Report: Microsoft’s Augmented Reality Glasses Project Is Now On Hold

Microsoft Touch Glass Eyewear 1

Recently, we covered a key patent Microsoft filed for its eye-wear represented in the patent application as before. According to leaked Xbox documents, Microsoft is expected to reveal their AR glasses for games this year. We didn’t hear anything from Microsoft on this front from E3, so there is a possibility that the project got delayed due to some reasons. Today, WPDang reported that Microsoft’s augmented reality project is currently put on hold. According to their sources, the issue is related to patent licensing. The key patents related to Kinect sensor are limited to their current purpose and cannot be used for these glasses.

Bing translated content from WPDang,

But recently, the WPDang learned through their own channels, users who expect the Xbox virtual glasses may be disappointed. In current Microsoft Xbox team‘s internal plans, has canceled plans to the glasses, actually related development and without any problem, the main problem with Xbox from Microsoft want to combine these glasses, applied to a portion of the Kinect technology, and patent restrictions limited by Kinect technology, Microsoft is unable to mass produce these glasses. Inside the Xbox team, canceled plans for the time being.
This is just a rumor. From what I heard from my friends over at Microsoft while having indirect conversations, the project is still in active development backed by a dedicated team working on it. Hopefully, we will hear more about it soon.

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Source: WPDang via: WPC

  • whatup12

    Didn’t apple buy the company that made the Kinect sensor? Or maybe google?

    • VHMP01

      I think Apple bought it, though it was for Kinnect 1, not the new tech for Kinnect 2.

      • whatup12

        got it, but i thought that they took the Kinect 2 development in house. confused!

  • Asgard

    They could just take the Google approach: just release it and deal with licensing later. The case will be on courts for years anyway, and after that it doesn’t matter anymore.

    • Bugbog

      There’s responsibility and then there’s arrogant piracy.

  • Toni D

    I really want AR glasses if they can be used like Osterhout presented them here.