Report: Outlook Could Eventually Replace Windows Mail And Calender Apps

Outlook Mail App Windows 8.1

Microsoft announced its company wide reorganization to transform into a devices and services company few months back. Since then, there are lots of changes happening within the company. Mary Jo Foley today reported three such changes today,

1) Windows Embedded team is now part of the unified operating system division under Terry Myerson.

2) The, Windows Mail and Calendar app teams which were initially part of the unified OS group are now part of the Applications and Services group under Qi Lu. Mary Jo Foley also reported that Windows Mail and Calendar apps might get replaced with the Outlook app that is now available for Windows RT.

3) Perceptive Pixel software team is now part of the unified operating system group under Terry Myerson. Microsoft also has some Perceptive Pixel software updates planned in April 2014.

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Source: ZDNet

  • Davey

    Hmmm… You know, I thought that Outlook on my Surface would be the bomb but I have to say I’m finding the new email app in 8.1 (Final) easier to use and I barely use Outlook RT.

    • Rico Alexander

      I prefer using that also since it supports metro features like sharing etc.

    • Liberal Republic

      I believe they are talking about metro outlook not the current one.

      • Davey

        Hope so.

  • donzebe

    If it goes with modern UI it may be nice.

  • Willem Evenhuis

    If they do that then why not integrate more outlook desktop features to the outlook app. Currently the outlook app is good, but the windows calendar and mail app are too basic in features. The calendar app is also awfully plain. I’m still missing many features from the outlook desktop calendar program such as adding email appointments directly to the calendar trough drag and drop or function key. Also missing a repeat function in the calendar app such as adding the same appointment every same dag of the week etc. Microsoft is doing strange things with their apps. I understand they want to build it from the ground up. But they have a hell of a good program called outlook for the desktop and its as if they are pretending it never existed for the windows 8 metro start as as app? Really really strange.

  • counterblow

    Mail in 8.1 is sublime. I never bothered to set up Outlook RT, but I know others who swear by it now. They need to get the ease of metro lined up with the features of legacy Outlook.