Report: Microsoft Won’t Be Announcing Surface Mini Today, Only Bigger Surface Pro


Surface Ultrabook 6

There is a new report from Computerworld claiming that Microsoft won’t be unveiling the much anticipated Surface Mini device at the press event scheduled later today in the US. Since last month, we have seen various reports from Bloomberg to Neowin claiming that Microsoft will reveal a ARM based Surface Mini device that will include Stylus support. Microsoft is also expected to reveal a bigger Surface Pro device that will start with Intel Core i3 CPU/64GB for $799 to Intel Core i7/512GB for $1899.

Today, Computerworld reports that Microsoft won’t be revealing a Surface Mini device. Instead, Microsoft will reveal a Surface Pro device with large screen targeting the enterprise and pro customers.

The anticipated Surface, which many had assumed would be a device with a 7- or 8-in. screen — dubbed by wags as the “Surface Mini” — will, in fact, not be unveiled Tuesday at Microsoft’s New York event.

Instead, Microsoft will, the sources agreed, increase the size of the Surface Pro’s screen, not dive into the smaller form factor market. If accurate, the more recent rumor that a revamp of the Surface Pro will include a 12-in. display is the more accurate of the two themes pundits have put forward.

Microsoft pitches the Surface Pro as a 2-in-1, a device that can serve as either a tablet or an ultra-light notebook, depending on the task at hand.

Source: Computeworld

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  • Luatua

    Disappointing if true.

    • Guest

      I guess they decided Microsoft can make more $ selling Software to iPad owners then trying to sell hardware.

    • reKitab

      Ti’s true!

  • blackjesus

    I think this might be a more profitable device than a surface mini. When it really comes down to it if they really are selling the idea that the surface is about getting work done this will fit into the overall idea better than a Mini. Still would like to see a mini too though.

    • Wieland

      The Pro series is far away from a profitable device, its a premium niche product for professionals, not a mainstream consuming device. ‘Nobody’ pays ~1k for a tablet, when there is no dedicated purpose for it.

  • Frank Reißmann

    Hopefully only part of PR strategy.

  • Wieland

    According to an article from the last days, Microsoft intentionally spread false rumors about upcoming devices to work against leaks. Thereby, this could be sadly true, in case Surface Mini was handled as an internal fake.

    • Stuart

      I’d suggest (hope) that the rumour that there wouldn’t be a mini is the one that is fake to detect who is leaking information.

      • Wieland

        Or the Pro 3 is the fake device. ^^ But this sounds a bit goofy…

  • Johan Spånberg

    So… The tagline for the announcement “Joins us for a small gathering” means they are making things bigger? Yeah, that sounds about right…

  • hysonmb

    At this point, it’s just hours from the actual announcement, why not just wait and see. All of the rumors and speculation are about to be proven or disproven by fact.

    • purrpullberra

      You don’t like to speculate?

      • hysonmb

        Not really, especially not so close to the actual announcement, I’d rather just hear it directly from the source. Some will get spun up about what is or is not going to be said only to find out shortly thereafter. I’ll save my disappointment or surprise for the real event.

  • purrpullberra

    I had been thinking it was possible that the ‘small’ part could be referring to thickness, maybe the new Pro will be as thin as an original iPad, or something like that.

  • reKitab

    If rumour is true, it’d be like throwing eggs at Paul Thurrott’s face, imho:)

    • reKitab

      My bad, Paul!:)

  • Stacey White

    Any body please confirm this news, some say postpone and some say not. A strict confirmation is required from official sources. Help?

    • Guest

      Here is an idea, wait a few hours and you will have your confirmation.

      • Stacey White

        hahaha that’s well said

  • Wieland

    Looks like there really is no Surface Mini