Report: Microsoft To Increase Retail Availability Of Surface Within Days

Few days back we reported about the poor Microsoft Surface sales due to lack of distribution. It seems Microsoft is aware of the issue and looking to solve this problem by increasing the retail availability. ZDNet reports that Microsoft is planning a two phase roll out to increase the distribution of Surface. Microsoft plans to allow retail chains to sell the Surface RT devices in many countries other than US, Canada and Puerto Rico.

In the 2nd phase roll out slated for January 2013, Microsoft is planning to sell Surface RT and Surface Pro through major retailers such as BestBuy, Staples, etc,. Read more about it in the source link below.

Source: ZDNet


  • SategB

    I think that while this is a good idea, it is so typical of MS and the Ballmar regime; the company is purely reactionary, rather then planing well and being innovative, it always behind the market rather then leading it.

    • krayziehustler

      What do you call Windows 8 then? How is that reactionary? All in one OS is the way of the future and MS is ahead of everyone.

      • Tips_y

        Absolutely correct!

  • sonus

    Sigh, it would take MS’s stupid marketing department to only now realize that they need retail presence. I live in NYC, and the Surface RT flies off the shelves in the Microsoft Times Square store. However, if you live outside of a big city, chances are the Surface is impossible to demo first hand.

    • liberalrepublic

      they should fire the idiot responsible for limiting it to MS owned stores.

  • Manu

    They should include a $50 price drop (and refund for early adopters) with this expanded retail presence. They should launch more commercials showing the differentiators of Surface compared to ‘other leading tablets.’

    • Schooner1984

      I saw a different commercial than the Krumping girls – and it has what I have been harping about – it shows a few quick W8 shots, and ends with the screen showing Word, Excel and I think Mail – programs people attribute to Windows and productivity. Finally – show people that it is a consumer + device – not just for consumption. hmm-thinking I might want to TM “consumer +”

  • surilamin

    I think Microsoft is seeing what we are all seeing, the OEMs fucking up beyond belief. Can you believe Lenovo, mind you w/ a straight face, said they didn’t expect that consumers would want ‘touch.’ Unfucking believable.

    Microsoft is now forced to step up and I think we’ll see even more hardware from Microsoft now.

  • Lewis McCrary

    Wouldn’t mind a slight drop in price either. Won’t happen but one can dream. :)

  • iamtiger

    I think they’re doing this now because they expect the shortage of parts such as touchscreens to be solved by then…

  • mrdeezus

    Stop blaming MS, what were they to do? Totally isolate the OEMs that have made them billions of dollars over the years? MS purposely held back because they knew the OEMs weren’t ready, this has been the plan from day one but they wont admit it. Like this:
    1-release own product in limited quanities online only
    2-let reports show small amount of sales
    3-OEMs shoot themselves in the foot with lack of touchscreen devices in store
    4-Move in for the kill shot with MS branded products, and I bet we see others before xmas.
    I just hope they have accessories I want a cyan touch cover.

  • Gavin Tom

    yup screw the OEMs. If they can’t catch up, love to see them try and convince users to switch to Linux….hahah lol.

  • redtidal

    Looking forward to a discounted Surface @ local Fry’s

    MS has teamed up with Suning in China to sell Surface, It was very surprised to see MS was not doing the same elsewhere.

  • Truthhz

    Local Best Buys have only *one* Windows 8 tablet for sale. OEMs screwed up Win 8 launch big time. MS has to do it all themselves now.