Report: Microsoft Working On Low Cost ‘Xbox TV’ Device Due In 2013

We already know that Microsoft is planning to license its Xbox platform to other OEMs as revealed in leaked roadmap documents. Now, The Verge reported today that Microsoft is planning a low cost “Xbox TV” device that will be released in 2013. The device will act as a set-top box and allows only casual gaming as opposed to regular Xbox console. This device is expected to be released before holiday shopping season in 2013.


Are you waiting for a device like Xbox TV?

Source: TheVerge

  • booubo

    I should be able to have that service on my xbox. It’s only right

    • Cave Johnson

      You will.

    • Cave Johnson

      Or, at least, you’ll have some updates. I thought you meant on the full 720.

  • Cave Johnson

    We know. It will also feature streaming of games, similar to the OnLive service. It was all detailed in that leaked document a while back.

    Looking forward to the Fortaleza glasses.

  • hysonmb

    Casual only games I would imagine would be on the level of the games available for WinRT. I wouldn’t make a TV buying decision based on that. It’s a “nice to have” but not going to make me upgrade or sway me from more important TV specs if in the market for one. If they’re going to license it out to OEMs though, hopefully they make one of them Vizio and their existing app running TVs. If not, oh well, I have enough Win8 PCs and a 360 to game on.

    • kemite2

      98% of kinect games are casual games

    • Bugbog

      I suppose that the OEM license part will cover everything in the set-top and downloadable apps part of the xbox without the shooter/controller part of the box.

      In short, a licensed box to match Apple/Google TV without the power cpu or other ‘game’ parts.

  • Dime09

    Why dosen’t Microsoft build an actual television set called XBOX TV instead of a set-top-box?

    • Bugbog

      Why bother, if they can just make a cheaper, smaller, plug-gable set top box?

  • et3rnal

    GREAT, i was waiting for this news since xbox smart glass

  • Văn Minh Nguyễn

    I’d rather see Xbox TV as a service than an actual device.