Report: Microsoft To Introduce Co-owners Feature For Folders In SkyDrive

SkyDrive Co-owners support

Last week, Microsoft announced no.of new features and improvements in SkyDrive web experience and it seems that they have lots more in the pipeline. Liveside today reported that Microsoft is planning to introduce a new feature called “Co-owners” which will become a new sharing mode for files. “Co-owners” can be selected when you share a folder and create a new one, and the recipient will be able to view, add, edit, and delete files, as well as invite others to access the folder.

The “co-owners” permission also appears works a little differently from the existing permissions. Whilst “view only” and “view and edit” access is applicable to both files and folders, it appears that “co-owners” is applicable to folders only. In addition, “co-owners” cannot be granted to a folder if that folder is located inside a shared folder.

This new “co-owner” permission level, when combined with the folder mounting feature we reported earlier, means that a folder will soon be able to be owned, managed, and synced by more than one person.

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Source: Liveside

  • grs_dev

    Umm. I don’t get why this feature is needed, but whatever. I will wait until there is more clarity around what problems it actually does solve…

    • jasho

      For example, I’ve wanted a service to easily share photos that I take with my former classmates and to allow them to share their photos with me as well. This way if all of us are co-owners of a folder we can just copy them our photos to this folder and everybody else who is a co-owner can view them and edit as well. This actually comes very handy to me.

    • Emily the Strange

      most people wont use it. but there are alot of people who use dropbox that want this functionality, so its better if Skydrive has it as well 😛

    • grs_dev

      How is that different from me owning a folder and giving the same set of people “read, write” access?

  • tomakali

    i wish skydrive can manage local filesystem in PC,Phone[a modern file explorer]

  • Yuan Taizong

    This is a handy feature for enterprizes, 2 people can now edit the same Microsoft Office (365/Mobile/Live) file.