Report: Microsoft’s Scroogled Campaign Is Actually Working

Scroogled Bing Campaign photo

Microsoft started the Scroogled campaign against Google back in November. Since then, Microsoft has focused on various issues like Gmail scanning user’s mail content for ad delivery, Gmail spamming its own users, privacy issues in Chrome, etc. Many of us are not a big fan of these kind of competitor bashing ads, but the ads are really working! According to a report by Ace Metrix, more than 53% of campaign viewers mention Google in their responses to the ads said they would look at Bing in a new light or at least seek more information.

“For Microsoft it’s a win,” said Jonathan Symonds, exec VP-marketing at Ace Metrix, an ad-effectiveness research firm. In Ace’s evaluation, more than 53% of campaign viewers mention Google in their responses to the ads said they would look at Bing in a new light or at least seek more information. With Bing trailing Google search more than 50 percentage points at the start of the campaign, Mr. Symonds said just getting people to consider Bing over Google was a victory for Microsoft. “Microsoft will happily accept these outcomes.”

Gary Getto, president of another ad-effectiveness measurement company, Advertising Benchmark Index, expressed a similar sentiment. “They have certainly raised the level of awareness of Google’s activities based on the call-to-action metrics,” said Mr. Getto. “People are going to talk to each other and visit the website to discuss the issue.”

Once viewers do hit, data collected for Microsoft by Answers Research show a 45% favorability gap in favor of Google contracting to just 5%. Data collected by Answers up until this summer also show the likelihood of someone recommending Google to a friend drop by 10%, as opposed to a 7% increase for Bing, after watching the ad.

Microsoft is indeed happy with the outcome of the marketing. They said, The “Scroogled’ campaign is having a huge impact as consumers learn the stark difference between what Google says and what Google does.”

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Source: Adage

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  • Rikikrik

    Scroogle Google Microsoft, go get them.

  • SategB

    But has it changed peoples behavior in any significant way in regards to product usage?

    • eolirin

      Product usage changes are going to be a lagging indicator, so I think it’s much too soon to tell.

    • grs_dev


      My boss who is a Linux fan, sent an email the other day saying he “bing’d…”

      So yes, I’d say it’s working!

  • nohone

    You can tell it is working by the numbers provided by the report, but also in how “outraged” the Google fanboys are about the campaign, complaining how unfair it is that Microsoft is doing the very things that Google have done for years.

  • tomakali

    First let the world know there is BING…
    In India, 99% doesnt know what BING is…
    but almost everyone even test their internet connection with
    its like, if loads then it means internet is working…
    oh, even in IT, PING GOOGLE.COM
    i have seen people(dumb) who goes to and searches for and clicks to launch the website from the result… SICK!!!