Report: Microsoft Xbox One To Allow Indie Self-Publishing Of Games

Xbox One Setup

This is not anything new, because we have already seen couple of reports about Microsoft allowing independent developers to publish their games by themselves in Xbox Store. Today Gameinformer reported that according to their sources, Microsoft will enable independent studios to access digital distribution without a publishing partner. Also Microsoft is drastically planning to overhaul the Xbox Games certification process. Also some news on Xbox debug console,

We’ve also been told, but cannot confirm, that every Xbox One unit can be converted to a debug console. Instead of specific hardware units, Microsoft can authorize a console ID to play pre-release code. This is in line with information we’ve received about a new process for beta tests. They will be run via hardware provisioning on Xbox One, with the process reportedly to be enabled for up to 25,000 users per test at launch. Given the ability to provision for beta testing, the ability to enable retail hardware for pre-release code seems feasible.

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Source: Gameinformer

  • Yuan Taizong

    Microsoft needs to flood the Xbox LIVE Indie Marketplace, then fuse it with the Windows Store and Windows Phone Store, let’s not forget that 400.000 out of the 800.000 apps in Google Play are in fact video-games, the Xbox One could be Microsoft’s winning edge if they’ll play their cards right. A unified Microsoft Core is already in place, soon there should be a unified Microsoft Store across Windows, Windows Phone and the Xbox.

    • Gromanon

      Couldn’t have said this better!

    • NGM123

      We all know, it seems MS jut doesn’t read their mail tho.

    • Rico

      i think its not that simple – you cannot just run all existing apps on the xbox – all or must apps are made for touch or mouse input and only some games allow to use game controllers… it must be a different store with similar APIs but not the same apps… the developers have to customize the apps for the xbox but it should be as easy as possible…