn’t do it any favours by launching it quite unpolished (no one reviews a product AFTER 3 months of software updates) and pricing it out of the market.

    What they need to do from here is to incrementally drop the price aiming to hit $300 in Aug-Sept, at which point they should introduce surface rt2 with high dpi screen and faster ARM chip at $450 and keep version 1 as the budget model (like iPad 2).

  • NGM123

    They need $300 W8 tablets and they need them yesterday. Android is eating up the hearts and minds of the younger generation with the google subsidised tablets, if MS don’t fight fire with fire they are going to be yesterdays heroes, look at the comments of the samsung CEO, they might currently control the corporate world but if MS don’t get cheap tablets to the market yesterday they are history in the minds and hearts of the buying public.

  • Ocelotty1

    400,001 – just got my Pro in Hong Kong last night :)

  • TWPandora

    I don’t think it is fair to compare MS RT + Pro sales to Android tablet sales. There are $80 piece of crap Android tablets on the market that can barely open up an app and there are decent tablets such as the Nexus 7″ or Galaxy 7″, but again, not a fair comparison. Those are 7″ consumption tablets. In order to be fair you would need to compare any android tablets over 10″ sold during the same period with the same specs at the same price point. That would be an even comparison. Also, those 1.5 million devices sold by MS is probably close or over $1 billion in sales. How many android devices must be sold to generate the same amount of sales? A lot more than 1.5 million devices sold.

    It will take at least a year for the market to fully understand the OS and the potential of Windows 8. It took me a month just to figure out how search charm truly functioned. There is a lot to take in and these things take time to seep into the market’s consciousness. As more and more people start to use it and like it, MS will begin to take market share.

    When MS first launched Win Phone 7, the critics complained about no cut and paste, no multi-task, no apps blah, blah, blah. There was always something. Today, the only thing they can criticize is there is no centralized notification center and no Instagram. As more low cost devices hit the market this year WP market share will start to increase at a faster rate than it has in the last two quarters.

    I believe MS is taking a similar approach to tablets. Start with a high-end flagship device to woo the crowds and then introduce lower end, lower price points to increase market share. Like MS did with Xbox, they slowly but methodically took ground in a highly competitive space, year after year after year until they became successful.