Report: Microsoft Top Executives Tony Bates And Tami Reller Leaving The Company

Tony Bates Microsoft
Recode today reported that two of the Microsoft’s EVPs are leaving the company. The two people leaving are Tony Bates and Tami Reller. Tony Bates is currently the executive vice president of Microsoft’s Business Development and Evangelism group, responsible for the company’s relationships with key OEMs, strategic innovation partners, independent software vendors and developers. Before joining Microsoft through Skype acquisition, he held various positions including one at Cisco.  Tami Reller is currently executive vice president of Microsoft’s Marketing group, responsible for marketing to consumers and businesses globally.

Eric Rudder, who is the EVP of advanced strategy at Microsoft will temporarily take up Tony’s duties as he will be leaving the company immediately. While Tami Reller’s job will be taken over by Microsoft marketing executive Chris Capossela. There is also an interesting change in marketing division. Chris Capossela will be now responsible for all of Microsoft’s marketing and advertising leaving Mark Penn to just be EVP of strategy at Microsoft.

Tami Reller Microsoft

Source: Recode

  • Davey

    Good!!! The more fresh faces in the MS marketing dept the better!

    • Luke

      I really want Nokia’s marketing team to take over at Microsoft, if they are included in the sale, because I think they are amazing and fresh and with Microsoft’s cash behind them they could work wonders for the company because lets face it Microsoft’s current marketing isn’t cool enough or good enough.

  • ZloiYuri

    Two useless employees kicked off. Good. Still too much the same people who cannot do work right. When Larson-Green and Belfiore will fire – I will believe in MS.

    • Fritzly

      Have you submitted your resume?……

    • robertwade

      And you base your accusation on what, exactly?

      • ZloiYuri

        Development. Exactly – lack of. Many people calls Julie a, sorry, dicksucker – because there is no more reason to hold her on that high positions. What about mr.”Ok, folks” – personally he is one of those who did nothing to improve WP development. Untalanted bitch who cannot rule people. How many developers they have lost last year just because he mashed teams time to time – “code for 8.1! No, now code for Xbox! No, now code for something else, WP is unnecessary now” Also needed to change Bing chiefs for poor internationalization. And, of course, designers of 8. No perfection in look and usability. Bad work.

        • hammy

          wp has failed thats why nokia are now making android. gtfo you stinking dick breath troll.

          • ZloiYuri

            You bitch. Did I told about shitdroid by nokla? You troll youself. And mssheep. Or – what’s the worst – WP developer.

          • robertwade

            WP hasn’t failed–that’s your fantasy. And in a matter of days the Nokia devices division will be Microsoft’s devices division.

          • Guest

            Nokia was about to go bankrupt with a WP strategy while in 2 years MSFT has sold fewer WP the Android sold last quarter alone. That is a failure that even a most strivent fan of MSFT like me has to admit.

            Stop posting stupid things, it makes us all look ignorant.

        • robertwade

          Thank you for being proof why cousins should never marry.

    • Emi the Strange

      and without Bing or google, can you tell us what is Julie and Joe position at Microsoft?… and what do they do exactly at Microsoft?
      oh wait, I bet you cant and you are just talking crap…. thats how ignorant people like you are, you dont even know them but still mention their names.

      • ZloiYuri

        Emi, shut up, you well-known troll and gay.

  • MS developer

    Well, Microsoft marketing is still horrible and in my opinion directly responsible for the bad performance of Win8. They’ve completly failed to target the hybrid kind of Win8, to use one Windows different by context. Instead, stupid girls and people are jumping crazy around in tv commercials.

    • Bugbog

      I disagree that Microsoft’s marketing of Windows 8 was that bad, especially in the first year. In my opinion the campaign of negativity, and it was undeniably a campaign, was just too overwhelming despite Microsoft’s intensive marketing efforts.

  • S_A_R_K_I_S

    Out with the OLD and in with the NEW. Change is good for Microsoft. I wish them both the best of luck in their next adventures where ever they go. Lets hope that who ever is behind getting the right people in does Microsoft proud, and yes, we need Nokia’s Marketing Strategy 😀