Report: Microsoft Xbox vNext To Include More Natural Speech Recognition Technology

Microsoft Xbox 360 console along with Kinect sensor already supports speech recognition in no.of games and apps on the platform. For example, you can play and pause videos using voice or use some game commands, etc,. It is obvious that Microsoft will be improving this speech recognition technology in their upcoming version of Xbox.

Now according to the report from TheVerge, Microsoft will include support for more natural commands in Xbox vNext. For example, you can ask “what are my friends playing” to  Xbox to receive a list of games, etc,.

We understand that Microsoft is also investigating scenarios where a Kinect sensor will detect individuals in a room and suggest appropriate multiplayer games after a user queries the Xbox using voice. The support will include natural language detection, similar to Apple’s Siri service, that will let users ask things like “what are my friends playing” to receive a friends list. Xbox will also reply back to users with answers to queries, making it an improved search service too. The current Xbox 360 console lacks natural interaction and context, we’re told that’s a big focus of the new speech recognition in the new Xbox.

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Source: TheVerge

  • Trent

    Lets hope they bring this over to windows 8 and wp8 too :)

  • Joe Morales

    I am waiting for Microsoft TellMe to be LIKE THIS

    • handalakkabazzi

      Need to wait for 5G connection speeds! Noticed that in the video??

      • Joe Morales


  • toohats

    Great! It is wonderful to be able to navigate when your hands a busy (like washing the dishes and listening to music.) I hope we can also stay completely in voice mode (I get frustrated when I have to dry my hands just to hit one button on a controler), teach it to pause when the phone rings, and tell it to ‘stop listening’ for a while too. As when you talk about your Xbox in front of your Xbox, it can get a little confused.