Report: Microsoft To Update All Its Windows 8 Core Apps Soon

windows 8 storeIt seems Microsoft is preparing its update servers to release updates for all of the core Windows 8 apps. These apps include Mail, Messaging, Calendar, People, Music, Photos, Videos, Games and a bunch of Bing Apps.

Here is the complete list spotted on System log in Event Viewer.

• Microsoft.BingTravel
• Microsoft.Camera
• Microsoft.Bing
• Microsoft.Reader
• Microsoft.BingNews
• microsoft.windowsphotos (Photos)
• Microsoft.BingFinance
• microsoft.microsoftskydrive
• Microsoft.XboxLIVEGames
• Microsoft.ZuneVideo
• Microsoft.BingWeather
• Microsoft.ZuneMusic (Xbox Music)
• microsoft.windowscommunicationsapps (Mail, Calendar, People, Messaging)
• Microsoft.BingMaps
• Microsoft.BingSports

Get ready for the improved experience in Windows 8!

Source: Winsupersite

  • Christoffer DrPepper Lundberg

    Not that I should probably have high hopes, but I do! The Core Apps are really lacking in many features. The Core Apps on WP8 are 100 times better in many aspects, and there is much to learn from there.

  • chasesunny

    Cant wait, too excited…….Today is not fast enough….

  • Qtek8020User

    POP3 support please.

  • frankwick

    Bring it!

  • Ruufus

    Now, please….

  • koenshaku

    I guess it will be turning messaging to Skype. I don’t think that is a bad thing on windows 8 since messaging was garbage in contrast to the windows live messenger anyway feature wise.

  • infonidim

    This is long overdue. We really need the Mail app updated with some good features like the ability to add email addresses the contacted and the ability to change default fonts and their sizes.

  • Al

    Improved experience 😀 Win 8 apps are a bunch of stupid and useless telephone programs. Any free normal program 100 times better than those junks.

  • Hristo

    Reader is particularly terrible for annotating PDFs

    Maps? It does not even have transit directions, despite the fact both Bing Maps and Nokia Here websites have such capability