Report: Microsoft’s Tablet Usage Share Is Just At 1.4% In The US Market, Apple iPad Tops The List With 78%

Chitika US tablet share

Chitika Ad Network today released their report on the distribution of web usage among leading tablet devices for early July 2014 in the U.S. and Canadian tablet. The results are not so encouraging for Microsoft. Despite the fire sale of Surface RT tablets followed by Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2 in the market, Microsoft tablets accounted for only 1.4% of the total market. When you compare this to last year’s numbers, Microsoft has almost tripled it from 0.5%. But, you have to compare this with the market leader Apple which dominates the list with 78% usage share.

Even though these numbers may not be highly accurate, this report shows that Microsoft has a very long way to go in tablet market in the coming years. Hopefully, Microsoft will be able to bounce back into market with cheaper and more affordable tablets from the OEMs and flagship tablets from itself.

What do you think?

Source: Chitika

  • borhan48

    Go home microsoft, you’re a failure!

    • Guest

      Microsoft is NOT a device company like apple, you know that right???


    • tomakali
      • Guest

        You can say that again! To bad that monkey Ballmer couldn’t understand this! Now the Company has to start cleaning up his mess.

        • dave

          hate to argue, but isn’t there a dif between baboon and monkey?

          • Guest


            I stand corrected

    • TheCyberKnight

      Brilliant comment. Bravo!
      Please, do yourself a favor and stop wasting your digital ink.

    • DigTheNoise

      Wish my company was as big of a failure.

      • dave

        yeah Mcdonalds needs , to make happy meal tablet!

  • Mike366

    Not too bad. Larger than Asus + acer

  • John Mumpitz

    well, what you, of course, keep secret, is that the iPad fails. Sales decline for Apple:
    Nobody gives a shit about tablets. People want productive tablets not toys, like the iPad.
    So wait a year or so and Microsoft will be on top.

    • Chandra prabu

      Nope…Not true. Apple does not bother about falling ipad sales. Infact, apple does not encourage device sales, they do on content sales like buying app, in-app purchases and e-commerce etc. In that area, they perform excellent.

      Moreover tablet are not productive devices, it is time to stop expecting so. Personally, I own a dell venue 8 pro, a windows tablet. I do all my productive work at my laptop, Lenovo ideapad yoga 13 and use onedrive to sync the documents and access via my tablet.

      I’ve never imagined to create a full document on my tablet. For productivity, we need bigger screen, for consumption, sharing, smaller screens are enough. Apple does well on both. This is the truth they are successful even if I hate apple.
      I myself see in my office, many of them using ipad for webex meetings, sharing presentations and use windows machine to create documents. Microsoft should take note of this. Tablet MUST have three things. Portability, Portrait and 3G connectivity.

      Surface products suck because of its heavy weight and very awkward at portrait mode. Moreover MS promotes it as productive device, as said earlier, smaller screen cannot offer good productivity.

      • donzebe

        ” Tablet MUST have three things. Portability, Portrait and 3G connectivity”. This is so true. Was surprise surface pro 3 did not come with a 3G connectivity, At least it has a full USB port that a data card can be easily connected.

        • Jeff Hung

          Is built-in cellular connectivity that important to tablets? I personally don’t think that adding another line for each mobile device is more convenient than simply tethering a phone.
          Not to mention people spend more and more time where Wi-Fi is available these days. I don’t believe the occasional cellular connectivity usage is worth the trouble of dealing with carriers.

          • dave

            ” adding another line for each mobile device ” are you really that uninformed?

          • Jeff Hung

            No matter how carriers spin about billing practice, no matter you like it or not, each device using cellular interface is another “line” in the system.
            In cellular network, no UE can use duplicated identification to connect. It has to register as another “line” in the system. One bill doesn’t mean one “line”, and sure doesn’t mean no additional hassle if you want to change it.

        • Guest

          Let’s not forget profitability, let’s not forget that!

        • Guest

          Yes USB, needs USB! Just think how many more the the quarter billion iPads Apple would have sold with a USB! It has really held back that product.

        • NGM123

          I don’t understand the 3G argument. All that does is add cost and weight, who doesn’t all ready carry their phone with them wherever they go, 2 seconds to tether and your done. Such a lame argument

    • Duel

      selling 13 million iPads isnt fail :) its lot more than anyone else can sell their tablets and no-one else havent ever got that kind of numbers.

      “So wait a year or so and Microsoft will be on top.”

      i bet you said this samething when first surface came 😉 Microsoft isnt going to be at top, maybe never again. They have too much to catch up and its not easy to climb if no-one wants your devices.

      • donzebe

        “Microsoft isnt going to be at top” This may or may not be true, but what we can rightly predict is that windows tablets are going to be on top. This stats, I am sure has not taken the surface pro into consideration since they are windows 8 or 8.1 and not mobile plat forms like RT. Things may get more difficult with the launch of the one windows platform because these companies will have a hard time tracking windows phone, tablets, laptops and desktop.

        • Duel

          Surface tablets for sure are going to be very marginal products its very very long trip to the top. Microsoft cant fight with tablet sales, they are going to be a very small player

          • Rikkirik

            Microsoft is not aiming to be at the top of the consumer market directly. MS stated that SP3 was especially created for the Enterprise market. According to Satya sales of SP3 is going at a faster rate than SP2 and Surface RT. We expect S RT and SP2 to be fased out. What they are planning for the consumer market is not yet very clear. But vendors can get the OS for free now for tablets of 9 inch and smaller. The question is, with the cancellation of a mini W8 tablet, if Microsoft will only concentrate on the Enterprise market or will they also target the consumer market (or leave the consumer market to their partners)??

      • Rikikrik

        Haha, you talk as if Microsoft has lost it’s leading position in the PC and software (Office, Windows) market. Dont forget Microsoft still owns 92% of the PC market and Apple just 7%. When it comes to Office Micrsoft dominates on all platforms, including Apple’s IOS. IN Commercial Cloud Microsoft is the second biggest Cloud provider in the world, Apple and Google are not even close. With a growth of approximately 150% quarter after quarter Microsoft will surpass VMWare for sure in a few years. So Microsoft is becomming more and more dominant in the Enterprise market In the gameconsole market Micrsoft dominates with Sony, each tking 50% of the market. So Microsoft is on top, where it has to be on top.
        When it comes to tablets Microsoft is the new kid on the block, so a comparison with Apple (which has been in the tablet business a long time) is not very fair. Google only has 2.2% while it’s has also been in the tablet market longer than Microsoft. I agree with the commentator “Don’t fear the future” that the measurements of Chitika are flawed to the extreme, since people who buy a Surface Pro or other X86 based tablets are not included in the stats. Especially those who buy a Surface Pro do this to replace their tablet and PC at the same time. Furthermore Microsoft Surface revenue was almost 2 billion last year .If a new product reaches the billion dollar revenue mark at Microsoft, it is considered a viable product to reach profitablity so you cannot conclude that nobody wants Microsoft tablets, that’s purely insane and downright stupid. The unifying of Windows tablet, WP and Windows OS will give Microsoft the much needed boost and adoption of their hardware products in the market.
        You do not seem to understand that putting a new product in the market and making it succesfull takes time. Xbox took 10 years, Google automated car is more than 6 years developing and it’s going nowhere at all (at least the Surface is on the market). Google is a good example of many innovations that are not going anywhere even after a decade of investments. Google Doc, Chromebooks, Google Cloud services, Goolge Play store etc are all still not profitable or profitable enough, Google still depends for 90% of it’s revenue and profit on advertisement, almost all other businesses are generating losses. If you do not insight how businesses operate than do not make dumb comments.

        • Duel

          Calm down! we are talking about tablets 😀 if you didnt notice…

          • dave

            lol, you think that matters to fanZ, they always change the subject when they can’t win, usually make they person the disagree with the subject, so don’t complain too much,lol

        • Joe_HTK

          But by Microsoft own admission they now only control 14% of the total device share market t! Ouchhhh!

          • dave

            but they have challenger mindset now so it no prob, too bad they have shuttle challenger trajectory!

          • Guest

            Wow that is harsh and tasteless, loved it!

          • Rikkirik

            Have you ever considered how much percentage of the devices market Google owns?? 0% Google’s partners own devices, not Google. 14% is at least a decent number to begin with. Despite the fact that Microsoft is mostly a software company, they are making headways into the devices market, whether it be with tablets or smartphones. Introducing new products in an almost saturated market is always difficult. Just ask Google how dificult it is to introduce new products, even innovative ones like Google Glass, Google Cube, Google TV, Google cars and so on. Most did not even make it to the market.

    • dave

      “Nobody gives a shit about tablets” getting desperate much?

      “Microsoft will be on top” and you on the bottom, screaming give it to me harder,harder,lol

    • arrow2010

      Dude, lay off the bong hits. I know it feels good in the moment, but you just end up looking like a fool.

  • Don’t fear the future

    Tell me folks. How does this ad agency count my Surface Pro, as a tablet or a PC?
    Give up? As a PC, because all it see is Windows 8.1, which is a desktop operating system. The only devices they know are tablets are devices with the operating system Widows RT.

    Therefore, my Surface Pro and every other X86 based tablet being used, is NOT being counted as a tablet.

    This is old news really. Stats like this were discredited when Windows 8 / Windows RT was initially launched.

    • dave

      If they didn’t count Surface Pros as tablet the difference would be 0.1%,

      • Don’t fear the future

        Well it depends on how long they are on the web with their Surface Pro. The chart in the article is based on web usage.

    • Duk3togo

      I’ve been wondering the same thing. Is this calculating hybrids? I don’t see Dell nor Toshiba. Is this MS at 1.4% or this include MS OEM partners for example Samsung.

      • Avatar Roku

        No it is just Surface and Google 2.1% share is just Nexus.

  • pepe

    That just Surface RT. Too many mistakes in the last few days, Pradeep.

  • Rikikrik

    All this talk about Microsoft not being relevant in the tablet market. But Microsoft is the new kid on the block in the tablet market. A comparison with Apple, which has been in the tablet business for years, is therefore not really fair. In this case the most important indicator of relevancy is whether or not ones product sales are growing much stronger than those of the rivals. Relatively Microsoft Surface sales grew 180% in one year. This is much more than Google (61% growth), Amazon (24%), Samsung (40%) and B&N (40%). Apple saw it’s market share dwindle down agan with 6,7% year on year. So yes, this means that Microsoft is relevant in the tablet market and that people do want a Windows tablet more than those of rivals.

    • dave

      come on , if I recall there was tablet PC in like 2002, they lost almost a billion on surface!

      ” people do want a Windows tablet more than those of rivals” ?

      yeah that’s why they buy them at 40 to 1 ratio,lol

      last year windows phone was fastest growing, now losing,
      they focus on growth rate when they have no market share, classic marketing hype, like over a billion office 365 and office users when there are only 5.6 million office 365 users and combine that with every other version of office to make it sound impressive!

      • Rikikrik

        Haha, you have got to be kidding me. WP losing?? You haven’t heard the conference call of Satya about WP, have you?
        – A billion office 365, where did you get that one?? There are over a billion (1.5 billion to be exact) Windows PC and yes, Office is on almost all of them. But Office 365 is a NEW Cloud based product and another product/story, growing at a rate of more than 100% year on year. So, get your facts right before you speak about growth and marketing hype.
        – But your insight of business tactics is also lacking. Every company (Google, Microsoft, Apple, Samsung etc) which introduces a new product must focus on growth, so your comment is just pure lame. If there is no growth you might as well cancell the product. Google for example has a lot of products or projects which are not growing at all or not enough (Google Doc, Google automated cars, Chromebooks, Google+, Google Play Store etc) After years of developing or even introducing them on the market, they go almost nowhere. Chromebooks have been in the Marketplace much longer than Surface and still their world wide market share is smaller than Surface (go figure that). Google car is going nowhere after years of investments. Google is still dependant on Ads for 90% of their profits and revenue).
        – WP losing?? If your product grows 4,5% in Q1 of 2014, while it grew 5,1% in Q1 of 2013, you may conclude that relatively the growth is less when comparing the two quarters, but the growth in Q1 2014 still remains 4,5%, this is growth non the less, so you can never speak of a loss in that quarter. Your knowledge of basic math is also lacking.
        – Last but not least I am comparing tablet sales since Apple made tablets popular. Yes tablets excisted before Apple made them popular, but market sharewise it was not interesting.

        • dave

          don’t know why I’m responding to obvi fan but here ya go

          The office number was from a slide in pres @WPC conference last week, they combined the number of office 365 and regular office users on misleading slide.

          from July 2, 2014
          Microsoft Is Losing Market Share It Can’t Afford To Lose

          According to the latest figures from the May 2014 Smartphone OS Market Share infographic Microsoft’s Windows Mobile OS is declining, coming in at 3.8% for the latest survey, down from 4.7% last year, a decline of more than 20%.

          In the United States, Google’s Android operating system now stands at 61.9% of the market, up from 52% a year earlier. Apple’s iOS registered 32.5% in May down from 41.9% in May 2013. BlackBerry came in holding 1.3% of the domestic market.

          Apple iPhone Ad Sets Tone for Smart Home Products in the Pipeline

          Why Apple Decided to Introduce New iPods

          Similar results were seen in Germany, Europe’s largest smartphone market. Android now commands 80.9% of the market there, up from 77.9% in the year ago period, while iOS slipped to 12.1% from 13.7%, and Windows Phone fell to 5.9%, down from 6.2%. In Brazil, Android is up to an 87.3% share, iOS is down slightly to 4% and Windows Phone’s share remained flat at 5.5%.

          “Microsoft is the new kid on the block in the tablet market”
          Apple dominating the tablet market since 2010 doesn’t make that true!

          I sure your not interested in fact, and will spin up something else, but I’m kinda sick of trying to educate MS Fanboyz, so prob wont respond to more trolly comments, I’m sure that wont stop you though.

          • dave

            RT/WP status update!

    • Guest

      Microsoft has been in the tablet market for close to ten years before Apple even had a product there.

    • Duel

      “So yes, this means that Microsoft is relevant in the tablet market and that people do want a Windows tablet more than those of rivals.”

      Just WOW, are you serious with this? If you sell one tablet and next q 10, do the math how much it grew. Yes it grew a lot in percent and still the units sold numbers are very very small.

      But when sametime other company sell over ten million tablets, but cant sell 100 million next q, they only sell that 10 million again. So does that mean to you that more people want that tablet which sold 10 units? C’mon

      Boy you really need to take math classes seriously!

      • dave

        holy catshit batman, I figured out what the fanboy means

        ” people do want a Windows tablet more than those of rivals”

        he’s right there are some people who do! he just didn’t say “very few people” , those fanz are soo tricky!

        check out below for another laugh

        WP losing?? If your product grows 4,5% in Q1 of 2014, while it grew 5,1% in Q1 of 2013,

        notice how he uses market share as growth rate, then reverse the order.
        on second thought maybe his just really dumb.

      • Rikkirik

        The truth hurts bad doesn’t it. For a new kid on the block when it comes to modern tablets, strong growth proves rellevancy, the alternative is no growth or big lossess in sales, and they would otherwise in time have to close down the production of their tablets (look at Blackberry’s tablet which has been scrapped). Surface revenue hit almost 2 billion last year. I never said anything bad about the growth in tablet market of MS rivals, my comment was only to show that strong(er) growth (compared to rivals) is the only way to play catch up in a competitive market. It took the Xbox 5 to 10 years to catch up in sales with Sony’s PS: MS and Sony each revealed last year to have sold app. 80 million game consoles since launch. MS Cloud services (growth rate app 150% year on year) is catching up to Amazon’s and VMWare in less than 4 years. So do not write off a product because of a little less stellar quarter or because they have not sold tens of millions compared to their rivals. We tend to forget that Apple for more than 30 years was not much of a brand to speak of and that MS once saved them from bankruptcy. MS has always been a succesfull and profitable company.

        • JasonK

          Company A sales 1000 units this year and 2000 units next year that equals 100% growth.

          Company B sales 100 million units this year and and 102 million next year that equals 2% growth.

          What company do you want to be?

          Extra point question:
          Company A loses a billion $ on that 2000 units sales, Company B makes $250 on EACH unit is sales, what company do you want to be?

  • Jeff Hung

    This once again proves that most Android tablets are collecting dust in drawers after a 30-minute test drive.

    • dave

      troll much?

    • arrow2010

      Bullshit. I bought a Nexus 7(2013) last August and I use it every day much more than the iPad.

  • dave

    MS Device status update!

    • Kate Perry

      Google is paying 80$ per>>CLICK NEXT TAB FOR MORE INFO
      AND HELP

    • arrow2010


  • Don’t fear the future

    The chart above is about internet usage. And Judging by the numbers, people with iPads run wild on the web. (So many YouTube videos to watch, and so little time.)

    Mean while, in the hospital I work at, Windows 8 tablets are running wild helping save patient’s lives. In our hospital, an iPad can only be found in the hands of a Drug Rep with really good hair. (Both the hair and iPad are for status symbol).

    By the way, you might be wondering: can an iPad or Android tablet run our hospital software? Answer: No. But funny how a Windows 8 tablet can also be used to watch YouTube videos just like an iPad. Matter of fact, Windows 8 tablets do it even better because they support Flash plug-ins. Heck, Windows 8 tablets support every plug-in on the planet.

    Weird isn’t it. For such EPIC FAILURE devices they are quite capable aren’t they. And not only can they run any of the millions of legacy software programs and games out there, they can run apps from the Windows App Store. (PS: Modern Combat 5 Launches on all platforms today. And yes, that includes both Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 app stores.) And Android’s app’s can be used on Windows 8 devices via an X86 program called BlueStacks. What’s more, at least for my Surface Pro that is, I can dual boot Linux on it and be able to do anything Linux allows one to do. The only thing is can’t do is run iOS and Mac OS; but that only because Apple won’t allow it. (Funny how Microsoft allow Windows 8 to run on a Mac. Weird.)

    You see what I’m doing here? While the haters are prancing around reminding people that Windows 8 tablets don’t sell as well as others, I’m showing everyone that a Windows 8 tablet runs circles around every other non-Windows based tablet on the market. While the haters are posting Tombstone pictures in supposed victory, I’m making an post like an adult using facts as a basis.

    Got a question for the haters on this forum (you know who you are). Why are you guys here? Tell me, does bashing one passion for a product make you winners or losers? (We all know the answer to that one.)

  • dave

    @Don’t fear the future nice rant, but ya didn’t mention how many Metro/Modern apps you use in your hospital, Flash plug-ins, your kidding right? even adobe has give up of the worst buggy security ever devised, nice try but I don’t think anyone gonna start taking IT advise from a fanboy nurse with to much time on his hands! no one saying the desktop side of Windows 8 is a powerhouse once you get a third party startmenu, It’s just the Metro side sandboxed tinker toy no point POS is a world of suck, failure!

    the probable less than 100 useful apps, the rest are pointless junk! if funny how emotional you fanz and declare everyone a hater/loser who disagrees, it’s a dead giveaway of a failed argument and hurt feelings, stop trying to bend reality to meet the way you want it to be , I saw a guy on discovery channel drink his own piss, and pour it in his eyes, in his world it makes perfect sense, drink your own piss if you want, but count me out!

    • Don’t fear the future

      “nice try but I don’t think anyone gonna start taking IT advise from a fanboy male nurse with to much time on his hands”

      What? You mean to tell me that no IT department will ever use Flash plug-in based web apps to get work done. I thought you’d never ask.

      (with the sound of trumpets trumpeting in the background and me standing on a chair): “Required and approved by our IT department, our vendors IT department, the Joint Commission of US Hospitals, and both the Medical and Pharmacy Boards of our state for Hippa Certification and compliance, standardizations and compliance of medical records and security; I present to you flash based Web-apps for ordering.”

      Here, why don’t you try it yourself. Go to capspharmacy dot com. Go to the bottom right corner and click on “connect to capslink”. You will notice a flash based web app opens. But since you haven’t logged in yet, it will revert you back to a log in screen. From there, once logged in, you go back to the flash web app for ordering. But don’t try it on your iPad or Android tablets or phones. It won’t work. You know what, try it anyways just to see what happens. Even if you somehow could get it to open, you need a digital signature in your web browser to process the order. UGH.

      Oh, and in case you were going to say that our hospital is the “exception to the rule” and that it is the only example I have, another flash based web app we use is for the ordering of CII medications. And that vendor is a national vendor. Meaning every hospital in the US who uses this vendor orders CII medications, like Oxycontin and liquid Cocaine (yes, liquid cocaine) the same exact way we do. (That’s why the Joint Commission of hospitals is involved. They represent the authority of US hospital standardizations and compliance. And it’s standardized because imagine how many records they must have to keep track of for all these medications, and which hospitals they are supplying them to. The standardizations make it easier for retrieval of records for the purpose of audits and litigations. Worried about security? Digital certificates within Internet Explorer are required for each individual in the ordering process, which is no problem for Windows 8 tablets.

      Sure, I could be blowing smoke out of my ass. So type the following into any search engine: “medcity news Surface Pro”. You should get a direct hit to a link that explains why the Surface Pro 3 is replacing all the laptops in a Seattle based hospital. And not to be used as a status symbol or as companion devices, but being used as devices you actually do work on.

      That should pretty much cover your first paragraph, right?

      Metro is junk right? Why don’t you play Asphalt 8 on your “whatever” tablet and I’ll play it on mine. Mine will play just like yours, except I can also use an Xbox controller if I want to. I’ve even plugged in a USB steering wheel for my son to play the game with. It works like a charm. Seems like a great experience to me to be able to choose how I want to play the game.

      But I know, you have so much more apps than I got. (Well natively that is. BlueStacks lets me use every app on the Android Marketplace)

      But what if the Metro app store had every app that the iPad and Android app store had. Would you still call it an epic failure? If so, how? Do you honestly think that certain apps can only be made for the magical iPad or Android tablets?

      Remember, the iPad and Android tablets are nothing more that oversized smartphones. They do share the exact same operating system and chipsets, right. (If you don’t want to admit that, answer this question: What can an iPad do that the iPhone can’t do? Tell me a capability. Sure, there are specialized apps for the iPad that take advance of the extra screen real estate, but there is no more capability there). Therefore, people have been building apps for those devices since 2008. That’s a big head start don’t you think.
      And that’s what it all comes down. A head start and peoples love for iPhone and Android phones. The larger the market share, the more love developers give the corresponding apps stores. There is nothing wrong with Windows phone or Windows 8. There just isn’t enough people using them. And people don’t use them because they know the iPhone and Android phones have huge app stores. It has nothing to do with the operating system and the experience of the Windows 8 phones and devices themselves.
      But just how Modern Combat 5 launched on iPhone and Android phones today, it also simultaneously launched on Windows Phone 8 today too. Times are starting to change. The apps that the majority of people use and majority of the time are already built into Windows 8 and Windows Phone. Facebook, Twitter, Weather and news apps, blah, blah, blah. There are home and vehicle automation apps available Windows Phone and Windows 8.

      You post a Tombstone that Windows RT is dead. Windows RT exists in my Surface Pro. It is the Metro Start screen and the App store apps. Windows RT is just “Windows on ARM”. X86 processors can run RISC (ARM software), hence why Bluestacks works on my Surface Pro. Microsoft is looking to make one OS that runs on all devices. Last time I checked, Smartphones had ARM based processors in them. Windows on ARM (Windows RT) is essential to standardization the process of one OS that works on all. Windows RT is far from dead. In fact, it’s just being.

      • dave

        You didn’t dispute the ” fanboy male nurse”, good guess right?
        so now it’s thin skinned fanboy male nurse”
        even adobe has abandoned flash, do some research , besides how is that relevant to Windows RT, which is Arm based OS that no one, even Microsoft is bothering with even very small form factor tablets have x86 processors, you didn’t mention the critical Metro app you use, instead you refer to a game, the Metro app store is tiny and the vast majority of apps are crap! the metro side of full Windows is hated by almost everyone, so your predictions are fantasy, the fact that a hospital in Seattle(MS hometown) bought some surface pro 3 is hardly earth shattering news, besides the fact that US healthcare system is well know to be backward as hell, so not good example of anything!

        “Facebook, Twitter, Weather and news apps, blah, blah, blah.”
        they prob gave you the shitty I3 ver of Surf Po anyway, get over it, go change a bed pan or check someones blood pressure!, better yet check yours, you seem to be a little too emotional about a failed OS,
        get a grip!

        • Don’t fear the future

          That’s it? That’s all you got? Name calling and opinion?

          It is obvious that you can not have a civil conversation. Just take a look at nearly every post you have.

          “Good guess right?”. Once again Dave, your wrong.

          Story time: A guy I spoke with about a year ago got into an argument with me and had the same childish and opinionated structure as you have. I could tell from prior posts from this guy that he really does follow tech. The problem with him though is that he only lived in the now, and couldn’t see a big picture down the road. He also had a one track mind. “Hate Windows 8, no matter what”. He was on a forum ranting about what an epic failure Windows 8 was because it had a smaller market share than Vista at a similar point. But here’s the funny thing. I find out that this guy loves Linux by being in another forum on another website. I thought, “he calls Windows 8 a failure, but it only been out for just a few months. Linux has been around forever, and still only a has a very low, single digit market share”. I knew then that this guy was just a hater. Hate to the death.
          While not letting him know that I knew he liked Linux, I tried to let him know that just because something doesn’t sell well doesn’t mean it not a good product, just like Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8. I gave him examples of how Windows 8 had such great capabilities (like I did up above in this forum.) I was curious of his answer.
          His answer was something along the lines of, “well the people have spoken and judging by the market share people really don’t like Windows 8 anything. So it doesn’t matter what you think”. I thought, interesting that this came from a guy who loves Linux. I mean, you don’t get any lower market share than that, but he loves that platform, which just proves my point. Market share doesn’t always mean something isn’t good or bad. I tried to explain this to him regarding Windows 8’s then small market share. He just shrugged it off, and out came the hate, hate, hate.
          HIs name was Info Dave. Any relation, Dave. If not, your acting just like him. In my eye’s whether you are him or not, you are Info Dave.
          And have nothing more to say to you. You have the one track mind.

          • Don’t fear the future

            PS: For others who want to know who Dave really is, just click on the little grey man, his picture ID, next to his name on any of his posts on this forum.

            You will see he only post on Windows News, and he only posts hate, hate, hate. But don’t take my word for it. Just see for yourself. I invite you to do so.

            Hey, Dave. That’s how you play the game.

          • dave

            so your not a male nurse? cause your sure as hell thin skinned,
            reality is hate, LOL, site one hateful thing that I’ve said, Dave is common name, you really want to make such a lame argument,
            face the facts nearly everyone hates Metro, not even 100 good apps, it is DEAD, that’s not hate, it’s the truth!, even tough you can’t buy Win 7 retail. it’s gaining market share, I am a Developer not a nurse, go debate with another nurse, maybe you’ll succeed.
            funny how you want to make me the subject, now that’s classic troll, give it up. you haven’t told us about your Metro nursing app?, why not, cause it’s desktop app?