Report: Most Windows 8 Clover Trail tablets delayed till early January

InformationWeek reports that most PC OEMs will be missing the holiday season with their Windows 8 tablets powered by Intel’s dual-core Clover Trial Atom Z2760 processor,

Delays are said to be affecting Dell’s Latitude 10 tablet, the  HP  Envy x2, the Asus  VivoTab Smart and the Lenovo  ThinkPad Tablet 2.

Issued appear to be centred around drivers for the chipsets, and at this time only Samsung  ATIV Smart PC and Acer Iconia W510 are shipping with the processor.

Noting that Dell and HP are targeting businesses with their tablets rather than consumers, analyst Cindy Shaw of research firm DISCERN noted:

“HP and Dell are conceding they’ve given up on the consumer, so missing the holiday season is not that big of a deal. They’re not missing that magical time of the year, but the longer it takes for businesses to get their hands on evaluation units, the longer it’s going to take to translate into enterprise sales.”

The consumer market for tablets are however much larger than the business market, making the impact of the delays in the main shopping period very significant.

Do our readers think the miss will have a substantial impact on early Windows 8 tablet sales? Let us know below.

Via BGR.

  • borbe

    since you asked, yes, Windows 8 will die in a fire because of this. LOL CAT

  • GGlazer

    Thanks for the update. Been wondering what was up with the ThinkPad Tablet 2

  • Avatar Roku

    I’m in the US and I received my HP Envy X2 from them on Monday. Also have an Acer W510 which also has a CloverTrail processor. The online Microsoft Store also has the Asus VivoTab 810 in stock now and I’m seeing many videos of it on YouTube finally.

  • jimski27

    Well, it certainly won’t help.

  • Bugbog

    The Ballad of Microsoft; for ever waiting on Intel!

  • Truthhz

    Windows 8 has been scheduled for fall release in 2012 for 3 years!
    How the heck do you miss launch?
    Microsoft won’t have to rely on these “partners” for much longer.

  • Tommy Lindegaard

    well, some may buy an ipad instead of ie. an HP x2 because sales personel still wants to sale their units. But in the long term it probably wont do that much damage…