Report: Microsoft Testing Outlook App For Windows RT

When Microsoft introduced Windows RT, they announced that Windows RT devices will come Office Home & Student 2013 RT. This version of Office included Word 2013 RT, Excel 2013 RT, PowerPoint 2013 RT and OneNote 2013 RT. One important member of Office family that was missing was Outlook. According to a report from ZDNet, Microsoft is now testing a Windows RT version of Outlook that may or may not get released to public soon.

Windows RT comes pre-installed with a mail client, but it is not even comparable to desktop version of Outlook. Should Microsoft release an Outlook version for Windows RT devices? Do you miss Outlook on your Surface?

 Source: ZDNET

  • Chung-Ping Hung

    I prefer improving Mail/People/Calendar apps on Windows RT to fully replace Outlook in terms of functionality. Of course making a desktop version of Outlook is good (keeping the same UX as Office 2013 on conventional PC), I don’t think we need a Metro version of Outlook competing with existed Mail/People/Calendar apps.

  • oldjovian

    Yes. Give me Outlook on the RT . . .

  • Jens

    Without Outlook surface RT is a toy which is Little better than ipda ad co.
    For real Business Outlook is a must. Make it like Outlook 2013 please. No Metro.

  • Felix il Gattaccio

    I want Outlook.on RT!!

  • WillemEvenhuis

    I use outlook dailt on my Windows 7 desktop. For me the power of this program is the fact that mail, calendar and contacts is integrated. I can find people and mail back to them in the dame space. I can add email content, even in ful html to the calendar as a reminder appointment, and preview attachted documents within the email through an addon such as foxit preview reader. These are powerful features. I currently have seen these in demo’s on the video’s of the surface RT. If such integrated experience is offered with the current email, people and calendar app thats fine for me. Otherwise Outlook for Windows 8, also as an app, would be very welcome and, for me, increase windows 8 productivity value for both RT and Pro.

  • kalval

    I would love to see outlook on RT. But I want it to come as part of the touch interface, not the desktop, whilst maintaining all the functionality of the desktop version. I don’t care if it doesn’t meet the metro design language, I just want them to put all the functionality in there. I also want to see the rest of the office suite converted for touch.

  • Ian Too

    One thing that frustrates me about the mail app in WinRT is that it doesn’t support POP3, so Outlook would be useful if it supports this. Otherwise, I’m adapting to the standard cloud functions.

  • Henrik Laursen

    Please come with OulookRT.. – It would do a SurfaceRT even more fantastic.

  • Meekermoloko

    I actually prefer using Windows Live Mail, but still need Outlook for more professional uses like mail merge.

    Since you can’t install Windows Live Mail on Windows RT… then yeah, there really needs to
    be an Outlook app for it. The current Mail app is very limited. It’s good for quick reads and quick replies, but I would rather use than the way Mail is right now.

  • Arag0n

    I would like OutlookRT to be an RT app avalible for free in the ARM market…. I don’t want a desktop outlook… it’s quite pointless. No notifications, no live title, no nothing. Even if full feature, the UX would be sub-par.

  • Gerald Dichiara Jr

    Microsoft MUST Add Support for POP3 to Windows Surface RT and Windows Surface Pro.

    When Microsoft Adds Support for POP3, then We can use our E-Mail with both Outlook and Live Mail that We have Been using for the longest time. Microsoft says that We O Contact our E-Mail Provider and get the IMAP Information instead of the POP3 Information Just so We can use our E-Mail.

    I have Optimum Online. Optimum ONLY uses POP3. They do NOT have IMAP. There are a LOT of other E-Mail Providers that Only use POP3 instead of IMAP. That Stops us from Accessing using our E-Mail.
    For Us that are Tech Savvy, We can Cope with the change. Kicking, Screaming, Cursing, and Clawing at the Change though. As for the Non-Tech Savy People, like My Parents, they Will DEMAND to Downgrade for at least 1 Small and Simple Reason. They can NOT ACCESS THEIR E-MAIL!
    Microsoft Must Wake Up with this Oversight and ADD POP3 Support to ALL Versions of Windows.
    Microsoft Don’t Want to Loose Any Sales of Windows because of this reason. There are a LOT of People that are putting off Upgrading to Windows 8 because it’s a Lot Different from All Previous Versions with the Live Tiles. If you Tell them that Microsoft does NOT Support POP3 before they Upgrade, they might Not worry about that. But, If you Tell them that Windows 8 does NOT Support POP3 and that means that they might NOT be able to Access their E-Mail, then they Will NOT Upgrade at all.
    People Using a Computer or Tablet or Cellphone Use 2 things the Most. 1. The Internet. 2. E-Mail.
    Go Ask Anyone if they would Use a Brand New Computer if they could NOT Access their E-Mail at All and see what they say to you. You Might have to have a Thick Skin with Having to Listen to Some of the Answers you Might get.

  • Peter Schott

    Would love to see Outlook for Win8 RT. I’d also love to see the built-in Mail/People/Calendar enhanced to be at least on-par with the WP7/8 version. Right now, it lags behind. I can see a place for both. I’d likely use the features in Outlook RT a bit more than those in the current apps just because they’d be a bit more in line with what I usually do.

  • José Villaró

    Yes please, this is needed badly! Mail app sucks balls!!! I drives me freaking angry everytime I use it, opted to pin instead.

  • Jamila Ebrahim

    Why not use Skycap Mail? It does both POP3 and IMAP for an unlimited number of accounts.