Report: Microsoft To Expand Xbox One Tp 13 More Countries In March And 15 More In October

Microsoft launched its next generation Xbox One console in November last year in 13 countries. Microsoft then announced that it will be expanding to additional countries in 2014. Today, Neogaf forum user posted Microsoft’s plans for Xbox One that includes new Xbox One SKUs, game launch timelines, and Xbox One launch in additional new countries. Microsoft is planning to bring Xbox One to 13 new countries in April followed by 15 more in October. Find the full list below.



S. Korea



Hong Kong













Czech Republic






Saudi Arabia

South Africa






Source: NeoGAF

  • Robson

    That list is completely false, and don’t believe it. Belgium and the Netherlands would normally be in the first wave, and now they aren’t even in the 3th? => List is false.

    • neva

      Just like Poland, Portugal, Greece and Czech Republic in October, after Singapore, Columbia and Chile! WTF? That makes no sense to me. How are those 4 European countries (first and second world countries) at the same level as Turkey, South Africa, Israel, India (many people but most are poor), Indonesia (jungle), Egypt (civil war)?

  • Asgard

    October is the next month after March? WTF?? MS should already start realizing that world is GLOBAL these days. You dont launch stuff like this in year 2010+.
    The same goes with Bing and alot of their other stuff. Bing US is great but in most countries its crap. Why Bing US is not used everywhere? If it cannot provide local information somewhere else, fine, but its still better than nothing! GOT IT MS?

    • Johan Spånberg

      They are having trouble providing Xbox’es for the few countries it’s launched in so far… They can’t make them out of air you know.

  • Lucas

    Woohooo Argentina! This must be fake as it’s nearly impossible for us to be a 2nd wave country. We got the 360 two years ago. Even then, I’m already enjoyng my One with a USA account. And surely OneGuide won’t be available during launch.

  • Sam

    And where is Switzerland?

  • NegLewis

    Hardware is obsolete.
    MS can’t survive building things.
    IF you can’t do your stuff for 6 billion at once… you are obsolete.

    MS should produce High End Devices (WP, Tablets, Consoles…) but the software should be able to run on ANY windows machine.

    On my old PC… on any Windows tablet.
    SO.. people will be able to run 90% of the games and services.. and those 10% with money will buy the slick hardware too.

    Look at BB – they thought that THEIR Messaging solution it’s the best – it was – and by allowing other – non BB – to use their services they will win … or keep their business.

    They are dead now.
    MS… wake up…

    • NGM123

      WTF ???

  • Guest

    This needed to happen 2 months ago, if not sooner! I understand sales have been stellar given the limited markets they’ve put themselves into but to hamstring a console for this long is ridiculous. Hopefully they haven’t already lost the PR war so terribly that they can sell some consoles in these new markets.

  • 裴劲

    十月份 中国大陆销售XBOX ONE 很期待啊。。

    • Stanley SKP

      Why you type Chinese here then? Show some respect please.

      This is why people all over the world hate Chinese.

      • Nham Thien Duong

        Stop that, people can speak their own languages if they please, I’ve seen it plenty of times on Windows Mobile PowerUser that one user types in Italiano, and then others will reply in Italiano, the same happened in Russian. (–_–)