Report: Microsoft To Rebrand Office Web Apps As Office Online

Word Online

Hot on the heels of rebranding SkyDrive to OneDrive, Microsoft is also planning to re-brand its online productivity suite Office Web Apps as Office Online. Individual apps in the suite would be rebranded as Word Online, Excel Online, PowerPoint Online and OneNote Online. ZDNET also reported that Microsoft is planning to Office Online templates to users.

There is no information on when Microsoft will make these changes public, but expect it to happen soon.

Office Web Apps are touch-friendly web applications that let you create, edit and share your Excel, Word, PowerPoint and OneNote files from any browser.

You can share and simultaneously work on your documents with classmates, friends and co-workers. No need to merge different versions later.
Microsoft office online

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Source: ZDNET

  • ZloiYuri

    BTW… Why XboxOne, OneNote, OneDrive but not others – One too? OneWord, OneExel etc. And then unity os not Windows 9 – but Windows One

    • Jeff Bramwell

      Although Visual Studio has no direct relationship with Office, Microsoft did re-brand “Team Foundation Service” as Visual Studio Online. So they now have at least two “Online” products :-)

  • CX1

    Seems less confusing for average consumer.

  • Victor Who

    This is good, because it’s simple. However, calling it for what it is gives users more reasons to buy Chromebooks being that Office is available to them….and in standard format.

  • NegLewis

    THERE^… there are 4 tiles that laterally changed my online life.
    Calendar, Mail, People, Skydrive.
    Office Apps ARE NOT THERE as tiles, neither Skype… Azure – second screen as a VM and other apps pinned there from the Azure second screen VM…
    I’m holding my breath….waiting for MS to wake up and use their assets…

  • william43

    I see I’m the only one that when I heard Office Online I thought of 1990. Office Web apps was such a good name (fast, fluid, mobile, touch).