Report: Microsoft Will Announce A Surface With Power-Optimized Haswell Variant Chip Instead Of Intel Atom

Microsoft has invited the press for a Surface related event on May 20th. Microsoft is expected to reveal Surface Mini which will be based on a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor and will have a full stylus support as well. Bloomberg later reported that Microsoft will also reveal a Intel based Surface at the same event in addition to the rumored Surface Mini. Today, CNET reported that the Intel based Surface will based on a new power-optimized Haswell variant as opposed to the widely believed Intel Atom processor.

“There’s definitely a new Intel-based Surface,” a chip industry source told CNET, who added that the media attending the event may “go back” with the Intel-based product.

“From what I can assess so far I think it’s going to [have] a new power-optimized Haswell variant,” the source said, not an Atom processor like Intel’s Bay Trail.

Microsoft already has a Intel Haswell based product called Surface Pro 2 which starts at $899 price point. The ARM based Surface 2 now starts at $459. The rumored Surface Mini will also be ARM based and will start at even lower price point. Now, this reported Surface based on new power-optimized Haswell variant should fall between Surface Pro 2 and Surface 2. And its price range should be between $499 – $699. What do you think?

Source: CNET

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  • cybersaurusrex

    So is it becoming that 8″ and below (including phones) will run an ARM version of Windows… and 9″ and above will run Intel?

    • Cruncher

      1) Phones do not run Windows, they run Windows Phone, which is different to Windows. I do not see them run Windows anytime soon.
      2) There is nothing indicating that Surface 3 will not be 10”

      • megadith

        Its the same core. Soon it will all be Windows

        • Simon Paul

          Agreed. Within a couple years, the difference will be very subtle. It will mostly be UI tweaks but the core OS will be the same.

      • cybersaurusrex

        Supposedly, by Windows 9 (next year), Windows Phone & Windows tablets will be running the same ARM OS. They will look slightly different, but basically be the same.

  • JackVt

    If i had to guess I would say this intel based device is a replacement for the original Pro model with sub par battery life which they recently removed from the MS store. It’s still popular especially now that it’s $600. Replacing the Ivy i5 with the latest 11W Haswell i3-4030Y makes sense. The original pro would no longer be the ugly stepchild when it comes to battery life. They could also release a 64mb version like the pro 2 to get into the $550 zone. I see the new lineup as…

    $300-$350 <<< mini w/ pen (they could hit <$300 if they release a 16mb version)
    $300 Surface
    $450 Surface 2
    $600 <<< New Pro
    $900 Surface Pro 2

    • Zicoz

      Hope you mean GB Na not MB. 😉

    • blackhawk556

      Do you have any idea how many GB would be available if they released one with only 16GB? Windows still eats up a good chunk after updates. Not as much as before but still heavier than iOS and Android.

      • Avatar Roku

        Windows 8.1 Update 1 made it so that manufacture installs of Windows use up much less space. They put this feature in so that tablet manufacturers could have 16GB Windows tablets in the Fall. Makes sense that new Microsoft tablets would make use of an updated feature they created for new tablets.

    • Avatar Roku

      I agree, Y-variant Haswell:
      $300 – Surface (32GB)
      $350 – Surface Mini (16GB?)
      $400 – Surface 2 (32GB)
      $600 – Surface Pro Y-series (64GB?)
      $900 – Surface Pro 2 U-series (128GB?)

  • Zicoz

    It’s a step forward if this is true, Intel did release a lower power version of the ivy bridge, but Microsoft didn’t use it or release a 2nd version of the first Surface using it. With the S2P we’ve already seen them swap out the CPU once, and now they’re doing it again.

  • Rico Alexander

    This would be quite yawn worthy if they don’t modify the chassis by making it thinner and hopefully larger screen.

    • blackhawk556

      Yup! Going on two years and still the same thickness.

      • cybersaurusrex

        If they release a Haswell Surface in the body of the Surface RT… that would be sweet. If they thrown in LTE too, even better!

  • Vincent Haakmat

    All I want is a lighter thinner and faster version of the Surface Pro with increased battery life. You may call it Surface light, I don’t care, but I am tired of this heavy version of the original Pro

    • Avatar Roku

      What if it was lighter and thinner, same battery life, but not faster? Haswell Y-series processor isn’t as fast as U-series, but it means no fans and a thinner tablet.

  • patstar5

    Well I already bought a dell venue 11 pro core i3 with 128gb storage for $500 refurbished on ebay…. Battery life is about 5 hours. Will be getting keyboard with built in battery so it should be 10 hours with keyboard. My surface rt is on ebay, so will not buy another ARM windows device again. If microsoft prices this at $500 I think it would be a good sell over ipad.

  • Stuart

    I’d prefer it to be a larger 12-13″ hybrid laptop (North Cape) rather than another one of the same form factor

  • John

    So a thin, longer battery, surface pro 2, that is slightly slower.

  • redtidal

    Will it be smaller (less than 10″, bigger than 8″), thinner, and lighter, longer battery light, but with 4:3 QHD screen?

    Basically, asking for a iPad killer.