Report: Next Xbox To Go On Sale For $299 And $499 With $10 Per Month Xbox LIVE Subscription

Xbox vNext Reveal

Microsoft yesterday revealed that they will be announcing a new generation Xbox on May 21st. We have seen lots of reports and rumor about the Xbox vNext in the past. It has always-online requirement, Cable TV integration, Next generation graphics, Kinect 2.0 and more. Winsupersite today reported about some more details about the next gen Xbox.

  • Pricing: Microsoft will initially offer two pricing models for the console, offering a standalone version for $499 and then a $299 version that requires a two-year Xbox LIVE Gold commitment at an expected price of $10 per month.
  • No Xbox Lite version as planned. But they may reveal another version of Xbox 360.
  • Xbox vNext will have Blu-ray player.

Source: Winsupersite

  • Guest

    My gues is that if they keep charging for Xbox Live Gold, the new Xbox won’t stand a chance against the PS4.

    • Daniel Cheney

      Id guess the opposite, that PS4 will charge for more services then they do now, because they simply cant afford to run all the network infrastructure for all the social sharing features theyre adding to it at 0 price

    • bbqrooster

      How come your comment is almost the same as Harold Garroz? Is this some kind of talking point from somebody.

      • Harold L. Garroz

        For some reason it published THREE times the same comment. Gladly the other one was with my same user and I could delete it. I have no idea why this happened.

  • Harold L. Garroz

    If they keep charging for Xbox Live Gold, the new Xbox won’t stand a chance against the PS4.

    • Henry Juliao

      Doubt it, it never made a difference with the XBOX 360, as long as they offer a premim superior service, people will pay for it. Even Sony has a paid service.

      • Harold L. Garroz

        It was a different market back then. Some customers find it absurd to pay 10 $ / month to have the option to pay 9 $ for Netflix. Also, let’s see if they unify it with Xbox 360 Live Gols, since I doubt people owning both consoles will pay two Xbox Live suscriptions.

        I find it absurd that MS hasn’t unified this with the new Office 365 family plan. They should charge 100 / year for your office / entertainment combo.

      • Pookiewood

        A Pay wall to access services other offer for free is stupid! Youtube is Free, I pay for Netflix already, Web access???? Really? You have to be a gold member to access the web on the system? The Pay wall is implemented wrong. Very wrong.

        • Mark Matheson

          I agree that it is out-of-order to pay for, or even have to log in to use streaming video services but the monthly fee doesn’t bother me. I’ve played multiplayer on both my PS3 and Xbox and the environment is just better on Xbox.
          Of course, I am sure Sony have sat up and looked at what makes XBL tick so the new PSN will probably be vastly improved – we’ll just have to wait to see what the paid services on both networks offer along with the new consoles and make up our minds then.

      • J A

        Absolutely. I know people with PS4, once they experienced Xbox Live they confessed that the user experience is way way way better and they went on to buy an Xbox. Other consoles may have free network access but their user experience cannot compare on any level hence it does not matter. Even though I would love to have it for free, I cannot start to imagine what would happen to competitors if Xbox Live becomes free.

        • Harold L. Garroz

          Don’t get me wrong. I own an Xbox, I’m a Windows user and even own a Windows Phone. Obviously I like MS, but judging by the market share of W8, WP8 and Xbox360, they should really think about attracting new customers instead of draining the pockets of their loyal base. The lack of apps I’m experiencing in WP is due precisely because of the low market share, and it will translate to Xbox and W8 if they keep this philosophy.

          • TheOne2125

            Okay Windows is OS market leader, Xbox360 is console market leader going on a few years now. WP is picking up due to the vertical integration they are obtaining and when Blue comes they will pretty much complete that. Also combined with the fact Android only can compete on the high end with WP. All the Apps in the world do them no good on the mid to low end since most Androids on that level can not handle those apps. IF you load them the lag fest, FC party shall began.

  • MaelN

    I don’t understand, for the second choice, 299 + 24*10 = 540. Is Just 40 more dollars to have the sale box with the live gold for two years ?

    • Meekermoloko

      Yeah, it does seem fishy. It would be great if that’s the real price. I’d go for that deal.

  • Adam

    How does everyone know ps4 won’t charge for online?…

    • grs_dev

      Because Google will do everything in its power to help them keep it free…

      • Smity Smiter

        Google… Playstation 4… I’m confused.

        • grs_dev

          Why are you confused? Google and Sony already have a working relationship. The Xperia is the only smartphone that Sony produces. How difficult do you think it would be for google to subsidize the PS4 in order for them to chip away at Microsoft’s console business?

  • xbonzaix

    Misleading title! Its $10 a month, ONLY if you choose the $299 model. Or you can pay it all up front and get a $599 console. Its like buying a car, you can make payments on a lower price and end up paying more over the 2 years, but helps if you don’t have the money up front. Or you can just buy it outright if you do have the upfront money.
    Cool thing is on the cheaper model is that while you’re paying $40 more over the 2 years, you are getting XBL for it. When you pay extra over the contract of a car payment, that extra money only goes to the interest of the payment. So essentially, you’re not even losing out on the $40 more that you end up paying on the cheaper model contract.

    • Meekermoloko

      They just got the 2 and 4 mixed up in the title. You put $599 instead of $499, so it happens.

      But yeah, the $299 plus $10 month is actually not that bad of a deal (if that’s accurate) because that’s like Xbox Gold for $20/year.

      • Smity Smiter

        Wait, does that mean 299$ and 499$ one consoles will have the same hardware? (HDD storage to be specific, as I believe Kinect would be a default)

        • Meekermoloko

          That’s what it looks like, but who knows? Maybe. Maybe not. The $299 plus $240 for the Xbox Gold is a good deal.

          But yeah… maybe they’ll make the $299 have less storage. They really shouldn’t do that… For me, the less storage I have, the less downloadable content I buy.

          Maybe we’ll find out in a few weeks.

  • the person

    if always-online rumor is true they have lost.

  • Mike F

    Personally I think some of the people above are misleading in their hopes of pricing.
    The $299 console is going to be a baseline console which will require the 2 year xbox live gold subscription. Can only go on beliefs until the official announcement. $299 with paying for xbox live. The reasoning behind this may be the baseline console will not include an optical drive as games are going to need to be installed prior to playing the games. Microsoft is also using a slipstream process similar to Gaikai for game enhacements. Where I can see the $499 having the ability to purchase/upload games directly through an optical drive, features and a bigger storage space.

    • Mike F

      lol! or below rather.

  • grs_dev

    This is a rip off. Microsoft, you need to wake up and smell the coffee. It is preposterous for an average person let alone a family to shell out a $120 a year just to be able to access their entertainment data and services. Mind you this is on top of having to spend the one time hefty fee for the device itself AND the other half compelling expendable services that require Xbox Live Gold membership today to access. Shit like Netflix for example.

    I cancelled my Xbox Live subscription back when it was $50 a year. This is now making me rethink whether the next gen xbox will one day replace the current one or will I just move on to a roku like solution or something.

    Wake up Microsoft. Don’t do to Home Entertainment what you did to Mobile and Windows Mobile. You’re lead is very narrow and for fuck’s sake for once try to compete with yourself and beat your own potential instead of playing down to the level the competition is at and waiting for a stiff kick in the ass before you realize what you need to do to regain the throne you currently sit on.

    • f u biotch

      as an average person with a family I can afford it. ppl who only see the $ and not the support that’s behind it is foolish. having both I gladly pay for xbox over free ps simply cause when im playing on my xbox I don’t have crazy connection issues or lag. it doesn’t take me twice as long to buffer videos. on my ps constant connection issues n constant buffering for my videos. no, its not my network cause on my PC or xbox never lag.

  • NGM123

    The big problem here for MS is, with Nintendos Wii U tanking, the Asian market is pretty much going to be totally owned by PS 4, as they simply wont buy Xbox primarily because of perceived hardware deficiencies and an underlying bias against the U.S product.

    Unless MS bring an awesome & cheap product and to market, they can kiss goodbye to any thoughts of market domination with the next gen Xbox, PS 4 will wipe the floor with them, everywhere but maybe the US.

  • Luis

    Guys do the math. It’s very simple actually. Assuming all this is actually accurate: both the $299 and the $499 models will have the same hardware specs and features. According to the Paul Thurrott report this article is based on, Microsoft has at least for this year if not forever, discontinued a version of the next Xbox that was only focused on entertainment (no games, and a cheaper price), in addition to the regular Xbox that plays games and entertainment. So there was going to be a regular Xbox and a ‘lite’ entertainment-only Xbox. Now it’s just going to be one Xbox that does everything, sold at two different price points, one at $299 and another at $499. They should be the same hardware, but the difference is that with the $299 SKU you make up the difference by subscribing to Xbox Live for two years, with the subscription price of $10 per month spread out in 24 months. So after two years you will be paying $299 + $240 = $539. With the other SKU you pay $499 up front, but with no Xbox live subscription, and if you do subscribe to it separately at the current price of $60 per year, after two years you will be paying $499 + $120 = $619. Assuming that both SKUs will have the same exact hardware configuration and specs, then the $299 one is a much better deal. If you are not an Xbox Live paid member and never plan on being one, then the $499 is the better deal for you.